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IG: MsStunna
#FutureGoals #MyFavoriteWhiteGirl #SleepingBeauty #AuntyStunna no cares in the world #Goodnight 😴😍
A sisters bond can never be broken 🐕🐶 I love my puppies #Tinkerbell #ChristianDior
Just a little mug before work #GangstaGrillz
Eating #ChickenAlfredo 🍝
Finally got the #TroubleTwins to fall asleep now I can finish cleaning up and getting back to my beauty #AuntyDuties #AuntyStunna #SleepingBeauties no cares in the world #FutureQueens
My favorite song on her #Title album #LikeImGonnaLoseYou 😍
Can't tell everyone my facial secrets just know it's the best tell ya girl to get hip😂 still cute bish
Me and #MyFavoriteWhiteGirl love of my life
Who couldn't love a face like this😊
I'm just like #WhereYouAtThough 😧
👏👏👏👏 #Message
#WhereHeAtThough 😍
When I was younger I use to ask God why my father never loved me! I asked God why my dad couldn't treat me like all the other father's treated their children. I've never been called 'Little Princess' or attended a father daughter dance. It had gotten to a point where I gave up, because I felt like G
All bad #FixItJesus @patientlywaitn I need you to bless me
Up from their naps eating spaghetti and meatballs 👌🍝
Finally got both of them to take their nap at the same time #ThankGod now I can clean up #SleepingBeauties #SnickerDoodle #MyFavoriteWhiteGirl #AuntyDuties 😍😍 no cares in the world with #AuntyStunna
My #SleepingBeauty won't have a care in the world #MyFavoriteWhiteGirl #AuntyDuties #Goodnight
I'm just being honest #Message
When I hear that people envy me because I don't have any children I laugh because the things they take for granted there are people out there who wants and pray for children, children are blessings not everyone is blessed.... #PleaseBlessMe 😢🙏💏👪💑👰👶💍💐💒
Put #MyFavoriteWhiteGirl to sleep 😪😪😍😍
Realest post I ever wrote👊
Playing with my #SelfieStick 😆 #SickAndAll I honestly been waiting on a day off to play with it
This ain't even half of my wardrobe would someone like to help me move in my room all the way 😊 Aye S/O to my Dr. He's the truth #CelebrityDoctor #Insider someone #HelpMePlease
Dear mom! I just want to take the time out to say #HappyBirthday you are my mother, bestfriend, and better half words can't describe how much you mean to me and how much I feel so blessed to have you in my life, every surgery I've had you been there, every tear I shed you are always here to wipe the
#WorkFlow 👮 heading to job number 1
I'm just going to sit this right here and say #Message
Getting ready to make love to my pillow 💋 #Goodnight
😧 can't wait to make love to my pillow after work I'm tired.....
And a hour later I'm back to me #Goodnight
A little #MeanMug before bed time
Its crazy how the people we love the most don't hear our cries out for the love and affection that we give to them on bended knee I want to know how it feels for someone to be scared of losing me, I can't make you see what I see when I look at you I just hope that one day you'll agree than maybe the
Time to start #MotherNature don't be a hater I hope I don't cry #PCGrads2015
Walking to the stadium #PCGrads2015 if you want to watch it live go to
Patiently waiting #PCGrads2015
#StreetSmarts #BookSmarts #BeautyAndBrains fuck a trap queen imma be a billionaire queen #DontBelieveMeJustWatch
S/O to my ex's I'm better than yall new bitch😂😂
Congratulations to me
#WeightLoss on #Fleek
Aye with or without makeup Stunna still #Flawless #Fleek

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