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All I need is a clear mind and a happy heart
I don't follow the crowd I move through em
Titles don't mean shit, you can be married and still be the side piece
We mature with the damage , not with the years
Who raised these bitch ass dudes
Lack of money is the root of all evil
Once you lose me , you never get the same me back
I hate a get mad and tell yo business ass bitch
Hustlers don't sleep, they nap
Impossible is not a fact , it's an opinion
I don't throw shade.. I shed light ...
Be someone's Sunday, not Saturday night .
Don't get it twisted a lot of you dudes are "basic bitches" too
You live once so think twice .
I barely got friends but I got the right ones
I didn't look up to anyone growing up, I just had people I didn't want to be like
Once I lost respect for you, its gone ..I've never re-respected anyone.
When you really pay attention everything is your teacher
People hate showing love but they love hating..
My attention has an expiration date ..
Only a few people care. The rest are just curious.
My personality won't allow me to show fake love
Your biggest haters be the ones you did the most for
You don't know me, you know of me
They hear about your pros but talk about your cons
In loving memory of when I gave a fuck
Effort is everything to me
My main focus is to remain focused
We all make time for what we want
Even if they don't fuck with you , they will always watch
I thoroughly enjoy minding my business
I'm nothing like this generation, I just live in it.
Everybody isn't guna love you, most people don't even love themselves
It's sad when a beautiful woman is emotionally unstable because her ex was a fuckboy
Never second guess yourself, trust your instincts
If you're over 25 worried about haters and reputation , please refocus. PLEASE ...REFOCUS !!
The blessed don't beef with the miserable
If you reporting photos on social media , I know you snitching on the street .
People be in competition with folks that don't be paying them no mind
Earn respect, don't expect it
Don't quit your day dream

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