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Need to find something to eat before I head out..
Fav this if you're ugly
If you don't even know my government name, you don't know me well enough to feel a certain way about me. #byehoe
Ugh... My stomach hurting like a mf! 😩😩
if I pulled a you on you, you wouldn't like that sh!t.
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The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.
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#FAV for this beautiful bikini!!! 😍 ORDER @TheSuperiorApparel.com4 USE CODE "DRE" FOR 10% OFFa
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Celebrities Who Have Been Charged With Sexual Assault 😳�
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Everything happens for a reason Some people are only in your life for a season🍁🍃🍂🌻🌺☀️❄️⛄️👌🔥💯
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Y'all want these Fairytale relationships where y'all don't argue & shit 😂 Them mfs don't exist ✋
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Raven Symone Files Molestation Charges Against Bill Cosby 😱😳…oSr
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People always remember the LITTLE shit they do for you. But forget the BIG shit you do for them.
Reading old messages will have you in ya feelings 😬😕😕💸💕💯🙇👪👅😭😭💦💦🔥🙌🙌😩✊🙌😍😏😏😏💋💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🚶🚶❤️❤️💕💔😕💔💋😰😰😁😭💏👫👫😍😘😖😩😢💔💔💔
Cheating on someone is deeper than you think. It destroys their outlook on real love, their future relationship and peace within.
Nauseous afffff 😩😩
Someone's behavior says so much more than they could ever say about themselves...💯
Watch them niggas who say some HATING shit in a funny way... They ain't loyal.
A nigga will talk down on a female with the same mouth he ate her nooki with.
I hate when I have a typo sitting there for hours or even days before I notice. Got me out here looking like I MEANT to put it there. 😂😂
Sitting in the car.. Thinking..
My tummy hurts sooo bad 😣😩
There's nothing more attractive than a sense of humor. 😍
About to prank call munchkin 😂�#paybackck
A woman's intuition never lies. 💯
I'll let you set the pace... Cause I'm not thinking straight..
Love me like you do... What are you waiting for?
Slightly in my feelings today...
9:30am-6:30pm at job number 1. 7:30pm-2am at job number 2. I'm about to be tiiirrreeedddd asl but it's #grindtime 😝
Young Thug makes music for niggas who pour the milk first then the cereal... Then gets the bowl..
Once you start looking for stuff, best believe you'll find it.
Far Side of the Moon - Tinashe ❤️
I have the taste for some shrimp! 😋😋
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
I'm getting tired of eating meat fr... 😖
Dudes know they love them some red heads... Everywhere I go, somebody in my face.
My nephew gone be a lady killa! 😂😂
when she says "i usually dont do this" and ends up being a freak
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Different people bring out different sides of you
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Let the weekend beginnnnnn 😏✌️
Ugh this is the third time my cycle came on within the last 45 days! What's going on?! 😩😔
Cooling with the coworker, about to eat then take my ass to sleep! 😝#goodnightt

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