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The Kid's Doctor®
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New #Ebola Czar has no healthcare background. Thoughts? #kidsdr
Kids & Too Much TV: Daily DoseKids & Too Much TV1.00 to read Another new study has jus... via @TheKidsDoctor
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RT @TheKidsDoctor: Say it with us (you too @DawnNeufeld) "no more food battles"! Now, don't you feel better?
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RT @ThedaCareHealth @TheKidsDoctor Why not just quite smoking altogether?<we agree! #kidsdr
High Five Bilingue might be 2x "Fun with a Purpose"! RT @TheKidsDoctor For a child, 2 languages are better than 1.
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3 more babies test positive for TB at Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso. Talk to your dr if your baby was in the nursery. #kidsdr
Do you use e-cigarettes? Liquid nictotine poisonings up 300%! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Does your child hold their breath? It's very common. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
4 dangerous teen trends parents need to know about. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Continue to ask questions about Ebola using the tag #DMNEbola. @DoctorYasmin will answer them during our next live Twitter chat, TBA.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Health, confirms: Nina Pham will be moved from Dallas to NIH in Maryland tonight
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Had a bunch of feedback about this story: getting your baby to sleep. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Don't hand over those car keys to your teen driver until they do this. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
From @wfaachannel8 Hospital says "we made mistakes" in diagnosing #Ebola patient. #TakeChargeTV #kidsdr
What can you do to relieve your child's fall allergy symptoms? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Watching @wfaachannel8 Town Hall about #Ebola Important to understand the science w/ @DrRichardBesser Thx for seeking the truth @johnmccaa
Happy birthday shout out to one of our favorite foodies & mom @AmyKushnir Hope you have a fabulous day!
Second #Ebola patient Amber Vinson being taken on a stretcher into specialized medical plane bound for Atlanta @FOX4
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Dr. Sue's Daily Dose: getting your baby to sleep through the night. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Town hall 6:30 tonight on #Ebola hosted by @wfaachannel8 w/ @DrRichardBesser Lakewood Theater<Do you have time for intv w/ Dr. Sue?
2nd healthcare worker diagnosed with #Ebola in Dallas. Decontamination begins. More info to come.
Vaccine proves effective against "superbugs". What parents need to know. #TakeChargeTV #kidsdr
Say it with us (you too @DawnNeufeld) "no more food battles"! Now, don't you feel better? #TakeChargeTV #kidsdr
Fall Allergies keeping your kids up at night? Help is on the way! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
During #TakeChargeTV co-host @DawnNeufeld gets her flu shot from Dr. Sue. Have you gotten yours? Pic? #VaxWithMe
Plenty to talk about on #TakeChargeTV: Ebola, Enterovirus & ADHD. 11a CT KTXD-TV @DawnNeufeld & @ChildrensTheOne will be here. Join us!
Tune in to KTXD-TV at 11 am to see our expert talk about #ADHD with @TheKidsDoctor on #TakeChargeTV. Live streaming:
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A preview of what we're talking about on #TakeChargeTV tomorrow 11a CT KTXD-TV. This virus is not slowing down.
Thx for asking about our facebook page. More chatter there & pics. Like us here #parenting
After interview on @CNNTonight, Dr. Sue bumps into @andersoncooper Good show #parenting
CNN tries to bait @TheKidsDoctor into fear-mongering over Ebola, but she doesn't bite. "I can't speculate." Wish more TV docs said the same.
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Lice is back in your child's classroom. Keeping those bugs out of your house! #TakeChargeTV tomorrow 11a CT KTXD-TV Join us! #parenting
Dr. Sue joins @donlemon now on @CNNTonight. Why parents are on edge about Ebola. More on #TakeChargeTV tomorrow 11a ct KTXD-TV #parenting
Can "white noise" delay your baby's speech development? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Report cards are out. Worried your child has ADHD? #TakeChargeTV 2morrow 11a CT KTXD-TV Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne answer your questions.
Many Dallas parents fearful of Ebola & not sending kids to school. Dr. Sue talks to @donlemon on @CNNTonight 10p ET. #parenting
Lots of parents worried about Ebola. Dr. Sue talks to @donlemon on @CNNTonight 10p ET. #parenting
How worried are parents about #Ebola? Dr. Sue talks to @CNNTonight Tune in. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Fall allergy season is under way & help is on the way from Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Worried your child has ADHD? #TakeChargeTV tomorrow 11a CT KTXD-TV Expert from @ChildrensTheOne answers questions
Kids consuming too much salt! Which foods are the biggest culprits? It may surprise you! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Is your child struggling w/ potty training? Advice from Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Celebrating today! It's Dr. Sue's birthday! We hope you get spoiled all weekend long. We'll start!
Fall allergies bugging so many families this time of year. Help is on the way from Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne