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Cortel Oladipo
One tree hill until I get tired. Hmu 📱📱
Gotta stay focused.
I just need GOD to keep me on the right track.
Done playing around. I'm too straight forward for that.
Something just wasn't right today. I've been feeling down.
My blessings will over shine.
We don't think the same
What's good to eat?
I just want something.
I've been thinking me and you can make a banging combination...
Girls think I'm handsome.
Don't hang up on me. Lol. @__TorriJae
Everybody is somebody's everything.
I got the juice. I got the juiceeeee
About to have a good night.
I gotta find something to do.
I wanna go to the movies tonight.
About to pick up this nigga serg and go get this cut.
Gonna get on netflix until I get tired. Somebody holla at me. 📱
She think I ain't gon get it. But I'm a fly nigga I ain't tripping.
All them silly games. I don't wanna play no more.
I want a regular girl..
Girl I really love the way you look at me..
Don't be acting shy up in this room like I make you nervous....
I wanna make love to my baby.
I should've kissed you. I should've told you how I feel.
I don't understand some of these girls.
Text. Snapchat. Facetime. I'm bored
That girl in my favorites is so bad. 😍😍
What's up with your best friend? Haha.
I'm really not the jealous type. I just don't care. Honestly...
I gotta get a haircut tomorrow...
What I'm really trying to say. And what I hope you understand. Despite of all the imperfections of who I am. I still wanna be your man.
I've been singing all day.
You're all that matters to me. Yeah yeah...
This nigga serg stupid. 😂
Today was a long day...
Yo you still trying to kick it at my crib tomorrow? @EinsteinApollo.
About to hop on the flix until I get tired. Somebody hmu.
Good day. Great day.
I need a girl like #oomf in my life. 😍
But I'll holla at y'all later. About to hop on netflix until I get sleepy