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Keith Chegwin
radiobbc 148,252 followers
Cheeky I Know! Cheggers Fave Jokes iTunes - Google Play 100's of gags 4 U
Cheeky I Know! Cheggers Fave Jokes - Google Play 100's of gags 4 U
Got burgled – They took a Mars bar and a Kit Kat - Bloody Snackheads
People tell me that my grammar stinks - What do they expect - She's 85
Was riding a horse & its leg broke - Had 2 shoot it. The other kids on the carousel started screaming
RT @DailyMirror: Keith Chegwin Twitter account hacked: He apologises for 'awful' messages
Morning. Account was hacked. Got it back now. Apologies 4 the awful things you may have received. Some very sick people around x
Don't often do this. Well worth a follow for the latest showbizz gossip @celebritain Might ask 'em to be my agent!!
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Mother In Laws in hospital. They say she’s not looking too good. No word on her condition yet
Been attacked by a man with a bat - I was very impressed at how well he'd trained it
Congrats Kate & William - BTW Tom Cruise’s baby weighed in at 7 pounds. Oh! Hang on a minute that was Tom
Cheg News: 136,499 Lose Great North Run
Said 2 my boss ‘Do we have a communication problem’ He said, ‘Yes we do - I sacked u last week’
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Went to Pizza Hut - Got a free meal. They do it for everyone who jumps out of the toilet window & runs off
Mother In Law arrested 4 streaking @ Crufts. Judge gave her 2nd place with her puppies but said her Afghan could do with a trim
POLICE OFFICERS WANTED 4 Public Enforcement Duties. Interviews tomorrow. Come Early & Beat The Crowd
Hate 2 Ask: If you download Cheggers Fave Jokes App - Could you leave an honest review. THANK YOU XX
500 gags for U 2 tell ya mates Cheggers Fav Jokes iTunes or Google Play
On ladder putting cinema poster up. Lady said 'Is King Kong Coming’ I said ‘No it’s just the paste off me brush'
Bought a new book ‘Dyslexia for Begonias’
Hate auto correct - The person who created that is a blooming can't
THANKS MIKE @MikeReadUK Oops!! Forgot it's on Google Play too
HIUGE THANKS to @MikeReadUK: @BBCBerkshire Lovely chat re Cheggers Fave Jokes App - iTunes Wey Hey x
My dog said he could make me very rich – I dunno what he’s talking about
Went 2 one of those roller disco’s - Music was OK and I got a lovely perm
Bluetooth headsets 4 those folks – whose ‘I'm A Twat’ T-shirt is in the wash
OMG. Such a laugh yesterday with @OSelectProperty It was a pleasure to host your day!! Wey Hey!!
RT @johnski2000: Staff room is cracking at some of the jokes in your joke app @keithchegwin #wayhey…
RT @SpikyHarold: Sir. Love your app...a joke and a noise for every occasion. Cheggers Fave Jokes iTunes-
Hate it when ur fingers go thru the toilet paper. Apart from that I like my job @ the nursing home
Avalanche – It’s what Italian people do @ mid day
RT @ThePaulDaniels: @keithchegwin Wayhay too much information - Wey Hey Paul x
‘VANISH’ the number one stain remover. I hope there’s a number two remover my underpants are really bad
My New App: Cheggers Fave Jokes iTunes- - Google Play Take em to work!
We were so poor - used 2 get school clothes from Army shop. I got really bullied dressed as a Japanese sniper
Went 2 Tesco - saw a couple wrapped up in a barcode - I said, are you two an item
Aahh!! AARH!! ARRGGHHHH!! - A pirate having a bonk (sorry)
Been sacked as accountant from a firm I worked for from 2002 to 2014 – What a waste of 5 years
My Fave EVER showbizz write up: RT @WarrenRichman: Do u remember this piece from @vizcomic ?
Walked into HMV. Manager said, Good morning, I said ‘You to’ He said, Second aisle on the left. There's more!!
Went to Pound Stretcher & came out with the deeds to a semi detached in Wigan
Watched a film about a couple who bought a haunted yoghurt - ‘Paranormal Activia’
You Gotta watch this. Les Dennis - What A Man! Sorry - Lady!! RT @LesDennis:
If u need 500 gags + Cheggers Fav Jokes Now 99p iTunes Google Play SUBTLE PLUG HEY
My dog keeps digging holes in the garden - so I’ve taken his spade away
RT @CoachDriverHugh:… Has to be the best app on my iPad! You should have done it long ago. THANKS HUGH