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#ArmchairActivism again. When will these people let me do the dumb shit my dumb brain wants to do? @WickyJokervids
So, call me crazy, but #StreetFighterV's #Bison trailer still looks hella SF4. Grey hair notwithstanding.
@joerogan Columbia students claim Greek mythology needs a trigger warning
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
I think you mean Jane Foster. Although, the other would be awesome! #SifAndSensibility…
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
Oh yeah, Happy Thors-Day everyone!!! #ThorNshit
This Klassic Reptile Skin is available free as part of the next upcoming compatibility update for Mortal Kombat X!
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
Mortal Kombat X stream? Favorite and retweet so my mom won't beat me up.
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
So Im watching the @BryanSinger #X-Men flick from 2000. To me it still holds up. This is the shit I got beat up for in the #'90s. #woo
A lot of peeps hate the 2000 #X-Men flick. Why?
Thanks to you dudes who give a shit. If you do then hit me up. Id love to talk this #BS with ya. #NowTakeaShot
Look Ive got a giant cache of #52 followers. #IDK I love #Superhero #bullshit more than anyone should. This and #videogame shiz is godlike.
#shoutouts to you guys who remember seeing #X-Men in theaters in 2000 and remember feeling like an #OG #Nerd. Times have changed.
$1.75 million—Speedrun Mode unlocked! I think that's a WR. Stretch goal and achievement update coming today.
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
Where's my "One does not simply..." meme...…
FINALLY! Another IGAvania is on the way! This shiz got its funding in hours... woah! #Bloodstained
#Fassbender vs #Jackman. Wanna pick all that shit up?
Please dont spoil me, but #XmenDaysOfFuturePast set an awesome standard for #Quicksilver. Like, YO.
Seriously I wanna know what #jamesmcavoy as #ProfessorX would say about #AvengersAgeOfUltron.
Any other #XMen fans out there? I know its all about #AvengersAgeOfUltron right now but c'mon. #Magneto has kids in dat movie.
#XMen Days of Future Past isnt perfect but still squeezes my 90s comic fan heart. #ManTears
Ok ok, so X number of years hence, I still get drunk and shed a tear watching #XmenDaysOfFuturePast. What does it mean?
Im LOVING #MKX, but those nights when lag is what's bodying me I gotta just walk away. Fuck your arsenal of down+2s.
"All you do is block. Learn to play." - Dude on XBL. #MKX
I should start live tweeting my #MKX Ranked fights. Dudes say some dumb shit.
Can someone tell me when Mighty Number Nine comes out???
FINALLY! Episode 4 of my #MKX play thru is up!
In case ya missed it here's episode 3 of my #MKX playthrough. New ep is uploading now!
The #MKX online experience definitely feels better after that last patch. Can't wait to test it more thoroughly. Haha
BOOM! #MKX Story Mode Chapter 1 is UP!
#MKX Let's Play FINALLY begins today! Uploading now!
Tonight is the night Mortal Kombat X comes out and I become a fighting game widow.
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
#MKX is going to be NUTZ. Its crazy fast. Cant wait to body the entire @Netherkast crew!!!
Under 24 hours till #MKX. YO!!!
YO. #Daredevil is legit. Definitely in the running for best @Marvel MCU movie/show.
Me and the @Netherkast crew are streaming NOW! Farewell to MK9!!!
This makes me WAY happier than it should. :D…
MKX Sneak Peek: The 2nd Premiere Tower is the "MK1 Tower". Completing it awards U w/ this Boarder, Icon & Background.
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
#MKX Factions Trailer! This is the shit that's going to keep me coming back to the game for years!
Since its looking like the @Netherkast crew wont be streaming #MKX Story Monday night I'll do a solo playthru on my channel. Vids up at 12am
I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy that DOESN'T have #MKX yet. !@#$%
I'm really looking forward to the @ESLMortalKombat Fatal 8 stream. I'm going to steal everyone's tech!!!!
Episode 25: John Madden's Boiled Leather Basketballs Covered in Spunk: via @YouTube
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT
The game is not even out yet and people are already crying to nerf Sub-Zero.You have got to be kidding me...
Retweeted by GamerMeisterYT