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Cliff Bleszinski
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Fireball isn't whiskey. It's sugar that fucked whiskey once and won't stop talking about it.
Decided to drop in to see what the fuss is about Wizardchan. TIL what Futanari is
Let's face it by this point you're either on team Olive or team Mushroom.
I want a first person Mega-Man-ish game where I can pick any stage to start & gain an ability at the end that I can take into other levels.
Marvel announces their upcoming movie slate through 2186.
Witness Exhibit A as one of the crucial reasons I chose to return to making videogames. I love hearing this.…
Windlands on the Oculus DK2 is EXTREMELY promising.
Yes, trolls make my nipples hard.
I'd rather be in VR right now.
Video Gamers aren't movies, and they shouldn't aspire to be. - @therealcliffyb #Preach
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I'm starting to think every NFL team I root for loses.
Who are you pulling for this football Sunday?!
I'm on team Panthers right now.
Got my DK2 working. It is magic.
I really need to get around to writing that blog about how gaming still feels like Hollywood's pimply kid brother and how that's bullshit.
That said, Advanced Warfare does look really fun. Movies are not games, though, stop with the comparisons, folks. Insecure much?
"Transcends the line between game and film." Stop with this shit. Games shouldn't aspire to be movies.
Having a hell of a time getting UE4 working with my DK2 today.
What Peyton Manning was thinking on Friday.
Videogames The Movie is now on Netflix. Grab that friend or relative of yours who never "got" your gaming love and show it to them. Trust me
I like to remind people that, while fast cars are fun, my dogs have given me infinitely more joy for exponentially less money.
Just saw what my pals at @BitMonsterGames are up to. Really cool looking stuff.
I’m surprised Peter Jackson didn’t find a way to split that flight safety video into a trilogy that you need to take three flights to see.
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My brothers in law are dying to take me duck hunting. I'm not getting up at 5am for this. Don't ducks fly at 5pm?!
Biggest question about Age of Ultron is whether or not there will be shawarma.
Check out my bitchin' new header.
In Avengers 3 is Iron Man going to put his Hulkbuster suit into another larger suit to take on Thanos, like a Russian nesting doll?!
It's not a man cave. It's called a healthy marriage home, bub.…
That Age of Ultron trailer... in @josswhedon we trust.
My wife sends pictures like this to me when I'm at work. Thanks, hon, for the garage sweep!
There's an old saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," well, the way to this generation's heart is through YouTube.
My wife did a pretty sweet summary of our gaming setup(s) at the house.…