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John Paul Fitzgerald
mmamusic 1,178 followers
What, are you sleeping @benfowlkesMMA ? LOL Last fight was amazing man !!! #UFCJapan
If every fight was like that most fights would be retirement fights !!! Amazing job !! #UFCJapan
Who's staying up to watch the fights tonight? #DontBeaPussy #UFCJapan #UFCFightNight
Is apple ever going to get this feed together ??? #NiceJob #AppleLive #AppleEvent
Pick it up houseguests !! You're putting me to sleep !!! #BBAD
I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me.
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I am The MMAhole and I know more about MMA than you !! #TheMMAhole
Flying to LA tomorrow to attend the TUF premiere. Can't wait to see the cast again and hang out at the @FOXSports offices for a few days
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Did Cody change his drawers yet? #Shart #BBAD
Its like a 3 way male love fest up in the big brother house !! Cmon guys, bring some drama !!! #BBAD
How mad is fire Beastmode? #BBAD
@themmahole: Where's Frankie? #BBAD”. either sleeping or explaining to Victoria how & why he was almost People's sexiest man alive
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I declare that Frankie's Mohawk is named Pawk #BBAD #juryhouse55
Frankie looks like the kid at summer camp that could snap any minute #BBAD
Caleb looks like he belongs in a strip club....class it up buddy #BBAD
Put some clothes on people #BBAD
House guests, you're not allowed to sleep during after dark #BBAD #WakeUpNow