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I kind of want to listen to Lil B for 24 hours
"You see the kid" *falls down the stairs*
I've realized my twitter has become a Childish Gambino fan account
I think his verse could be about his ex girlfriend in the screenplay that really isn't addressed, or it could be a Telegraph Ave. part 2
I really thing Donald is still being "The Boy" I noticed a few things in his verse on Driving Ms. Daisy that relate to camp, and BTI
I also think if I was an actor I would potentially be a great fit for "The Boy"
I think Kauai probably takes place between camp and because the internet based on Jaden Smiths age and the 15 years later in the screenplay
I used to think a bastard was a kid that wasn't born underwater...
I hope Matty B gets in a rap beef when he's older
I never noticed the clock on the clock app moves
It's always so cool to see Because The Internet still in the top 10 albums in the iTunes hip hop charts
I didn't even know @SupaBwe was from Chicago, it's become my favorite city for rap easily #HurtEverybodyEp
Today someone told me I kind of look like Donald Glover, and I didn't agree with them but it was cool
I like Iggy Azalea a lot more now that I noticed she shouted out Childish Gambino in the Fancy video
"Wu Tang clan ain't nothing to mess around"
Is @donaldglover making a Because The Internet video game?
Lava Glaciers is the best song I've heard in a while
Bo Burnham is the white Donald Glover
I've been wearing a bandana headband for most of today
I just got a notification that I favorited a tweet
My sister just referred to Schoolboy Q and Action Bronson as "Buckety and Ducky"
I have a physical reaction whenever someone verified follows me
I got notification saying 47 people followed Solange
Is Pepsi actually trying to advertise to hip hop heads?
Earl killed both of those verses
I'm only 2 tracks in so far, but Faces is ridiculous
I've been super into @MacMiller lately, this was the perfect time for Faces to drop
wasn't @kilokish's birthday yesterday? Or is everyone still saying it from a different timezone?
That one part in the Ghostbusters Song gets me so hype
It would be crazy if Troy Ave and Chance dissed each other in the freshman cyphers
Wayne's verse of Believe Me was actually pretty good
The karma is unreal
My mom just referred to our dishwasher as the dirty south
I can't believe I missed @JayElectronica 's subscribing spree
Even though Huey and Riley were one for a little, they both seemed kind of off, but the episode was cool
I think it was pretty obvious the first episode would reference an earlier one though, just to prove the show isn't totally different
My last google search was "Hannibal Buress NetflixNetflix"
That Future song with André 3k is ridiculous
I just saw this thug dude with a McDonalds Neo Pet Tied to the back of his car
Happy Birthday to Chance
Can we all just pool together our money to buy @donaldglover out of his contract
I has a dream I lost 20 followers, I wonder what that says about me...
I don't get the Sweatpants video, but I think I understand the Urn one
Dubbed over TV movies are the funniest thing in the world
When @JODYHiGHROLLER bites his tongue it's going to hurt like crazy
I'm finally listening to N.W.A for the first time, this is cool
I hope more Tyler and Earl interviews come out because of this
The next season on Loiter Squad looks like the funniest one yet