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It's the most common thumb injury: slamming a finger in the door! OUCH! Relieve pain & pressure fast! #kidsdr
Has your child ever slammed a door on their finger? There's a trick to relieving pressure & pain. #kidsdr
How to relieve the pressure & pain when your child slams their finger in a door. OUCH! #kidsdr #parenting
Did you ever say "I'm stressed out" when you were a teen? More pressure on them then ever before. #kidsdr
How much weight gain is too much when you're pregnant? #kidsdr #parenting
Do you have a young female athlete? Concussions last longer in girls. What parents need to know. #kidsdr #parenting
Why are teens so stressed out? Ask Dr. Sue. #kidsdr #parenting
Dr. Sue's Daily Dose: teens are stressd out! #kidsdr #parenting
What is thrush & what can you do for your baby. #kidsdr #parenting
There is plenty of detective work that goes into diagnosing a food allergy. #kidsdr #parenting
Many questions surrounding your decision to circumcise your baby. #kidsdr #parenting
What is thrush & why do some babies get it? #kidsdr #parenting
Heading to a TV shoot & when Let It Go' comes on, producer Dina thinks she's @idinamenzel LOL! #kidsdr
Dr. Sue's Daily Dose: why do babies get thrush? #kidsdr #parenting
Hot topic: biting. Why kids bite & what can you do to get them to stop. #kidsdr #parenting
When is the time just right to begin transitioning your baby to solid foods? Here you go. #kidsdr #parenting
Spring flowers are popping up everywhere & so are spring viruses. Which one is going around? #kidsdr #parenting
Clean out your medicine cabinet tomorrow! Toss expired meds (not down the drain!). Here's how. Bring your kiddos.
Do you have expired meds in your cabinet? Of course you do. Dispose of them safely tomorrow! #kidsdr #parenting
Expired meds in cabinet? Dispose of them safely. Tomorrow is National Take Back Day! Where you can take yours?
Recall alert: infant video monitor batteries can ignite while in use. Scary. #kidsdr #safety
Have expired meds? Don't throw them in the trash or down the drain! Get rid of them safely this weekend! #kidsdr
Dr. Sue says roseola cases rising around the country. What is it & how to treat it. #kidsdr #parenting
ACHOO! Pollen is flying around everywhere! How to help your child get through allergy season. #kidsdr #parenting
Vaccines given over past 20 years have prevented 21 million hospitalizations, 732,000 deaths, CDC says via @USATODAY
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