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Kris Phase
either claim ya spot or somebody else will................
To all my real niggas..... Either break bread or play dead!!!!!
And now .... a moment of silence....... cuz bullshit dead like a MF!!!!
Daaaaaaaammmmm young MF's still smokin rocks in 2014??? Daaaam...Who the hell jus up and choosing to smoke rocks at this day and age. Smh!
if i lose sleep talking to you, you know it's real
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I want my first marriage to be my only marriage.
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Parties be like "no drama" like niggas going listen 😂
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I know A lot of people🙇 I speak to some👋 I hang out with a few👫👬 But I trust none👊
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If you're not able to handle anger, frustration, and the hard times that life can throw at you, you'll never be ready for marriage.
If u r a father of girls.. and they get around that age when their body change.. maaaan!!! "What ima do, loooord?" *in my Bernie Mac voice*
They might as well give em the trophy right now “@KrisPhase: WHAT HEAT??????????????”
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WHAT HEAT??????????????
#Spurs out there dancin wit they ass #GetEm
Oh I see. Miami playin clumsy out there. I knew they didn't want it.