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Gok Wan
@Targetaus #targetstylethenation show coming up on @Channel7 is my kinda show. Love a makeover, love @therealgokwan and love Target fashion
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Enjoy the show Aussies! X
REMINDER: #targetstylethenation is on tonight @Channel7 at 10pm. Tune in to see amazing style transformations by @therealgokwan.
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Looking forward to @therealgokwan gracing @Channel7 for #StyleTheNation and seeing the transformation of 5 Aussie women
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I've noticed many things in Asia but the most noticeable... So much love. Hand holding, fixed stared unconditional love. Is this a sign?
Not long now Australia... Just 2 hours until @Targetaus Style The Nation starts on channel 7... See you there for bags of fashion fun! X
Tune in to @Channel7 at 10PM tonight to see us team up with @Targetaus & @therealgokwan to transform 5 lucky ladies…
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Tune in tonight! Makeover master @therealgokwan w/ @Targetaus turns on his magic u will not believe yr eyes! U have to see it.10pm tonight!
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Waiting for @therealgokwan style the nation on seven.... Can't wait!!!
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Ain't that the truth!
I ❤️ this market
The best thing about asia? Hawker food markets! My favorite snack.. Popiah.
Feeling virtuous after an hour in the pool in readiness to ruin myself with G&Ts watching our fab 5 and the @therealgokwan on CH7 10pm today
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Calling all Aussie tweeties! Don't forget tonight 10pm on channel 7. @Targetaus Style The Nation. I make over 5 lovely gals! It's a cracker!
@LeighParry1: @therealgokwan little Brother wanted a @CaptainAmerica Tee, what you reckon? #homemade” brilliant!
@beautthing: Ah but @therealgokwan how did you do? Answer all the questions correctly?” Let's not talk about that!
The play @beautthing was my subject on mastermind!
@IWANNABEINCOG: @therealgokwan just call him a light weight and tell him to man up” done
Poppet hahahahahaha
Oh bollocks! The barman just commented on how quickly I can drink. I smiled nervously!
@cottoncandyDva: @therealgokwan on Aussie TV tomorrow! so excited!! :D” enjoy babes x
@oh_aimee: @therealgokwan @JewelsofVertu Oh gok I do love you 😂🙈❤” Hahahahah I'm a sucker for LOVE x
@JewelsofVertu: @therealgokwan So funny!!” I'm pissing myself! Hahahahah
@JewelsofVertu: @therealgokwan The Bellini...” Oh...hhahahahahahaha
@JewelsofVertu: @therealgokwan Pangs of jealousy have doubled...!” We must never be jealous of love, we must only celebrate x
Couple in the bar who are so in love it's like watching a chick flick! I don't think they've not stated into each other's eyes , EVER! ❤️❤️
The best fresh puréed Bellini I have ever had! Cheers
Awwww guys! I love being you specs idol... Jeez that's made me blush! Thanks x
Who's your specs idol? I have so many!
@WillowLaneBlog: @therealgokwan I couldn't agree more!” Excellent x
Guys if you're updating your wardrobe this autumn, don't forget the most important accessory - glasses! #geekchic
@Kimcq1982 @therealgokwan How exciting Kim, make sure you share a specs-selfie with us!
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@Charlottemorg: @therealgokwan I absolutely love the Fullerton! Have a Peach Bellini in the Post Bar :-)” will do!
It's as soon as they say!
I think I've just checked into hot guy hotel... Bloody hell... Woof!!! 😍
Oh Singapore you are beautiful... I'd almost forgotten... X
Forgiveness, acceptance, focus, calm, Sepak Takraw and reflection. Thanks Thailand... Just what I needed! X
Thailand it's been special! Singapore... Here I come! X
Erm.. 3.30am... Awake... Aching from the gym... Hungover... Flight to Singapore in 4 hours... Hungry! #moaningmuch