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Cliff Bleszinski
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Artist I know just posted this picture of himself and his dog. So much win here.
@GearsofWar @GearsViking @therealcliffyb @blacktuskstudio Happy 3 year anniversary to the greatest shooter of all time: Gears of War 3.
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TIL there's a talented artist out there named Joe Studzinski, which is the coolest name since Jean Claude Van Damme.
Didn't have a lot of interest in "The Order" until this video sold me on it.…
If you're a straight male this will probably arouse you - only at the mere cost of many, many brain cells!… #booty
Shane Smith, our IT guy checking out the secret passages at Boss Keys offices.
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Right now, deep within Microsoft, someone is proposing a Windows Phone Creeper Edition.
Great article by @therealcliffyb on developer responses. Recognize so many including myself in these…
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raleigh is so awesome i just bought some paper doll books on a whim and now i don't want to do anything but cut out dresses/parasols/hats
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Lorde is killing it in our little town tonight. 17 years old. If you're around that age, get going. Ask yourself what you got done today. Xo
Dudes be looking like with an Ipad strapped to their faces.
Biggest VR foe now? Low cost hacked together solutions that are trying to piggyback on the hype and will give users a bad first impression.
Enjoying "Loadout" but the jumping is really strange. Some context sensitive wall jump scurrying stuff going on, methinks.… My giant head will most likely be in this!
Best part of owning a Galaxy phone is the lack of Sudden BonoVirus.
Gears of War and Minecraft are now owned by the same company. Crazy.
Biggest lessons learned from Minecraft? Players aren't stupid, and they want to play their way, not the designer's.
Today's research at work was checking out Loadout. I just paid real money to do this to my employees.
Wonder if Satan gets frustrated with all the letters he gets during Christmas time from dyslexic kids
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@therealcliffyb Howard Hughes was way OP in Gears Judgement. You ruined it man. #sprucegoosed
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Jokes aside, I hope Notch just goes back to coding (maybe under a pseudonym) and doesn't go all Howard Hughes on us.
Sobering statement on the Internet and success when Notch's statement ends with this: "It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity."
Saints look so sloppy this year. :(
If only. When I used to sleep with industry folks it was never news somehow. ::shrug:: "@ThatEpicJosh: #CliffBleszinskiGate?"
I'm bored. I think I'll call a gaming journalist pal and start a conspiracy.
Overheard: "Everyone is upset about the Redskins and I'm like what about the Browns?!"
FYI: The LACK of followers identifies the LEVEL of TROLL.. A Zero 'follower' TROLL is the most pathetic of all Twitter Trolls.
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Right in the middle of battle with friends in Destiny I like to hit down on the D pad and unleash my best Sad Keanu.
Expectations are everything. No game can live up to the e3 demo mega TV campaign levels that promise the world. And it's showing.
Destiny is a slow burn that becomes more satisfying the more you stick with it. It's really grown on me.
Bungie, I love all your sky boxes.