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Keith Chegwin
radiobbc 148,409 followers
RT @MTJ_tweet: Butchers' & Bakers' Fair Sunday YES!!! Gonna eat my way thru it. Newark Showground 2morrow
RT @LesDennis @WarwickADavis @rickygervais @StephenMerchant @FatBarryShaunW Rewatched Life's Too Short. So proud of this. Me 2 Les x
So as you know Park & Ride is not a dogging area
Mugged last night by man with a knife. Police say he must be local as the knife still had butter on it
Panto. Can't wait RT @AnvilArts: Meet the stars Cinderella Anvil Basingstoke Keith & @KatyAshworth…
No one talks about Bill the brown nosed reindeer. He's right behind Rudolph, but can't stop as fast
How to annoy Heather Mills - Nick Clegg
Don't see what the fuss is about Gandhi. He only made one film. Then no one ever heard of him again
Hope weather improves. Hosting a bit of corporate Knockout 4 Haven Holidays - Thermals, raincoat & wellies at the ready!
100' s of my Fav Gags. Cheggers Fave Jokes App. iTunes: Google Play:
I don’t have a problem with GM food - I've just had a lovely leg of salmon
Something odd is going on in the camouflage shop - Just seen 10 people go in & no one come out
Heard this in a Costa coffee this morning ‘Could up please stop listening to our conversation’
Rude people on Twitter 2day. Cheer up! I put up gags 4 fun. I’m not sitting an exam or in a competition. Not happy? Follow sum 1 else
Optician says I’m colour blind – That came as a bolt out of the green
So annoying - I’ve never win a gayme of scrubble
Bought my hamster some weights – but it didn’t work out (sorry)
So cute. Baby Elephant in trouble
Below Friday Chuckles! There's more: Cheggers Joke App: iTunes & Google Play
Good News: Members of The Agoraphobic Society are not out to get me
Used up all my sick days - so today I'm calling in dead
Met a crook who pulls up the back of your underpants - Wedgie Kray
RT @RichardAArnold @reallorraine can it really be 17 years we've shared the same straighteners! - Lovely Pic
Great night partying @reallorraine 30yr Bash!! @ITVLorraine - Full of mates. @Lauratobin1 looked stunning
At our school I was perfect - Don’t know why they made me one I can't even spell
Mrs had panties stolen off the line. U can keep the knickers but can we have the 40 pegs back
Getting complaints re people trying 2 book Panto tickets Anvil Basingstoke. It's not on main page try here
RT @workinmums: FFS Can't see ur Panto on Anvil Theatre website. FFS Chegs how do u expect people 2 come & see ya. Get sorted - SORRY!
Mrs says I have a short attention spanners are great aren't they
Mate put a condom on the wrong way round and went
My mate does a great bird impression. Yesterday he took a poo on someone’s car
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Police looking for a man who stabbed 6 people with knitting needles. He seems to be following some sort of pattern
If ceiling fans at work could take your weight – You’d never be bored again
Only for people in Newcastle – the Y iPhone 6
@docherty53: FYI…just got cheggars fave jokes for my phone…trust me its worth the 99p…very very funny…THANKS
Here’s the whole Chegwin family together at home x
Got an hour to kill this morning - So popping over to the Mother In Law's
My dog said he could make me very rich – I dunno what he’s talking about
Took my dog for a poo in the park – but he just got in the way
Ford cars sound better if u precede them with the word Arse: Ranger - Explorer - Probe
RT @ntcartwright: Thanks @keithchegwin your joke app has cheered me up. Feel free to follow me - WILL DO
RT @workinmums: Don't tweet much. Bought Cheggers Fave Jokes App. OMG me & the family have laughed! People think I'm funny THANKS
Wey Hey!! Take sum gags to work with you!! Cheggers Fave Jokes App iTunes - Google Play x
Lily has grown up. She's more than we could ask for
Sorry 2 do this 2 you On A Sunday. Cheggers Fave Jokes App - iTunes - Google Play
Self 2 note: Stop mixing up words