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I'll never EVER get tired of Last Chance by Ginuwine!
Yep yep you got it right. Now don't get left get on your good foot it's only right. That you step and keep boppin' 'til this shit unfamiliar
I hate when I have headaches for days. 😒
Beat This Summer - Brad Paisley ❤️😍
Getting closer and closer to my goal by the grace of God! 😊
I just wanna say thank you God. #thatisall
Can't wait for my boo @KekePalmer's new talk show #JUSTKEKE to air on Monday! I think I'm more excited than her lol. 😁😊
Call me corny but I love Lifetime movies. 💁👑
Time to put in some serious work!
if my spouse doesn't cry when im walking down the aisle im going to turn my ass around because CLEARLY that nigga didn't see me.
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I liked a @YouTube video from @HavokJonesMusic NAACP Juneteenth Celebration Performance
I liked a @YouTube video from @HavokJonesMusic Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 2014 Block Party
Nothing happens overnight..
Hunger pangs 😳😣😖
Let the count down begin! 😍😁 R@KekePalmerer#JUSTKEKEKE AIRING JUNE 30th!!!…SYR
I'm so tired of Sallie Mae 😒
I liked a @YouTube video from @HavokJonesMusic Havok Jones Presents: The Inaugural Homage "Who Can I Run To"
Time is ticking like a mf!
Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.
These folks really sent me a $3 check lol. 😒
Gotta stay productive 👌 RT@malakhithegiftt:@TheRealAmethystt me too
Everyday I wake up thinking of new ways to grind.
You have to be a priority in your own life. No one will look out for you the way you need to look out for yourself.
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I've never taken credit from anyone that deserved it and I won't start now.
Tom and Jerry was the most entertaining cartoon ever even though they never said one word!
No matter what you say or what you do, when I'm alone, I'd rather be with you. Fuck these other nighas, I'll be right your side til' 3005.
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I'm looking forward. Not worried about how I'm gone do this or how I'm gone do that. just crossing those bridges when I get there #NoWorries
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My body hates me today.. 😔
About to wash this hair of mine and get it done. 💁💆
Fighting this sleep.
P Diddy ain't shiiiii and you can tell him I said it lol.
Don't take today for granted, thank God you lived to see it because a lot of people didn't .
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Yoooo my TL is flooded with LHHATL! Shit crazy..
I'm a young king 👑
You're all I honestly think about, no one else.
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Look for the girl with a broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay a while... And she will be loved...
I'm sooooo addicted to Turn Up The Night by K Camp! 😍😍
I don't care what anybody says... I'm getting a convertible!
I be telling @KekePalmer how much I love her (no homo) and get no reply. 😔😔 Starting to feel rejected lol
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone..
These niggas really drove somewhere just to race!
I think she just be Googling stuff.
Rihanna so silly... Her profile pic on IG is ugly lmao! 😂😂
Starting to like the natural look on me. Might wear my hair like this more often..
I just like chilling.
The trees outside my window sound scary with all this wind blowing through them. 😳
I'm so nosy. Anytime somebody post a status about getting a job I'm the first to comment "where?" lol
Testing out which one of my capture pages convert the best.