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Gamer Meister
I really don't get all the fuss over #FiveNightsAtFreddys. It's kinda dull.
Just had a couple drinks and watched #DeliveryMan. Worst decision ever? I DIDNT KNOW I HAD OVARIES!!!
People are SO pissed about #TombRaider being #XboxOne exclusive. lolz
@NTicotin: @NathanFillion What is your favorite ancient Japanese form of theatre?” No.
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Drinking massive amounts of whiskey and watching #Wilfred... bad idea?
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Onimusha #9 FINALE!!! - Genma Onimusha Let's Play
Onimusha #9 FINALE!!! - Genma Onimusha Let's Play: via @YouTube
Let's finish this Onimusha Play Through! Penultimate episode!… #Capcom
Onimusha #8 - Genma Onimusha Let's Play: via @YouTube
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Onimusha #8 - Genma Onimusha Let's Play
"@NetherRealm: Sub-Zero: Unbreakable Variation. A frozen fortress. #MKX" Gonna be playing shit out of this guy.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Onimusha Let's Play #5 - Genma Onimusha Gamermeister
Just two eps left for this fantastic game. #Capcom, you used to be so rad.
Onimusha #7 - Genma Onimusha Let's Play: via @YouTube
What a weekend. MAYBE too much #JackDanniels. Maybe this will help:…
Confirmed. Man of Steel sequel is actually Lego Batfleck. #BvS #ComicCon #Batman
This guy? This guy's waiting on me at 4 am. Poor bastard.
That Shoryuken should have hit. It's so good. His hitbox DISAPPEARS...… @maximilian_ #streetfighter
Disclaimer: That last review brought to you by #JackDaniels .
If you haven't seen @ThatKevinSmith's movie Red State, you totally should. Way smarter than it has any right to be.
It's here!! The Tusk trailer!! I'm in it for a second too! #WalrusYes
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Yeah, I know you'd rather be reading/watching shit about ComicCon, but this video is just a good. JUST as good.…
I am an old man who has enjoyed a long and storied life at sea... #WalrusYes
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New video! Remember when Capcom was good? Watch this and refresh your memory:…
Okay, gotta remember how to upload videos...
Do people still cyber?
Killer Instinct EVO Finals happening NAO!
#SneakPeak at the new artwork for my feature directorial debut, #ComeMorning - coming 9/23 to VOD,…
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How to swag out like a big **** playa:…
Good video but some of these hosts shouldnt be allowed to open their mouth in front of people. Nope give em a TV show
Congratulations to #HSU alum Derrick Sims whose @ComeMorningFilm won Best of Festival in the Charles B. Pierce Film Fest. @DerbySymes
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I NEED to play some fighting games. NAO!
Help make it happen for 'The Crack' and support indie gaming!
Just got that #Wolfenstein Soundtrack. Shit. How do you do it??? O_O
Hey guys, plz check out this killer indie game. It's turning out great but could use a little help. #indiegaming
One mo time, here's a new video with @WickyJokervids and me breaking shit down. Check it: #Realtalk #Weakly
As psyched as I am for the new #MortalKombatX, after hearing @Mick_Gordon's KI work, other game music feels weak.
Hey! Please go check out the Indiegogo page for the rad game I'm doing music for! The Crack!!!!
I played 2 hours of MKX with friends. Impressions tonight. Oh my god
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Sony better have some #MortalKombatX gameplay or I'm gonna ragequit. #E32014 #MKX