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Give heaven a try, be young and be wild. Be free and alive.
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how do i tell someone i don’t care without sounding like i don’t care
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at least i never went through the “rawr means i love you in dinosaur ”phase
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Can`t wait to see Manuel Neuer on my TV screen <3
What do you do when someone with a surname "Beaver" tries to chat you up?
payback: dutch style
@themoonexpress Well, whatever happens, we won't look as bad as Spain did tonight.
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“Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.”
I swear there is a girl on facebook that likes everything what I like,quit with the bullshit.
This is the time of the year,when all the girls pretend that they love football. Bullshit.
Fuck off with your samba.
Philadelphia with Milka chocolate,crazyyyy
Can`t wait for Netherlands tomorrow. Holiday in a holiday lol
@RelatableQuote: trying to eat without completely fucking up your lipstick
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BBQ with Germans is the best thing ever.
Thank god for the hot spot
Doner kebabs are so good
@themoonexpress Ridin' through this world, All alone, God takes your soul You're on your own...
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I have my leather jacket can I join Sons of Anarchy now
Dave Franco is the sex in Bad Neighbours holy fuck
I tried German beer today for the first time. Bloody hell I might like this thing.
Too much sun for my pale skin,I even got a tan nope nope nope.
Hodor is gay what the fuck
" Northern Ireland says 'Game of Thrones' has brought more than $100 million to their economy. " Come to Republic lol
This dude in the cinema yesterday spilled his 1 liter coke all over my white dress,I should of kicked him in the balls.
Just an hour in the sun,face full of freckles
My dog is such a little shit,scratching the nails against the floor at 2 am
No sleep,too hot.
Transformers are the shit
They are taking me to cinema to see Maleficent,some form of entertainment that doesn`t require me to move too much lol
Who else manages to fall down the stairs,damage their back,and stay in the bed for the rest of the holiday because not able to move,only me.
american horror story: ur face
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I think I fucking broke some bones
Just fell down the stairs,back in bits,fucking great.
Kim's reaction when she finds out Irish papers are gonna be all about Eamon Gilmore and not her
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Kim`s dress looks like my curtains.
When you make your ponytail so tight your skin hurts.
Überraschung motherfucker
My sisters boyfriend appreciation tweet,who buys me food and makes sure I don`t die from starvation.
I hope Kim & Kanye Kardashian have a long happy marriage living somewhere far away from my TV.
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Absolutely shitting yourself with excitement if the coach drove past your house when you were going on a school trip
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Gooooooood mooorrrnnnniiiinnnggggg Mrs .............. Gooood mooooooorrrnnniiinnngggg everyooonnneee
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I`ve been just told that I speak German in American accent. #MindFuck