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Keith Chegwin
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My Fave EVER showbizz write up: RT @WarrenRichman: Do u remember this piece from @vizcomic ?
Walked into HMV. Manager said, Good morning, I said ‘You to’ He said, Second aisle on the left. There's more!!
Went to Pound Stretcher & came out with the deeds to a semi detached in Wigan
Watched a film about a couple who bought a haunted yoghurt - ‘Paranormal Activia’
You Gotta watch this. Les Dennis - What A Man! Sorry - Lady!! RT @LesDennis:
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My dog keeps digging holes in the garden - so I’ve taken his spade away
RT @CoachDriverHugh:… Has to be the best app on my iPad! You should have done it long ago. THANKS HUGH
WD Brad & Ang. Saw my wedding vid in reverse. Great when I give ring back, walk back down the aisle, get in the car & bugger off
Mrs said 2 things I’m good @ cooking - Lasagna & sticky toffee pudding - I said ‘which one is this
RT @tadmartonterry: @keithchegwin Is this available for Android yet? YESSSSS - Google Play
Hate 2 ask. If you've bought my Cheggers Jokes App. I'd love it if u could leave a review on iTunes
Wife’s off because of my preoccupation with Star Wars - Regret that she will
Photo call for Cinderella Panto 2day. Anvil Basingstoke with @KatyAshworth & Shetland Ponies. Don't tell Tesco
Anvil Basingstoke - Panto tickets on sale: Oh Yes They Are!! Don’t start
RT @MattCapener: @keithchegwin Splashed out 99p on the app. GOL (giggling out loud). #childishbutfunny - Can't thank u enough
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Thanks for the lovely tweets re #CBBBOTS @bbuk Had a great night
Here they are - Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side Audience #bbbots #cbb
RT @jongibbins Best 99p I've spent in ages. Thanks Cheggers! @keithchegwin - thank u
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RT @DoubleGBird: @keithchegwin I think some people have a way with words - others way have not. Love this joke from your app! Thanks Glenda
Dam - Came last in a spelling centost
‘Don't move’ I shouted at the man looking thru the estate agents window
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Real laugh #sunshinefestival @uptonfestival THANKS 2 all who came on stage to take part. Strictly NOT Dancing Competition. Hysterical
Took my dentist out 4 dinner. Went very well - she wants 2 see me again in about six months
On stage @uptonfestival 2day in the Variety tent. Games, Competitions, Quiz, Music & more. I love gigging. Hope they get rid of the seats
Is it right for gynaecologists 2 look up old girlfriends?
People who can't spell should dye
RT @TimmyMallett: Thanks 4 a Great afternoon in variety tent @uptonfestival you'll love it @keithchegwin THANKS TIMMY
RT @ComedyCentralUK 10 of the best gags from #Cheggers' insanely popular #joke app:
Thanks to Joe & team at Comedy Central @ComedyCentralUK Worth a read. Very kind of you
BTW I'm loving Celebrity Big Brother @bbuk
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RT @MikeReadUK: for those asking - My App is available on iPad too” well deserved app chart position! - THANKS MIKE
Maybe it’s just me - but Roger Moore sounds like a suggestion
WOW! RT @Jasonacrane: @keithchegwin can I just say this is the best app ever on I tunes I can't stop laughing
People asking about Lily our new kitten. 2 wks & she's lovin the doggies
RT @Adele1winters: @PipTomson @keithchegwin download his app we had a fun night with the gags lady night
RT @BigPeteCarr: my gran likes this one, even if I did get a clip round the ear for telling it her😂
Just like to say to all those who don’t do well in their exams today. I don't want salt on my fries
Bought that L'Oreal Yorkshire shampoo made with Aye UpVera’ - Cos thy's wurth it
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Met Mother In Law outside a pawnbroker picking her teeth - then she went in & bought them
Mate keeps setting fire to Belgian detectives - He's a Poirotmaniac