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Nick Musa
I like your blog. Always classy never trashy. U know what i mean :P
Lay lay lay lay lay lay......jablayyy #dangdutmadura
Andai tidak hanya kambing yang bisa dikurbankan. Saya kurbankan naga warna coklat biar hidup saya tentram. #mampusajakamu
God, give her another child. LOL
Maaf. Tidak menerima bentuk saran ataupun kritik apapun dari Indonenong. Weyce2 My Bar melawai jg sama kok. Tenang anda tidak perlu minder:)
Tidur sama kafir aja gk usah sok islam deh :)
Good night world :)
Don't say u want me back. U just wanna destroy me coz u r not satisfied of my victory. That's why I rejected you again. I'm sorry but I cant
Owalah Susan toh [pic] —
Hey dog how's it goin? I like ur furr, that looks really great. So u're a dog right? Wht's that all about? Say hi to ur mother for me. #haha
Good morning Jakarta :)
Amsterdam-ing :P
Nice and long conversation with my best friend #brotalks
Barney Stinson is awesome. Legendary!!
My next dream places are Disneyland Hong Kong and Marvel Theme Park Dubai :)
Next time I should say my prayer completely hahaha
Well sometimes God answers your prayer in a very weirdest way
In my profession, I don't equip emotions but mindset, guts and instinct.
I'm not striving for perfection but progress
When you pray for the rain, you gotta deal with the mud
A gift for my brother. Nike Kevin Durant 7 limited edition :)
Day off! Time for some adventure :P
I called it a Business Oriented Monday. Smooth :)
Didn't realize that I am a workaholic until few people brought it to my attention. LOL
Love u my brother, My Sam Winchester, my Hero.
Ended my Sunday with some Absinthe spray in my head. Good night world :)
Happy to see my little family happy :)
Living life King Size. Thank you, God :)
Bahasa slank nya ngaji adalah ngasah biji. Hahahahaha! #jagonya
If they are The Maze Runner, well I am The Pol Maze Runner! LOL ★ The Maze Runner —
This drink just takes u away. I love it! At Hangover Soju House
My Biutiful Family at Hangover Soju House
Humiliating me was the biggest mistake you made. Now you will have to pay a very expensive price. The loss is not in me.
I so wish that everyone is gentleman like you, Sir
Look whose talking. Go to hell! Haha
I am totally prepared and confident to fight back. You won't imagine what's coming if you mess around.
Yg minta kamu balik juga sapa? Kasihan bgt sih km.
Karakter saya tergantung pada karakter anda #thenickmusa
Your Dad is brilliant but unfortunately u r created dumb. Lol