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Boy: "I like you" Girl: "So what do you want to do about it?" Me: *dies*
Lagos tomorrow!
"Love your girl or Drake will" :'')
A plate of jollof rice hasn't ever meant this much to me
I want Nigerian food.
First time in top 3 in a damn long while
RT if your team got 3 points this game week
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I miss HIMYM though. Wish it continued somehow, and the Mother didn't die
I see a store of dashiki in the background of HIMYM🎉🎉 ayee
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Supa Hot Fire stupid though
When Supa Hot Fire said boom bam bop bada bam boom bop
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Arsenal Liverpool & Chelsea all dropped points. It's a gift we can't misuse @ManUtd
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If you can rap, that's cool. It's what you rap about that makes you great.
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Is feminism a trend now?
@father: Rappers have got to be the most childish dumbass breed of musician imaginable.” But why
Imma marry Jhené Aiko
I was such an active tweeter before!
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"@Nomnso_94: There's a place in wisdom's learning land In a land where truth and knowledge meet" Tis a land with Milk and honey blessed
Lil Wayne wants to leave
What's up with Cash Money though
Lowks might be a publicity stunt to further hype the album sha
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Skype names please?
So because of 2014 Forest Hills Drive, everybody's now tweeting and retweeting fire
J Cole album though, 🔥👌
"@__Uwais: Are you lonely? Is your man not treating you right? Call +353877875806 for bookings and info @TIMIFASEHUN" Demzy nooo :'')
All this talk about love. Please gimme space. I just want to play football. 😒
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Fast - Jaden Smith
I don't want drama
"@leshawbaby: These whites ehn smh" racist
Most foreign players take time to adapt to PL football, but if Di Maria is still adapting then heaven help his future opponents.
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First night of school
To the airport in a bit
Not cool when an international flight gets cancelled man. Not cool
PLTV pundit @themichaelowen: "Di Maria's not a wing-back & won't take Mata's no. 10 position, so I expect he'll play as a midfielder today."
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Di Maria bouncing Cleverly. Yesss
My advice to Arsenal fans: Stop waiting for new signings, do something with your life. Pick up a new hobby. Follow a new sport.
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"@Nomnso_94: My advice to Arsenal fans: Stop waiting for new signings, do sth with your life. Pick up a new hobby. Follow a new sport." :'')
I'm loving our line-up today
Me right now: What is your name? = Di Maria How old are you? = Di Maria One plus one?= Di Maria What did you eat? = Di Maria
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Ángel Di María's brilliant assist for Real Madrid.
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Di Maria can't wait to work with van Gaal. "He's a fantastic coach with a track record of success." #WelcomeDiMaria
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just that we're not in that ljc place again....i for put banner ontop dining hall
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"@IAmDonawon: oh the swag" these pictures giving me so much life fam
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Lmaoo at all you Angel to ManU haters :')
Haaaaaaaaay they just read out my mail on FPL Fanzone :) :) :)!!!!!!
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