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Leonard Nimoy
When I was a teenager the ads said "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette".Made it sound healthy . Don 't smoke. LLAP
Addicts hate facts . Not logical, but often true. LLAP
I'm sitting in the sun in my backyard. Breathing. LLAP
Cigarettes don't make anything better. Nicotine taken in any form is addictive. Look into mindful meditation instead. LLAP
Free samples of E-cigarettes being handed out at concerts. The plan? Get them hooked. Stay clean. LLAP
Happy matzoh and a sweet Passover to all who celebrate. LLAP
Hate strikes again. This time it 's Kansas. May all who work for the best in our world LLAP
A large THANK YOU to the crowd at Away Mission in Tampa. My grandson Jonah and I had a great time Skypeing with you today. LLAP
Skypeing to Away Mission in Tampa today. Bringing a surprise musical touch . LLAP
Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. Help a friend. LLAP
Mickey Rooney. One of the greats. RIP
Follow for info about my photography and exhibitions.LLAP
Interior decorator Rosemary Peck did the beautiful job on our house . LLAP
Thanks to Marc Meyers and Stephanie Diani for the good words and pics in Wall Street Journal today. LLAP
Inside the home of @TheRealNimoy. Exploring space with a former Vulcan
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50 years ago this month Mr. Roddenberry first presented Star Trek idea to Desilu studio. Production on pilot began 8 months later. LLAP
I had to quit cigs twice. First time I thought I could smoke "a little", I failed. Learned my lesson. LLAP
Sorry. Can't do anything about volcanoes. LLAP
If you said "K" sound you're correct!! Christine and Chekov too. LLAP
Clue: What do Kirk,Spock,McCoy Scotty, Pike,Picard and Riker have that Roddenberry doesn't have ? LLAP
Notice common element here? Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Scott? LLAP