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Nick Sabia
#Herbalife tip: Switching from whole milk to nonfat cuts 8 g of fat and 60 calories per cup (240ml) #Diet
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If you’re getting bored in the gym with the same old routine, then change it up! Here are some ideas
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Shaving tip for men: –Shave in the hair growth direction, not against, for less stubble & razor burn. More tips here!
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#Herbalife challenge: Work on your posture today. Stand up tall and tighten your abs on the go. RT if you accept this challenge!
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"people end up in jails, hospitals, or even dead when they sell their souls" - my mom
I was basically hoping I'd pass out today, so drained.
My hair cut makes me look 15, but I actually like it for once
goodnight thennnn (guys I think I just offended @emphengsy so much, she politely went to sleep)
Omg I'm almost home
Everyone here probably thinks I'm abused or abuses
My mom never ceases to embarrass me by screaming across buildings
Off to San Diagoooooo
Santa Clarita teen cited for smoking pot outside sheriff's station detectives bureau
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I should stay off social media for the next 4 hours
Humans are the worst people on Earth.
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I don't want to be grilling in this freaking weather
It's infernal outside
Nervous about clocking in because I haven't shaved
Living in the past while worrying about the future
It's 10 o' clock and it's 10 thousand fucking degrees in here
Mulholland Drivveeeeeee
Morning screwdriver because what is future