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Cliff Bleszinski
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Remember Guitar Hero? Damn.
Awful week indeed. "One side has folded its arms, slumped its shoulders while pouting like an obstinate child..."
@therealcliffyb haha, is there a list out there of game companies with confirmed douchebags they want us to support?
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While you're at it, add Joss Whedon to this list, angry young men.…
Feels good to have headphones on and to be digging around in a level editor once again.
That moment when you realize you've drastically underwritten a character, setting, or weapon when the time comes to concept it. #Scramble
People who send you a text telling you they sent you an email.
Got an email newsletter from the CEO of Twitch re: acquisition. I was expecting to open it and to read "I'M RICH, MOTHERFUCKERS, SEE YA!"
Apparently it is #NationalDogDay. I love you, @DogHuge and @L337Eevee, and coming home after work and being tackled by you two is the BEST.
The thing about elevator jokes is that they work on every level
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The savage children are giving @TimOfLegend crap now, really?!
Donald Glover is Spider-Man and I'm like… all afternoon.
Today's lesson: Your game can be infinitely deep and complex if you have a community that you nurture while the game is crafted.
September 4th I'm speaking at the Hopscotch Design Fest. Great lineup too!
Amazon bought Twitch for $1bn CASH. Judging by my Prime OneClick addiction probably helped out with a chunk of that. :P #weknowourUPSguy
Cloudbase Prime is cute and promising.
couple more weeks of squashing bugs on Far Cry 4, then PUMPED for #projectbluestreak
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