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Nmoralz Lebreak
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now that im homeless. i'll be getting into some type of housing program. thank you for those that care or are...
niggas done changed the whole meanin of trap
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alright.... bro you got good now lol. inspired my dude
i no longer have hope.....i don't give a fuck about life or anything else for that matter. no ambition no nothing...
so i'm gonna give a big thank you to the bitch who dragged me in the middle of ohio then robbed me. then another...
i think i'll be dead by tuesday. or had another nervous breakdown. no sleep. been evicted. sister doesn't give a...
only reason i liked the song cause of it's catchy-ness and the video...let's be real. on this track wiz wasn't...
the outcome of this is going to be Good for me regardless. but the thought that you're doing it so you can have...
Photoset: whoyacallinpinhead: beben-eleben: Disney Princesses Reimagined As Different Ethnicities Look...
If you're reading this - go drink some water.
Audio: Ab-Soul “Dub Sac” Prod. by Tae Beast & Dave “miyatola” Free • MixedByAli
alright, now i'll copy all that up...paste it in a poem. you say im takin off? bitch im goin you can lemme'
i just lay back relax, my head, losing out? the score will settle for i die/ you can't knock me off the pinnacle even though those might try
watch me as i write it, i got light, i got light! watch me blow this up ignite it. never had a good fight,cause i dont even have to fight it
i see, cop lights, cop cars, and some hot bars, you can't justify cause you're a little snitch. caught out there like Kelis, streets..
i be passive patna, you ain't author, you ain't Lois Lowry, you ain't give shit, relentless, i c angels i c demons i c a little bitch
and i'm bound to pop, i'm bound to snap, i spazz but i ain't got time for that. catch me in your daughter, i done caught her in my lion trap
you can spend all night as i write this right. left handed, i swear my G... I push this pen while they pushin lines, C vs B my G
so refine from light, you remind me right? at times you see/ I'm the violent type, wordplay, AIGHT, i'm comin fa' you weak MC's..
@NmoralzxLeBreak lol yeah they be killinnnn .. And yes I've been to Yesterdog 😩🙌 one of my faves
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@NmoralzxLeBreak lolllll yeah that's me singing at the very end
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This is a disgusting injustice if ever I saw one! My fellow men, rally together for a fallen brother #MeninistTwitter
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