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Cliff Bleszinski
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Today's research at work was checking out Loadout. I just paid real money to do this to my employees.
Wonder if Satan gets frustrated with all the letters he gets during Christmas time from dyslexic kids
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@therealcliffyb Howard Hughes was way OP in Gears Judgement. You ruined it man. #sprucegoosed
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Jokes aside, I hope Notch just goes back to coding (maybe under a pseudonym) and doesn't go all Howard Hughes on us.
Sobering statement on the Internet and success when Notch's statement ends with this: "It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity."
Saints look so sloppy this year. :(
If only. When I used to sleep with industry folks it was never news somehow. ::shrug:: "@ThatEpicJosh: #CliffBleszinskiGate?"
I'm bored. I think I'll call a gaming journalist pal and start a conspiracy.
Overheard: "Everyone is upset about the Redskins and I'm like what about the Browns?!"
FYI: The LACK of followers identifies the LEVEL of TROLL.. A Zero 'follower' TROLL is the most pathetic of all Twitter Trolls.
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Right in the middle of battle with friends in Destiny I like to hit down on the D pad and unleash my best Sad Keanu.
Expectations are everything. No game can live up to the e3 demo mega TV campaign levels that promise the world. And it's showing.
Destiny is a slow burn that becomes more satisfying the more you stick with it. It's really grown on me.
Bungie, I love all your sky boxes.
I think I'm going to go out of my way to interact with folks who are civil and friendly on the internet more. Positive reinforcement. :)
Speaking of Halloween, our costumes for this year are almost done. In annual form expect Lauren to look sexy and I'll look really dumb!
@therealcliffyb Bleszinski, a mature man who only ever does mature things like an adult
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Some dude just tried to use my Pikachu Halloween costume from a couple of years ago against me in an argument on here. Fuckin' Internet lol.
Minor issues aside, game is lovely and fun. Just hate the "it gets REALLY fun after 25 hours!" mentality.
So I'm gathering that Destiny really opens up at like level 18-20? Guess we're off to grind, then. Don't like that RPG/MMO aspect much. :(
Destiny man, where the loot at?!
@therealcliffyb I want a Space Channel 5 reboot on Kinect.
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I want an Ecco the Dolphin reboot on Oculus.
"How'd he die?" "He slightly touched a turtle." -a conversation Princess Peach has had many times.
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Making notes on concept art while listening to Taylor Swift, don't fucking judge me.
Currently being serenaded by a hipster with a banjo outside my window. #NewSouth @NewRaleigh
Nerf battles take on a whole new meaning when you stick push pins in the tips of your darts.
I would play the hell out of a full version of Antbassador.…
@therealcliffyb cliff favorited my tweet has anybody got that before i will take it! that felt like facebook righhere weni caught the notifi
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Every time I see a Dreg in Destiny I read it as "Doug" and it makes me happy I'm capping this many Dougs because Dougs are usually A-holes.
Gentleman, they call me "The Catch", 'cause I smell like fish and I'm always gasping for air.
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Is there a filter to remove anyone with 0 followers and the default egg picture in your @ feed because that'd be half the battle on Twitter.
Enjoying Destiny! However, all the weapons so far are assault rifles, shotguns, and randomly recharging grenades. I want to make more boom.
Some great points made by @JimSterling on the events of the last few weeks.…
Clock hit midnight, and I'm thinking about what happened in NYC that fateful day. #NeverForget
That last tweet brought to you by #GamerGate logic.
Mojang has the youth that Microsoft wants. Hitler said "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future"? MICROSOFT IS HITLER CONFIRMED!
He called it two years ago?! :) "@notch: Anyway, my price is two billion dollars. Give me two billion dollars, and I'll endorse your crap."
"Hey dad, how'd you and mom meet?" Well son, I liked a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram, commented "Dat ass mama" & the rest is history
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Witnesseth @TimOfLegend dropping knowledge on some trolls. This made my day.…
Excited to be joining my new compatriots over at @BossKey!
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