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Antibiotics are being overprescribed in kids. What parents need to know. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Anyone with grandparent tips for Dr. Sue? She needs them! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Dr. Sue adds grandmother to her list! So exciting! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
#TakeChargeTV in 30 minutes! Talking to kids about domestic violence, growth hormones in kids & mommy blues. Live
Worried your child is not growing as fast as their peers? Growth hormones in kids w/ @ChildrensTheOne #TakeChargeTV KTXD-TV47 11a CT.
Your kids are back in school, how are you doing? Mom blues? We're talking to @BetsyBBraun tomorrow #TakeChargeTV KTXD-TV47 11a CT #parenting
Are you making your kids more anxious? Bet you are! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Enterovirus continues to spread. Now kids hospitalized in the northeast. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
TV Alert! New time "Take Charge Parenting" KTXD-TV47 11:00a CT every Tuesday! Award-winning advice from Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne Join us!
Registering a car seat can help save your child's life. Don't delay. Register your car seat today.
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Is your child's snoring a sign of something worse? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Parents: you need some alone time. Why you need to to find a good sitter! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Kids are consuming way too much salt! What are the saltiest foods? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Does your child snore? If yes, could this be a sign of something more serious? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Good luck to Miss South Carolina Lanie Hudson! Sharing the gift of life from the stage w/ @taylorsgift #MissAmerica
Are your kids still a bit nervous about school? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Why is your child tugging at their ear? Here's why. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Plenty of parents worried about Enterovirus now in 7 states. Know the warning signs. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Plenty of parents worried about Enterovirus. Know the warning signs. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
The new test your doctor is ordering for your baby. It detects congenital heart disease. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Enterovirus is still making the rounds. More kids hospitalized. What parents need to know. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
PBS NOVA program 'Vaccines: Calling the Shots' will air after the president's speech at 9:20 pm ET Good info for #parents #TakeChargeTV
New test can detect congenital heart disease in your baby. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Parents beware: ads for supplements to prevent concussions. What you need to know. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
What new test is your doctor ordering for your new baby? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Sad stat: 1 in 12 teens attempt suicide. It's World Suicide Prevention Day. Call Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help 1-800-273-8255
Tune in to see Take Charge Parenting host @DawnNeufeld on @TODAYshow talking about #NFL & domestic violence. Thoughtful insight.
So many misconceptions about #NFL players and their wives. We talk about it this morning on @TODAYshow. Tune in!
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When is the best time to begin potty training? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Stress free potty training on Take Charge Parenting. Watch live #parenting
We're talking stress free potty training w/ Dr. Pete @ChildrensTheOne 10:30a CT live at
1 hour to 'Take Charge Parenting'. The latest on Enterovirus, Potty Training & Text Bombing 10:30a CT KTXD47 #family
Potty Training question? Ask us! Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne live streaming 10:30a CT. #TakeChargeTV #parenting
POTTY TRAINING! Scared? No worries! Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne have tips to make it go smoothly. 2morrow 10:30a CT
We'll update you on Enterovirus, tomorrow "Take Charge Parenting" Show 10:30a. Live streaming here. #parenting
Have you "Liked" us on facebook? What are you waiting for? Join the chatter there too! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Chicken Pox is going around or is it Coxsackie virus? #TakeChargeTV #parenting
Got a POTTY TRAINING question? Tweet us now! Answers on Take Charge Parenting w/ Dr. Pete from @ChildrensTheOne
Got a POTTY TRAINING question for Dr. Sue & @ChildrensTheOne? Tweet us now! We'll answer on #TakeChargeTV, 9/9 at 10:30a CT. #parenting
Got a ? about POTTY TRAINING? Take Charge Parenting Tues. at 10:30a CT. Dr. Sue & Dr. Pete w/ @ChildrensTheOne will answer! Tweet us now!
How common is breath-holding during the toddler years? More common than you think! #TakeChargeTV #parenting
How to diagnose Type 1 diabetes in children. #Take ChargeTV #parenting
Got a teen who is struggling to keep their skin looking great? Help is on the way! #TakeChargeTV #parenting