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I have NYC and LA in my bio because I live in both places. I have identical mansions that i bought with my modeling salary which is a lot.
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I pretty much always look like I just found out someone died
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I wanna go to Nimhneach so bad but poor and @gingertheminx13 is probably gonna have fun without me 😭😭😭
can I sleep for 6 years and wake up with a degree and a mansion????
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automatically syncing your photos to your Facebook must be the worst idea ever thought of
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Cluxton looking like he's on an episode of dancing on ice #DUBvKER
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Beautiful game Dublin,in such awful weather,hands down! #DUBvKER
You know you made in modeling when people start using your pictures to create fake accounts looking for sugar daddies. Ha.
Trying to study Cultural Nationalism while operating on 3 hours of sleep,in the hospital while your sister is in labor. Nice day.
Not sure if fetish or cosplay.
The pictures are quite explicit and just ended up in wrong hands,yet Twitter still takes ages to remove that account.
Guys if you could just report "FindomNikki",that person has been using my friends pictures and honestly in an upsetting way
relationships in your twenties solely consist of apologizing for and/or forgiving someone for being so drunk.
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I still remember that @TomParker follows me,and that makes me smile.
So I was shooting short film in Wicklow today! What a location! #LoughBray #Ireland
#11yearsofparamore Honestly,if that doesn`t make you feel ancient,I don`t know what else will.
So my politics professor is what I expected him to be. Old,in a fancy suit,straight outta Dáil Éireann.Spits saliva while talks.
How can you not fall in love with her.
I had to leave my dog to live with my mama today,and I am the saddest person on the planet right now.
French fries from any fast food establishment must be eaten within 30 seconds of receiving them or all hope is lost.
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When will they start using REAL Russian actors in films,instead of Americans that can't speak two words in Russian correctly.
This cartoon says a lot about the world's response to the refugee crisis
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People are being so heartless about refugee crisis. These people are running from war and a lot of have the audacity to say "we are full".
The stress of moving houses will kill me.
Sooo myself and @patocassinoni been working hard!
American History X is one of the greatest movies of all time.
When your boyfriend is late collecting you from you're just sitting full latex catsuit...with crazy makeup...
Don`t go on a date with a man who wears flip-flops.
and FIY Americans- Guinness tastes THE SAME whether you`re in Ireland,America or on the fucking moon.
Working in a pub makes you realize that 99% of American and British tourists are absolute jerks.
My anaconda don't want none unless you donate to my college fund, hun.
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Looking at the prices of college books,I don't even want to go to college anymore.
i'm your horny ass professor who shoehorns open relationships into every discussion topic even though this is an econometrics class
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Sitting at the dentist with half of my face numb,way to spend Tuesday morning
Ruby Rose makes me question my sexuality
Highly drunk and cuddly.
My dog is always barking at me when Im drunk,its like shes giving out to me for my poor life choices.
Nothing like seeing your first big money in bank account for your sold art picture sets!
Only if it's with milk and shit lots of sugar.…
3 am perfect time for macaroni and cheese cravings.
So basically don't take me to cinema,I'll fall asleep. Everytime.
I love boo from OITNB
Orange is the new black ❤
Love working with Eddie. He makes photography look like art.

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