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"@Micha3l_Anth0ny: Bakaisjensixjaksixidiakac @TheMisterMarcus is a fucking fool! LMMFAOOOOOOOO 😂😭😭😂😪😂" 😶
"@TheRockwell: Jamaal Charles had just 11 touches last week. That should never happen again." Bruh. He ruined me.
"@AroundTheNFL: Eddie Lacy returns to Packers practice, remains on track for Week 2 return:…" Yay.
"@SLEIGHT_Risk: @TheMisterMarcus do you use any music streaming app or video streaming?" Nah.
I'm guessing the #DarrenWilson supporters will dismiss this video of the contractors. They still believe lying ass "Josie"...
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Same “@TonyaNoHarding: I agree with what he said. “@TheMisterMarcus: Y'all overreacting on the Paul George tweets though.””
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Like...she was knocked the hell out. You didn't have to see a video to know that Ray Rice cracked her ass.
Still funny that the Ravens and NFL had to see video of Ray Rice giving his wife the strongest left hook to take stern action.
For those that missed Paul George tweet RT @kaytbaybee: Locate foot. Place in mouth.
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Y'all overreacting on the Paul George tweets though.
Steve Smith is the angriest small person ever. 😭
I'm playing Seattle defense all over Fan Duel. Rivers is going to get killed.
We all know Paul George wants to commit domestic violence on a Miami stripper so his Ray Rice comments aren't surprising.
@BBCBreaking: #OscarPistorius found not guilty of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp - verdict continues” WELP.
lmao hell naw. RT @TheMisterMarcus: About to make that switch to Verizon. Is 2 GB of data enough?
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@mr2cool80: I see a lot of Loyal mobile subscribers to their carriers ..... can't be all bad I guess lol” Nah. Sprint is ass.
Look at Verizon. LOL.
@TheMisterMarcus We'll welcome you with open arms and the best network on the planet. We have more ^CM
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This is what Roger Goodell gets for trying to have so much control.
@TheCelebLonnie: I bet @TheMisterMarcus Will Be The First One To Get That Apple Watch” I do want one though but...I hate the iPhone.
@illionaire2006: @TheMisterMarcus got wifi at home? ? At work? Then yes.” Yes and yes.
@bigdaddy_Ki: @TheMisterMarcus I don't think it is unless your around wifi most of your days .” Which I am.
About to make that switch to Verizon. Is 2 GB of data enough?
Ray Rice's situation is unique because there's a video. Otherwise, you can't implement a zero tolerance policy without legal process.
I remember EVERYTHING about 9-11-01. What a crazy day.
"@AceBooogie317: @TheMisterMarcus nothing...u know how EVERYONE over reacts to everything in 2014..." Pretty much.
Oh Lord. What did Paul George say?
Channel 13 is sleepy. 😂
"@WTHRcom: Rain moves out...Autmun air moves in. See you on #WTHRSunrise at 4 am." Autmun...
"@cienara_: I witnessed a chick getting fingered fucjec on the dance floor" You are drunk.
"@CoolWithA_K: I really just liked my hair in that picture it was on FLEEK" Where the fuck fleek come from?
I need to play GTA soon.
"@eight2one: What was your first job?" McDonald's drive thru. I mocked game show hosts during orders.
"@unBILLiveable: Wave Wednesdays got canceled so I couldn't even pop bottles in the name of my $102 check!" You wasn't coming.
Well. The U2 album is on my iTunes. Cool.
"@AshleyNics_: “@TheMisterMarcus: "@IThinkImKT: @TheMisterMarcus slid an album on ur iTunes" Dope.” *Unwanted album" 😂😂😂
"@IThinkImKT: @TheMisterMarcus slid an album on ur iTunes" Dope.
"@Kay_wizz1: @TheMisterMarcus I have spring. I pay 52.99$ a month for unlimited everything 😊" HOW SWAY?
"@ajohess: @TheMisterMarcus sprint has terrible coverage" This I know. 😞
"@highheelhotmess: @TheMisterMarcus its sprint and the service is horrible lol" SAVE ME.
"@Im_YourMiricle: @TheMisterMarcus their service fucking sucks." Yep. Sure does.
"@missclarissaann: @TheMisterMarcus mines 80 a month unlimited everything. I'm sure they're fucking me somehow." Yep. Same.