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Kendall Jenner didnt even do the fucking casting.
Refusing to watch VS Show this year bc putting Kendall Jenner instead if Andreja Pejic is absolutely idiotic.
Absolute garbage interview from @rtenews and Sharon Ni Bheolain, cutting him off when his answer doesn't suit your agenda! #amateurs
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Time to eat candy until I get sick.
I'm even considering traveling all the way down to US to see Rammstein
Today was one of those days where I wondered if everything was worth it or if I should make a rich man fall for me and poison his coffee.
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How can a show go from the best to the worst just like that? #TheWalkingDead
You're getting old and "adult" when your night outs end at 1 am.
When will girls stop wearing those disgusting 90s wire choker things.
Pre-shoots are the most fun ones . #selfie @ Clarion Hotel Limerick
If Jaguar think putting Tom Hiddleston in their ads will make me buy one of their cars they are absolutely on the right track.
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I was so drunk I bought full season of "Shaun The Sheep" online. Embarrassed is not even the word.
No Guinness will heal Irish broken hearts today. #IREvARG
I'm waiting for a miracle,camon boys in green! #IREvARG
Pulling Dave's finger in place was the least painful thing of watching this match. #IREvARG
We can still win this 🍀#IREvARGG
Big deal about Dave Kearney's dislocated finger. Wayne Rooney was back playing football just weeks after a transplant. #IREvARG
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Watching rugby only because of Robbie Henshaw
the struggle not to roll my eyes at ignorant people when they talk is real
Buying 5 packs of chocolate and the guy at the counter asks if I want tampons with that. How did you know.
All I do is complain about the government and watch makeup tutorials
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Only person happier than that Irish team right now will be the 'Reeling in the Years' producers #IREvFRA
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Wish there were more things to do at 3 am other than stalking random people's Facebook pictures from 2010.
If our police had guns,on duty Gardai in Louth would possibly be still alive today.
It's a very very dark day when a member of the Gardai is killed in the line of duty. Generally a thankless job nowadays.
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You know you're a cat when your eyes are glowing in the dark. #CatLife @ Clarion Hotel Limerick
It's quite ironic that people are crying out #WeWantOurCountryBack, a country that was built on colonialism, invasion and slavery.
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How can anyone eat full Irish breakfast in the morning,ew.
I have NYC and LA in my bio because I live in both places. I have identical mansions that i bought with my modeling salary which is a lot.
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I pretty much always look like I just found out someone died
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I wanna go to Nimhneach so bad but poor and @gingertheminx13 is probably gonna have fun without me 😭😭😭
can I sleep for 6 years and wake up with a degree and a mansion????
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automatically syncing your photos to your Facebook must be the worst idea ever thought of
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Cluxton looking like he's on an episode of dancing on ice #DUBvKER
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Beautiful game Dublin,in such awful weather,hands down! #DUBvKER
You know you made in modeling when people start using your pictures to create fake accounts looking for sugar daddies. Ha.
Trying to study Cultural Nationalism while operating on 3 hours of sleep,in the hospital while your sister is in labor. Nice day.
Not sure if fetish or cosplay.
The pictures are quite explicit and just ended up in wrong hands,yet Twitter still takes ages to remove that account.
Guys if you could just report "FindomNikki",that person has been using my friends pictures and honestly in an upsetting way
relationships in your twenties solely consist of apologizing for and/or forgiving someone for being so drunk.
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I still remember that @TomParker follows me,and that makes me smile.
So I was shooting short film in Wicklow today! What a location! #LoughBray #Ireland
#11yearsofparamore Honestly,if that doesn`t make you feel ancient,I don`t know what else will.

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