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Yung Swizzy
Wanted To Watch Friday w/ Her ..
Cant Ever Do Anything Right ..
These Wings !! πŸ‘Œ
My Nights Never Goes As i Plan Them!
Million Dollar Dreams, Dollar Menu Budgets
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Just because i dont call you first.. Or text you first doesnt mean i dont care.. I'm waiting for you to miss me first
Retweeted by Yung Swizzy
GoodMorning .. ☁️
Ready To Get Out For Break !
Song Time .. Im slowing this one down !
I Need That Phone .. My Regular One Slow Af !
I Prob Wont Get Talked To Tonight ..
This Mood Is So Right .. ☺️
She Already Know Its Official .. πŸ† , πŸ˜› ..
Fresh Out The Shower ... πŸ‘Œ
Its Freaking Hot .. πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘
Aint Tryna Be Bored πŸ˜’
I Guess Im Not Talked To ..
Chillen Now I Guess ..
School Was Alright .. πŸ‘Œ
Game Today .. πŸ‘Œ
I Think Ima Terrible Person !
Guess Im Up By Myself .. πŸ˜’
I Cant Help It , Im The Jealous Type ..
Follow Me On Vine : Yung Swizzy .. Ima Follow Back !
My Bed Stay With Hair Up There Smh .. πŸ˜’
Wish She Could Come Now !! πŸ˜’
Man This Aint Life !
Wtf Man ! πŸ˜’
You Might Get Hurt From Some Relationships But You Gotta Be A Man/Woman & Accept It !
RIP Uncle Ricky ... Make Me Wanna Bring Tears To My Eyes .. πŸ˜”
Frustrated & Aggravated ! πŸ˜’
Who Want Me To Feature On A Song ?
Wassup My Fans .. Ill Give S/O If Yall Tweet My Mixtape & Mention Me In It .. ----->…
Mane Free Dat Nigga Boosie , I Might Break That Nigga Out ! @OfficialWebbie
Smh Man .. πŸ˜’
His Page Is Borinng ... πŸ˜’#GFF
Guess ill Write People Back .. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
So Bored ! & Not Even Sleepy ..
She Still Aint Back From The Game !
Someone πŸ”« Me !
What I want for Christmas 1. Booty 2. 1 3. 2