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#Repost from my sister @theladyofrage_ 😢 Ima just sit this right here....
The biggest fear of every parent is to have to see their child laying in a coffin. Everybody is somebody's baby.
Thinking about what Mike Brown's patents and family is feeling right now because I'm still grieving the loss of my parents & grandparents Rest Easy. Missing my children and my sisters Dr Ashley and Mickey can't wait until we have another get together gotta keep working tho....
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS What is your dinner speed looking like this year? Any tips and ideas you care to share to make thing go smoothly? Thanks for your support. Yall inspire me our hash tag is off the chain over 10k post. Once upon a time this was just a dream for me💋💖
Once it's done yall I cream a half stick of Philly cream cheese with a cup of confectioners sugar and a half tsp of lemon juice and pour it over this baby #TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS
Cream butter and sugar add your eggs milk lemon juice then all your dry ingredients the salt being the last thing. Once it's all mixed add in your lemon peeling. Grease a 8x4 loaf pan and bake at 350 for 45minutes.
This is my great grandmother Mama Hattie Lemonade bread I think it's another cool different idea for your holiday spread 1/2 soft butter 1.5 cup of sugar 2 eggs 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1tsp lemon peel 1.5 cup of all purpose flour 1tsp baking powder pinch of salt 1/2 cup of milk #TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS This is your outcome. They will fight over these.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS They bake really good and they ready to eat soon as you dust them with a Lil butter.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS I don't have a dough press or cookie cutter but this 1/2 cup measuring scoop works for me 😁 I place these on my baking sheet preheat oven to 425 and bake about 25 minutes.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS This is easy and will make everybody fight over them 2cups of all purpose flour 1tbsp sugar 1tbsp baking powder 1tbsp garlic powder 1/2tsp kosher salt 1cup butter milk 1 stick melted butter 2 cups of sharp cheddar 1/3cup of grated parmeasan cheese 1tbsp dry parsley. Once your cheese
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS This is how the cornbread look when it's done I like to put a Lil butter on top while it's hot out of the oven.
Grease your pan preheat oven to 400 and bake 20/25 minutes #TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS Make ya cornbread with a holiday twist 1 cup yellow cornmeal 3/4 cups of flour 2 tbsp sugar a pinch of salt 1tsp baking powder 2 eggs 1&2/2 cup of egg nog
If you cook some parboiled rice and sauté chicken shrimp and smoked sausage in a Lil butter onion garlic parsley red green and yellow bell peppers. Then make a Lil gravy I ran out of seconds to tell yall add chili powder thyme and a dash of sugar and cayenne to the gravy you will have a GOOD Jambal
Now tell me who You are...
Cook in a manner in which you would want to eat the whole pot and add a little of what the folks that you are cooking for like to it and you're Winning.
Your cranberry marmalade looks like this once done but after it chills it looks more like jam or preserves.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS Once your fruit thickens into a glaze allow it to cool 10 minutes then transfer it to a blender and puree it. After let it cool about 20 minutes and place it in a jar. Cover the jar and place it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. Then chill it overnight.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS 2.5 cups of sugar and 1.5 cups of water will make a thick simple syrup once it cooks down clear and your cranberries oranges lemon and apple juice and cook over a medium heat till it thickens. Should take 20/25 minutes
I don't like cranberry sauce but if you add sweet oranges 1 lemon sliced and a cup of apple juice to what I'm about to show you You will Never look at cranberry sauce the same.
#TEAMWHIPDEMPOTS I steam fresh green beans you can use frozen tho...I add them to cooked yellow rice a can of cream of mushroom soup grated sharp cheddar and parmeasan cheeses I add crumbled bacon or bacon bits and bake until the cheese melts then I batter some onions with an egg and flour fry and t