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Anna K.
I have a feeling @sampepper knows what's coming in my video today. Don't worry, it's just a "social experiment" Sam.
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Ireland had to fight for independence,Scotland had a great chance to have a better future without violence.
Sticking with UK is the worst thing you can do for your country considering the corrupt politicians they have.
Idk what year it is
"You're gonna get your blood test results in two weeks" fuck I can die in those two weeks ffs
Ireland did it hard way,at least Scotland has a chance to decide without violence and I hope people are taking this chance.
If the people of Scotland are gonna do anything tomorrow it should be to vote yes, it's the only way... Make that change!
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Sons of Anarchy the only TV show that portrayed Irish people correctly.
Sons of Anarchy for the night 😏
One minute my mom would be shouting at me for not putting a cup in the sink,other hugging me. Know where I got my bad temper from.
What is it with boys and them ugly pineapple haircuts,pls love yourself
Irish history slowly killing me off
Sitting in PE like Hey I'm gonna get hit by a ball soon
Your school year is fucked when you get a shitty locker place.
" works at being full time mad cunt"- and this is when I feel the need to slap hoes.
train stuffed with tipp fans!
it is thomas the tank engine the trains gender teen xox
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its 1am and all i can think about is potato salad
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Ireland summer number 2?
About to get my full fringe again I never learn do I
There's no such thing as a bad texter. It's called not being interested.
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Stuck with the stoners on the train,they're so chill.
It smells like death in my room,I swear something is rotting and I hope its not me.
People need to realize if you DM and not follow me I cant reply.
Debating on whether to get a new instagram account or not,my only follower will possibly be @lemurphan
Kinky fuckery *Morgan Freemans voice*
горжусь двумя людьми: Гагариным и Ньютоном. Один попытался смыться с этой планеты, а второй доказал,что у первого нифига не выйдет..
Shout out to David sales assistant in Three for putting up with me for nearly 4 hours,you`re a cutie
Woke up early because Im starving??
My history teacher full on walked across a radiator today just to open the windows..What a legend ❤️
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Whoever stole my phone,I hope you enjoy bright pink cover and my endless selfies.
Why are we publicly deemed "skinny BITCHES" if we're naturally smaller than sz 6? Horrified i'm considered a bitch for not being overweight
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Larger framed women need to stop bullying/victimizing girls with small frames, less voluptuous figures as if they're unattractive/anorexic
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There's beauty in everything. Natural, silicone, big, small, DD's, A-cups... You name it. Bullying "skinny bitches" is NOT beautiful #ugly
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This ice challenge nonsense needs to stop. Tesco AND the off licence are sold out of bags of ice. Ice that I need for my ALCOHOL.
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Mom made me my favourite pie,she said " I know you come from school in an awful mood,something to cheer you up" Awh love my mom <3