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Nick Sabia
Honestly registering for classes is harder than the actual classes themselves.
First time going through COC's campus and I was completely lost.
when u do drugs once and u gotta make sure everyone knows
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When your mom opens your door without knocking
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*car speeds past mom* Me: Mom that guy totally wants to race you. Mom: Uh-ha Is the how you drive? Me: 😬 NoooooOoOoOoOoO. I wAsss KidddINg.
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friends dont let friends listen to FM radio
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My family surprised me when I came home with the adorable little death machine aka Rocko 🐈 #CatMan (I was almost named Rocko cuz Italy)
Only in Santa Clarita would a bus be over 30 minutes late. Thanks @santaclarita
SCV rather spend over $2,000,000 on the stupidest median that they've working on for the longest time.
I can hop on a train in rural India and still get to where I'm going faster than these pathetic buses.
Santa Clarita Transit is the most pathetic transit system in the world.
When ur parents find out your twitter
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I support Lesbian rights NOT gay. Theirs a difference.
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All the gays in the world should fucking die
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I'm not homophobic but if my son was gay I'd have to knock the gayness out him fr
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When your Lamborghini has free WiFi. #CarGoals #OnlyInNewhall
Good question, @billclinton. The handle comes with the house. Know anyone interested in @FLOTUS?
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Gender identity, gender expression, biological sex and sexual orientation are all different things.
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How I tell people they look good Me 2014: you look nice! Me 2015: YAAAAAAAS BITCH GO AWWFFF SLAY ME BITCH I AM NOT WORTHY YAS MAWMA!!!!
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Community College or high school? #collegein5words
That's my unassigned seat, bitch. #collegein5words
Developing a tolerance for vodka #collegein5words
Grades don't matter in hell #collegein5words
RT for Pacquiao 👊🏾 FAV for Mayweather �LL63
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If you see what I go through then you will understand why I am so emo and why I am addicted to vaping
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Dat Samsung update tho
Wish I had Amazon stock
#tbt to when I was posing for nature at UCR with @em_phengsy 🐥🌲🌵🌳 wish I could've visited last weekend. @charlottephantom was also there in spirit
Instead of smoking a weed this year on 4/20 you should go to the store and buy a cabbage you stupid drug addict you are wasting your life
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RP: "Selfie Pt. 2" - @abelxo
RP "Selfie Pt. 1" - @abelxo

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