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I don't have trust issues I just think most people are full of shit
The goal isn't to be liked its to be respected #100
Ill do everything I want to do until I leave this earth
A dude who talk about his money is just as annoying as the bitch beggin for it ..
Drunk people, children, and leggings always tell the truth
HUSTLE ...or stay broke, mad and continue to hate on the people out here grindin daily #100
Keep your miserable ass far away from me .ain't fuckin up my vibe
You're responsible for your own happiness, stop depending so much on people
Own up to your damn bullshit. Nobody likes a person who always plays the victim
S/o to the people I know in real life that don't fraud for social media..proud of yall
Yall females swear dudes dont give a fuck about yall go text the dude you want and the dude you friendzoned n tell me who text back faster
Rather waste money on the wrong things than time on the wrong people
Being spiritual doesn't mean you are always positive. fuck out of my face while I balance these energies
Betta check your watch...its my time
Losing friends ain't really shit me, I don't even fuck with half of my family
Got rid of all the leaches , whatever you owe me, keep it..
Always give more than you promise
You gotta show love even when they don't or you become one of them
Behind every fraud dude, is a lame bitch telling him how real he is
Not giving a fuck is better than revenge
Everybody wanna come up , but forget how to stay down
I make time for people who make time for me
Females be looking for a good man in one status then selling pussy in the next
Burn a bridge with me , and you've got a better chance at hitting the lotto 5 times before I fuck with you again
To all the females that still depend on dudes to take care of them ..stay home today! you have no independence to be celebrating.
I'll shoot you in the chest before I stab you in the back
I may do a lot of things ..but I don't do petty , shady , or bitter
Some of us don't have the luxury to fail
Ain't lost no friend I want back
I am an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind
Be the leader you would follow
The truth doesn't give a fuck what your opinion is
You can learn something from everybody , even if it's what not to do
Don't put your life on hold for anyone
I don't take it personally. I take credit cards, PayPal & cash .
You'll never come up praying on the next persons downfall
I lose interest faster than I catch feelings
All I need is a clear mind and a happy heart
I don't follow the crowd I move through em
Titles don't mean shit, you can be married and still be the side piece
We mature with the damage , not with the years
Who raised these bitch ass dudes
Lack of money is the root of all evil
Once you lose me , you never get the same me back
I hate a get mad and tell yo business ass bitch
Hustlers don't sleep, they nap
Impossible is not a fact , it's an opinion
I don't throw shade.. I shed light ...
Be someone's Sunday, not Saturday night .

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