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Leonard Nimoy
If you're not smoking, congratulations. If you are, this is a good time to quit. LLAP
Interscope Geffen A&M Records Appoints Aaron Bay-Schuck President, A&R
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With George Lucas. Star Trek meets Star Wars. LLAP
Star Trek went on the air 48 years ago today. The stories begin and the vision will LLAP
The warmth of the Salt Lake Comic Con audience still touches me. Thank you. LLAP
Skypeing to Salt Lake Comic Con Saturday. See you there. LLAP
We were helpful to the humpback whales . Now I'm concerned about the elephants. LLAP
Labor Day . Today I honor my Dad , a barber, who worked six days a week from age 16. For his memory, LLAP
I got them. Hundreds of them. Thank you. Hugs back in love and friendship. What a family!! LLAP
What a great family!! LLAP
All honoraries accepted including brothers,sisters, nieces, nephews etc. LLAP
My door is still open to honorary grandchildren. Say "yes" and step inside. LLAP
Is there a logical reason for a 9 year old child firing an Uzi? LLAP
Evidently I am approaching a million followers . Fascinating. LLAP
An American released from Syria. Some much needed good news. LLAP
So much pain in. Ferguson . An American nightmare. Hoping for justice and peace.
Have a look at MicroWarriors. A new Probiotics documentary I narrated and Adam Nimoy directed
Be aware that several conventions are mistakenly advertising my appearance. I am doing a Skype visit to Chicago this weekend. LLAP
My two Simpsons shows airing Aug 22 and 24. LLAP
The 100 Foot Journey. Heart warming movie. LLAP
The sun will rise tomorrow morning. LLAP
My friend Ed Nelson has passed. Too much sadness all in a bunch. Taking a pause and a deep breath.
Saying goodbye to T'Pring, Arlene Martel. A lovely talent.
What a sad day. Shocking loss of Robin Williams. A brilliant talent and a gentle man. May his memory LLAP
OOOKKK!!! 100 free #IQuit buttons gone in 15 minutes. Congrats to all you better-breathing quitters. LLAP
100 free #IQuit buttons now available at Here's the link.…
If you never smoked, you 're a winner. Congratulations!! LLAP
#IQuit buttons will be free. Doesn't matter when you quit. Info will be posted at in a couple days . LLAP
For those who quit smoking we will be giving away #Iquit Smoking pins. Watch for notice. LLAP
Thanks for a wonderful experience at Shore Leave. Next Skype appearance will be Chicago Comic con. See you there. LLAP
How good it feels to know some folks are quitting smoking because of tweets here !! Blessings and strength to you all. LLAP
Beaming into Shore Leave con Sunday August. 3 at 9AM Pacific time. Hope to SEE you there. LLAP
Ready for Skype appearance at Shore Leave con Sunday Aug 3. You'll know me by my LLAP T shirt from
Find your way around Vulcan with a street sign autographed by me available at . LLAP
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1952. That's me on the left. LLAP
In case you missed it there's good stuff including Vulcan street sign available at
My grandson Jonah has created a self portrait . LLAP
What did the Klingons say about revenge? LLAP
In Catlow shot in Spain with Yul Brynner. LLAP
Some say E-cigs help to quit smoking. Maybe. But they give nicotine which is highly addictive. Be warned. LLAP
Director of Amok Time when I intro'd Vulcan greeting was Marc Daniels who directed I love Lucy. LLAP
Did you know when I introduced the Spock neck pinch in The Enemy Within episode of Star Trek, director was Leo Penn, father of Sean? LLAP
We're at our beach house. Susie is walking Max. I 'm reading about Norman Rockwell. Giving thanks for these gifts . LLAP
Lost a long time friend. Paul Mazursky made wonderful films. We worked together 50 years ago.…
Have all my honoraries seen me in this ?