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Terre Haute already a zoo. I see the Snaps. 👀😂
ISU bout to be lit this weekend 😈
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Future at TSU Homecoming. That's lit.
This idiot still trying to tell me Tevin Coleman is better than Devonta Freeman. What are you even watching? LOL.
See. Even the ref saw it.
I think that's a horse collar.
I hate the NFL sometimes when I see this.…
Me too. And of course they said something stupid to remind me why they don't deserve to be saved.…
I will have a whole conversation with an unsaved number just to figure out who they are. 😂
Beyoncé recorded and taped an entire album without anyone knowing and you think you know about their marriage? 💀…p
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Probably. Don't eeeeeeeeeeem care though.…
Even if that's the only choice to make...
Khloe Kardashian is in a messy situation. Ensuing divorce with power to pull the plug. All hell gonna break lose if she decides that.
If that Westbrook show doesn't get cancelled, that proves y'all will watch anything they put on TV
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Fever. Colts. IU. But...we still lose hella championships.…
I think the state of Indiana has lost the most championships ever.
I wish I knew more people from Chicago because the ones I know now...
Odom was on cocaine and took up to 10 Viagra like pills within 3 days. His body was WIRED.
Place done upgraded the crib off of a mistake. HA. Thanks, God.
Look what NBA 2K16 did to @QisPresident. 😂2
Daniel tried but didn't get #TheBeatSecretSound right! That means #TheBeatSecretSound #1 is worth $279 tomorrow!
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Glad he said this. I hate the fact that everyone wants to automatically give LeBron the title if Cavs healthy.…
The irony if this is Lamar Odom...if he's not dead...when TMZ prematurely killed Weezy.…
Kinda sad that Lamar was so generous to all those ppl and yet they all abandoned him except the Kardashians...
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I remember that. When Khloe got with Lamar she found out he was paying phone bills & rent for over 30 ppl. She put a stop to it. #LRT
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Lamar Odom was paying 100+ people phone bills and like 30-40 people's rent. He's in the hospital by himself
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Gucci Mane - Add It Up
This really was an adult debate though. #DemDebate completely different from #GOPDebate. Trump gotta go.
I had to see if this worked. 😂 Snapchat is
Look at rich people mad about not being able to...wait. They can still do anything they want. Get over it.…
Bernie: Would vote yes on weed legalization. “I have seen too many lives being destroyed over nonviolent offenses.
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I don't care what you say. You might not realize it now or you might just want to deny it to the grave but you will miss Obama.

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