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Nick Sabia
I have THREE exams on Thursday omg I want to cry.
College T-Shirt day. Please send food. #MidTerms
How to deal with depression properly. This needs to be shared.
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Hours and hours and hours and hours hours and hours and hours
Reddit has ruined me.
I do stupid stuff around this time
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I get so nervous here, I feel like someone is going to scream at me and spew crack from their eyes.
I just realized how strangely dressed I am.
A half naked girl can get thousands of retweets How many can Jesus get?
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Life is much more fun if you don't put things into boxes.
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2 minutes from class being canceled and a sub comes :'(
I had a black lamborghini that I sold & spent the money on Russian Roulette, now I'm in community college writing a Spanish assignment
Yo no quiero crecer :'(
Or my first house?! *cries*
Why don't I write about my first promotion instead?
Spanish assignment includes writing a paragraph about my first car... I don't have a car
dudes make shit like this and claim they're up and coming "designers"
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Class canceled because professor didn't show up yay
I kind of miss working at Six Flags
I spend more time cooking than studying #sads
High schoolers in Range Rovers while I'm on my broken bike what the fuck is this shit?
I know I'm late but I'M OLDER THAN LORDE WHAT???
Stop killing and hating in My Name.
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He's no smoking on the bus and staring at me
Some crazy person talked to me while I had earphones on and I think I accidently insulted him.
A habit I picked up from working at Six Flags was smiling whenever someone talks to me.
Oh god it's so unbelievably hot and humid
Ha, I realized that the "cup" of coffee I drink everyday is actually 4 cups of dark coffee. RIP kidneys.
I make the best brownies
Currently baking the most delicious batch of brownies bc sadness
rt if u stayed in tonight bc u have no friends
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Can I just skip the part where I make friends here & just have them already *cries*
It was nice skyping with @emphengsy even if it was for like 10 minutes. It filled the void in my soul
People in my microecon class were using me for their tests until I used them muhahaha
My bank account and GPA are having a race to 0
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Accidentally backed out from an online test ah fuck
People who've now asked me for a cigarette: 4
Its been the third time somebody's asked me for a cigarette #makingfriends
Whoops, I meant there's a Domino's 30 seconds away and a Subway and a Starbucks
I guess one of the good things about community college is that there's no commitment & I get to leave whenever I want...
I got a haircut so I can impress my roommate's turtle...