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Nick Musa
And I nominate u for crying in the bathroom bucket challenge RT @acemaker24: @thenickmusa I challenge you for #KFCBucketChallenge
FEAR doesn't live in a top of a mountain, castle or cave. Those who choose to face FEAR know that it only lives in one place. In our HEAD!
I kick you! Hahaha [pic] —
Sepertinya anda sangat kesal dan tidak terima dgn kekalahan yg mutlak :P
I feel like an APLHA!! BEAST MODE ON
Bed Rest at BatCave
I can feel them inside me!
My name is Nick Musa. And I believe in Fitness!
I am Undisputed. Coz I ain't a Winner. But Coz I am a Champion!
True Detective. LOL! (at Marketing Gallery Essence Darmawangsa Apartment) [pic] —
Watching The Purge: Anarchy (at The Batcave (Home)) —
When someone seems desperate, I just can sympathize them. Nothing else :)
Sungguh besar berkat dan rahmat Mu Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah.
This brought Justice to my childhood. Thanks TMNT [pic] —
Someone told me that a healthy relationship is based on a Trust. If you don't have one, then it's a useless one and would end up no where.
Mere bare mein itna mat socho, mein valentines day mein aata hu raksha bandhan mein nahi
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Mencari sesuap nasi dan sebongkah berlian :P
Nge MC juga, nyanyi juga, apalagi? Nge OB, masak2 juga? Asu kabeh!
Saya lagi sensi!
Why is it a problem 4 evryone whn I'm quiet? "Nicky and silence??". Wel, sumtimes I need such silent moment. Dont make it such a big deal.
Thank you for the Belated Birthday Surprise, Gals :)