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Kris Phase
One thing you can't hide is feelings...... #WeAllHuman
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back. It's a fine romance but it's left me so undone. It's always darkest before the dawn 🎶
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Dam... That was a good ass game!!!
Too late Bosh...... GAME OVER!!!!!!!! Good shit D. WEST!!!!!
These boys out here going TOO dam hard.... MF's gettin slapped, elbowed, and some mo shit.
DAM i hate Roy Hibbert.. How the hell you 9' 11" or some shit but you only got 2 rebounds? Nate Robinson grab more boards than this nigga!
Letz go Pacers...... It's too cold in Indiana for the Heat.
mothaFUCKIN BULLS......... Dammit...... whooped Pacers ass..... TAJ G...... TOO much for em!!!!!! #TurntUp
The Chicago bears signed Cutler but let Peppers go? This has to be the dumbest front office in football. They r committed to fuckery
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If it wasn't for church bitches preachers would only be in it for the money
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If u find out he cheated on u with a wealthy woman for years but never left u for her that's a testament of his love
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If u bad built and you stripping u gotta be mentally slow. Cuz nobody with sense would walk around naked looking like that
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"Not all kin folk is kin folk"
if you're with a woman who's attractive, just because you feel she looks good doesn't mean you two should be together. #LooksAintEverything
If you're going back and forward with a person never say dumb shit that invalidates your whole argument.... Then you just look stupid.
K. Durant too much for these niggas......... But where is this shit at when Miami on deck? #JusSayin
I want Pacers to win a championship........... And I'm not even from Indiana.
Now how the hell Pacers go on a 19 nothing run?....... Bulls couldn't get a free throw or shit, huh? Dam shame!!! #WhatDefense
Bulls and Pacers never did like each other.......
Sometimes you gotta remember how strong you are when your walking into a weak environment..... @SuperTaRyu
I hate "so" people. I ask you a question and the very first thing out of your mouth is "so". Don't "so" me..... Answer the dam question!
It hurts me to say this but I really believe D.Rose will come back, get hurt again, then traded. Wade, Bynum, & Oden all got the same knees
Noah got to be the best center Bulls ever had.......
So its wrong to flip a MF out his wheelchair and stomp his upper body, huh? Well some MFs need to know when to shut the fuck up and roll on
Phil Jackson and Melo? Ok!!!!!!!!! I ain't too mad at it.