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Kirk $werve
Already making faces at daddy. πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜›
Everything is purple
When I get that cash it's hallelujah Aye hallelujah, aye hallelujah, aye hallelujah
Somebody tell me what the tunnel costs Cause I've been burning bridges Give a fuck how I come across
I don't wanna die too young
Angles in the outfield...
No church in the wild
Rooftop like we bringing 88 back
I be on that Kryptonite...
Wrong side of the tracks
I been in the crib with the phone offf
Had to get it poppin' with you...
#tbt with my favourite cousin @unrulycait TMNT GANG!! LOL
Yung Sly Stallone. Demolition Man.
New movie from TagsAndThrows @tagsandthrows - Bombing With Uzi. Up on and YouTube. #BombingWithUzi
Dip set, Dip set, Dip set, what (Oww)
X gon' give it to ya
Y'all know them? Well fuck it, me neither But point the biggest skeptic out, I'll make him a believer
I'm about whatever man.. Fuck what they talking bout They opinion doesn't count We the only thing that matters (ooohhh)
Shit I might fuck around and bring the jeep back No doors on it, flexin' with the seat back B-boy with the G pack, might fuck around and bring the mink back
This the new year resolution We gotta be winners cause the rest is losin'
They say the shoe can always fit, no matter whose foot it's on These days feel like I'm squeezin' in 'em Whoever wore 'em before just wasn't thinkin' big enough I'm 'bout to leave 'em with 'em
They can lock ya body, they can’t trap ya mind.
Cooler than the other side of the pillow.
overdosin everyday of the week but neva dyin
You never seen nothing like this, splash brothers with the aim I wish a nigga would boy
I spy wit my little eye...
I'll admit it, I'll admit it You haven't been a man for like a minute I told you that I'm in it for the long haul You can really get the business I'll admit it, I'll admit it Rolling swishers hittin' swishes Got me feelin' like a ball hog I don't pass 'em when I get it
You can't be me I'm a Rock Star I'm rhyming on the top of a cop car I'm a rebel and my .44 pops far
Turn on the TV whats this? Another cop busted for illegal business They outta control they outta their mind They pullin you over, they hoppin inside Just...they know you got drugs they know you got guns And they know they be mad when they can't find none Stupid!!!!
I hit the sherm and go dumb at the feds
Versace burger with the Ferragamo french fries It's I, Gucci milkshake in a bitch face, such a rich taste

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