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Kris Phase
if someone is your weight instead of being your pedestal leave them..... #CutOffDeadWeight
I like woman that love their real hair..... #IsThatWrong
"If you are not strong then stay home"
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Ladies.....if yo feet look like you ran track in high school with ankle weights on....... #ICantFuckWitU
Lmao. Kevin Love said FUUUCK Cleveland.... #ImOut. Honestly, im not really mad at him. They didn't appreciate him anyway.
A fat bitch that says she works out is like a broke nigga that says he works a lot
My response to this Finals will be the same every time. Love and Irving were gone.
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Warriors fan popping out like👀😂😂�lyJbmZ
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Happy birthday OG. Forever inspired.
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Ya'll realize all we have is baseball for next 2 months?
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y'all better not burn lebron's jersey ... burn everyone else's because they ain't help y'all
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Ok hold on...... How the HELL did Andre Iguodala get Finals MVP??? They might as well gave it to Dremond Green. Smh.
Well...... shout out to Golden State for going all the way like most people knew they would. #NBAChamps
Downtown Chicago LIVE as HEEEELL right now!!!!!!! #Blackhawks
What?..... Funnel clouds by Midway airport. Awww shhhhhit! Tornados in Chicago? smh. Dam global warming.
WTF??? Guerrero did not just win that fight. Martinez just got robbed. smh #PBConNBC
Martinez beat Guerrero ass!! LIVE!!!!!! #PBC
LeBron played his ass off, tho. He tried!!!!!!!!
Good game!!!!!! #GS
I should have bet on this game
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Ooooooooooo that was a big shot...... Let's go GS!
That boy LeBron is a fuckin monster!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fire up this grill.............. #LetsGetIt
Well......... I knew it... Cavs vs Warriors gone meet in the finals.
Wise man once told me...... "Ain't no I in team..... But there's a M.E."
Daaaam.... Golden State be shootin they ass off..... Rainin 3's. I see Warriors - Cavs in the Finals.
BB King died today????????????? Daaaaaaaaam!!!! I know my grandma hurtin.
DAAAM maaaaaaan..... This shit over wit! smh #BetterLuckNextYear
Tristan Thompson almost got his ass WWE power bombed.............
Having Pau Gasol out there makes a big difference. We gone need him if we wanna win this series. #BULLSvsCAVS
Well dam! Looks like Cavs want this gm more than the Bulls.
Manny possibly already lost the fight ...
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The most awaited #FightOfTheCentury has come to an end. You did your best, Manny! We're still proud of you.. 😌#MayPacc@MannyPacquiaoo
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It's about that time!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TMT
"Excuses sound better to the ones making it up."
That boy R. Westbrook be killin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The West All Stars be shootin 3's like hell!!!!!!!
Aye maaaan........ These boy's out here dunk haaard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #NBAAllStarNYC
Hope equals delayed disappointment......
"I won't tell no body if you give me some of yo body"
"You ain't gotta be in jail to be doing time."
In my opinion... only certain types of niggas catch feelings for side bitches.
Just in time for a good Bulls gm.
Dam..... Fresh out on bail.

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