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Please be able to answer me.
This is the scary part....
Went from 680 to 620 in like two hours. What's happening........
When people play with my hair or scratch my back>>
Mwuaaaaaaah love yaa hubby ❤ “@theoriginalburn: “@ilianaknowsbest: @theoriginalburn 😘😘😘😘” OMG this is the best day if my life😉😘”
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@ilianaknowsbest: @theoriginalburn 😘😘😘😘” OMG this is the best day if my life😉😘
I'm a proud person. So when I tell you I'm sorry or how I feel or I admit when I'm wrong... I'm being honest.
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So I'm learning Spanish from twitter. Cool.
@ilianaknowsbest: i just want iOS 7 & GTA V 🙌🙏🙏” Marry me?❤💍
Holy geez my phone is so laggy and slow.
@ClearlyCleaner: Most people say that their favorite room to clean in their house is the bathroom.” Did you mean least favorite? Hahaha
Everyone go follow @TiffOnwudinanti because I said if I hit 500 I'd give her a shout out!
Woah. Just dropped 20 followers. What?
Gosh darn it. Didn't S/O my 300th tweet.
@itshaiqalray: You're pathetic, mate. Seriously.”