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Finally picked up #BatmanArkhamKnight. Debating whether I should put my playthru on YouTube or not...
Brand newish WARRIOR SHRINE episode is up! Super timely #EVO talk. Brought to you by the mighty @Netherkast!
#WetHotAmericanSummer First Day of Camp's Ronald McDonald-looking bully kid was hilarious. "I LIKE THAT I LIKE THAT!!!"
Lemme just review #WetHotAmericanSummer First Day of Camp real quick: Fucking Godlike.
So internet, Im an amateur composer and there's one baddass at the top of my baddass #composers list. Who's yours?
YO. Nobody told me that #Cersei was in #ThePurge!
So #Unfriended was a bit better than I was expecting. But I was expecting shit, so...
Currently watching #Annabelle. This director loves turning the cam on in front of the doll. WATCH THIS SPPOKY DOLL FOR 5 MIN. SO SCURRY.
Ya know what? Let's throw #Annabelle in there too. #FuckIt
Time for some Brainless Movies. I got #ThePurge and #Unfriended. I should drink so I can maximize the brain cell genocide.
Destination America is airing a live #exorcism of a house? That's gonna be like Paranormal Activity without the irony and humor.
If you do like Rising Thunder, I think odds are good you'll like Killer Instinct as well. Or vice versa.
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So, @RisingThunder is amazing. I understand why people love GGPO now - I played tons of matches online and never once thought about latency.
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WHIPS VS WORLD: #MortalKombatX Online Ranked. Yep, I totally can still make videos. #MKX
Streaming is fine, but please keep in mind this is still early alpha :) Youtube etc. are welcome, vid policy is here:…
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Only 3 more hours till I can go Full #FGC.
Where did all my booze go?
Lol whoops. Looks like I was drunk tweeting last night.
New episode of the @Netherkast is up! Listen and be filled with wonder!
@sethkillian @ProtomCannon @Pond3r just saw the Rising Thunder article, congrats sirs! looks awesome & cant wait to play it!
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Gotta figure out a way to get my hands on Rising Thunder. Need to find out.
#RisingThunder sounds awesome. Hope I get a chance to play soon.
Thought maybe I left YT signed in and someone else watched. Nope the comment sounds like me and is from "one day ago." What the effin fuck?
So I just got a reply to a comment I posted on a YT vid. I have no memory of the vid or the comment. The vid is weird and I should remember.
Hit me up with the #dumbest thing you've ever done. This is for #Scientific purposes of course. #NoJudgement
Sorry, that previous tweet was definitely #NSFW haha.
#MidLifeCrisis anyone? Must #wreck something. Requesting #Nuclear codes.
Breaking: @cityofazusa votes for big pile of burning garbage over cool arcade due to zoning regulations favoring curmudgeons and dullards
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Oh hey did you guys know that Azusa is home to 100-year-old vampires who can't name alternate retail locations? Stay clear of that place!
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I genuinely learned something today. Thanks #YouTube
I really hope Tom Brady makes top 8 at EVO.
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Here's the fundraising teaser for The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale! Enjoy and share it with the world!...
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Public Hearing Location: City of Azusa Civic Auditorium 213 E Foothill Blvd. Azusa, CA 91702 Time: 7:00pm start (please arrive early!)
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@noobde Any chance the Kombat Pack roster might get some alternate costumes? Lots of opportunity, and I'm sure it would sell a ton.
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Word on the street is that The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale's teaser is coming out tomorrow
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Ken can v skill run cancel his normals. Crazy fun.
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For those not in the Kansas City area who would still like to try out some #mustache wax, feel free…
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#Predator now available on #XboxOne ? Could it be true??? #MKX
Question: What's so awesome about going to the #beach ? Srsly.
Trying to get predator on xb1 and ps4 and cannot :(
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You Taste Like Burger. I Dont Like You Anymore. #WetHotAmericanSummer

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