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Kat Von D
I absolutely love following @frisso151. His daily hand-drawn lettering posts make me wanna get better at lettering. ❤️
pictures of you. ❤️
Ok ok. Last post about my cute/weird little cats! Piaf LOVES my Dad, but apparently isn't a big fan of Donald Duck. #Piaf
My Dad is so cute! This is how it went down just now when I told him that I'm planning on launching my own line of #vegan shoes.
LASER-EYED BAT CATS!👽 Thanks to @floretvegankitchen cat-sitting Piaf+Poe while I was away, my cats are forever addicted to this toy.
Seriously, though. Give it up for my man @artofkevinlewis for such an immaculate execution on this zipper tattoo! WTF?! @highvoltagetat 🏆
Heartagrams, crosses, and LA symbols. ❤️ My coworker, @sinister_apples is about to get down! @highvoltagetat
I love this tattoo so much! Beautiful portrait of eyes+glasses done at @HIGHVOLTAGETAT by my coworker, @mikeyctattoo ❤️ #highvoltagetattoo
Beautiful, black+grey rose tattoo done at @HIGHVOLTAGETAT by my talented coworker, @natefierro. ❤️ #highvoltagetattoo
Man! I'm so happy to be back home in LA after all this traveling. Even more so, I'm excited about getting to finally do a bit of tattooing over at @HIGHVOLTAGETAT this coming week! Been having major tattoo-withdrawals! [here's a clean-as-fuck HvT tattoo done by my coworker, @saigonkicker] #highvo
Whatchu know 'bout Topo Gigio! ❤️
Batwing shoulders. [dress: vintage • lipstick: "nosferatu"]
Worn out velvet. ❤️
Dear Dubai, I can't thank you enough for the warm welcome and hospitality [and by "warm" I'm referring to your weather]. 😉 Extra special thanks to @sephoramiddleeast, @hudabeauty, and my fans/followers who made the launch of @katvondbeauty in the Middle East so special! Till we meet again!❤️
I just met an immensely talented fan here in Dubai, who was kind enough to carry this amazing painting in the damn heat, just to show it to me! I'm still not sure how I got his lucky. Thank you, @pokwakengkay for your kindness and your art!❤️
GETTING SO EXCITED OVER HERE!! We're about to launch @katvondbeauty here in the Middle East [@sephoramiddleeast]!💄💄💄
I'm loving the color-story-action that's happening over on @katvondbeauty's Instagram now. ❤️
Studded Kiss Lipstick war with @hudabeauty! 💄💄
Singing some @misterryanadams w my little guitar in the bathroom upstairs, while @hudabeauty gets ready for our interview downstairs. ❤️
Who knew I would later grow up to be such an angry, defiant 15 year old, waiting at the greyhound station to move across country with my first love. [yup, there's a Wendy O. Williams style mohawk under that Germs hat]
Here's an old photograph taken of me from my childhood. My Dad was busy building this hospital for the people of a small pueblo in Nuevo León, Mexico [which you can tell in the photo was still under much construction]. No electricity or running water. This was literally: bath time. The handful of
I wonder what Piaf's doing right now? [yrah, I'm totally missing my cat]😿 #crazycatlady #whathappenedtoPiafswhiskers #piaf
I don't leave for the Middle East till tomorrow morning, but I already fuckin' miss this little guy. 😿 #piaf
"Vampira" lipstick, meet "Vampira" nail polish. @katvondbeauty+@formulaXnail collab coming soon! [Thank you, @lipstickittty for letting me borrow your lovely hands for this shoot!] #KVDvsFORMULAX

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