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Lol Lesho it's not possible to be mad at me
"@Dikenna_O: @leshawbaby Lesho, if you're lonely, say so. I can give you company."lmfaooo ur a terrible being
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Alcohol goes in, truth comes out.
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Motherlover - Lonely Island is the daftest song I've heard yet :'')
Be original.
"@AJEdinho: This CHICK is my next of KIN...I call her Chicken." Why would you say this :''(
@Dikenna_O I'm afraid's like man will stop shaking hands in church
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"@Kr_XVII: @Dikenna_O ahhh!!!!" :'') Lol You alright?
"@sop_DDy: So what are the symptoms of Ebola??" First symptom is death :p
Is it airborne?
"@FvckCyril: "@Dikenna_O: WTH is Ebola virus." it's the worst form of death you bleed through every opening and have a rash" Mother of God
But how are all these viruses just formed though. Where do they come from
It probably is real though
Until I see a nigga die from that virus, it's not real
Some pastors probably start spreading it so more people will come to their church
All that virus rumours are always crap
WTH is Ebola virus.
"@Nomnso_94: I need a pencil. i feel like writing something. But it's been so long though. What do I eve write about?" Write lyrics
Prince of Egypt is a classic
Chibok girls 100th day in forest. God help them
@Dikenna_O Jeez ur crazy I just confirmed that now
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"@IKPLC: "@pacrackz: Why @souljaboy got blank paper behind that 100.😂😂�" Oh....." Nooo :'')
"@leshawbaby: "@Dikenna_O: Sweet mother of Jezebel I'm number 220"Goat" There are more creative ways to get my attention :p
Sweet mother of Jezebel I'm number 220
Lol If my phone dies as I'm waiting, then I know the universe deffs mad at me.
South African embassy. Imma wait till thy kingdom comes :''(
"@ISwearThatsDami: London bound." Safe flight
"@James_Bamisaye: Movie is gonna make me cry 😢😢😢" What movie
"@MUFC_Facebook: Evra to me is like my imaginary best friend. except he is real. but now he is gone and i cry all hours of the day" word
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What good idea you have had lately? — To live to the fullest.
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"@TEDDbart: Okay😩 @Dikenna_OO: Asa is my babe"" Why do you like to pretend like we friends
Asa is my babe
Was watching Thor with the fam and my dad called Natalie Portman Oya, the wife of Sango. .. nearly died 😂😂
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@Banki_B: I really wish we could be friends :( — I've got enough for now” cold 😂😂😂
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Please let us not forget about the Chibok girls. It's been about 100 days.
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Just watched some scenes in seasons of the witch. Remembered how we died watching it in school
"@NADINE_O: “@Dikenna_O: 22 Jump Street was the best”so it is out? 🙀🙈" Lol yess
22 Jump Street was the best
Ran into Ajilore and Daniel Eno today
Lol why you guys hating on a random tweet
Holy Sweet Jezebel this traffic looking like the whole country going for the same concert
Ironic how my day is always dry anytime it rains
"If Will Smith Won't Do Something For Me Would You Call Him Won't Smith?" #TweetLikeJaden
Things I never learned in high school: How to pay bills, buy a house, apply for college... but thank God I can graph a polynomial function.
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Does all this really matter
"@J_Ossai: Little brother just told my dad "daddy it is like once you're eating you start yanning balls""