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Confidence is definitely the sexiest thing a woman can wear
Strange to think we are the last generation not to have our baby photos taken on phones
new song: "Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka" #hiphop #music #bars
Netflix & 🌲🌲#coolinlin 💯💯💯
If I ignore your text messages don't feel bad somebody ignores mine too. It's the circle of life lol we all can't have who we want
Check out our new song: "Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka"
Its the older me that keeps me from being the old me
Jersey devil #TrueMonsters good way to start @HISTORY channel
Every 5 minutes , a dude out there running his mouth like a bitch #fact
Fuck love , I want someone I can trust 💯
Check out our new song: "Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka"
I love the smell of fresh ambition in the morning
I forgive people by forgetting them
Listen to Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka by B-QUBED #np on #SoundCloud…
Even if there was 36 hrs in a day I still wouldn't have time for these hoes
Check out our new song: "Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka"
new new new song!!! Press play, share, enjoy ,,thanx
Listen to Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka by B-QUBED #np on #SoundCloud…
Posted a new song: "Somebody's Bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka"
I'm so protective of me nowadays , I'll cut someone off for simply having the wrong energy
Winter is coming and now everybody needs a bae smh,, no bitch you need a coat
New song : somebody's bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka ,,coming out Tuesday October 6th!! Stay tuned !!
There is no substitute for quality
Too many opinions from mf's who haven't accomplished shit
These days ppl will talk about you to ppl that don't even like them
Soft dudes usually send the hate through females
Bitch I'm making money while yo dude is still making promises
They busy trying to out do me but what they don't know is I'm with them cuz I'm trying to out do me too
I always keep it 💯 cuz I'm not afraid of making enemies
Time is non-refundable
I don't listen to he say she say...I watch what he do and she do
Somebody's bitch - B-QUBED ft. Marka. Coming next week!!! #hiphop
Beauty should be the icing .. Not the cake
Always remember , someone's effort is a reflection of their interest in you
Check out our new song: "Hang On - B-QUBED ft. Trensetta"
People always ask me why its so hard for you to trust others..the real question is..why is it so hard for ppl to tell the truth
Boys from the hood don't always become thugs
What's up.? Didn't mean to interupt your larte nhht lurking ..just wanted to say hi lol
Before you say there are " no good men" just make sure you're a good woman..sometimes you attract the lifestyle you live 💯
Best lessons I ever learned in life came from the worst feelings I ever felt
I don't have a "type" I go after . if I find you smart, attractive and fun to be around then you're my type
I'm not mean, I'm brutally honest . its not my fault truth hurts . here's a band aid bitch
Real ain't what you got..its what you stand for
your opinion will never cut me a check

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