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Jens Spektatuklära Varafari! (2011) #video
Jens Spektatuklära Bäjsbollturnering! (2011) #video
Hör och häpna, en ny video har laddats upp för allas trevnad!
Filmen från Jens Spektatuklära Bäjsbollturnering är äntligen här!
This is how swedes celebrate midsummer. No exceptions. #blog
If you're interested in making your own guitar or are just curious of how I made mine; This is the article for you! …
Fall. Then winter. #slackline #beach #thailand #traveling #adventure #fall #leaves #photooftheday #dotspin
What better way to spend a saturday than to go to Norway on a moped? #blog
Sometimes I really miss biking. I never thought I'd be able to cycle 2400 km through Thai...
Sometimes I really miss biking. I never thought I'd be able to cycle 2400 km through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam when I started. But everything is possible! Can't wait to go on new adventures! #laos #biking #bicycling #adventure #hot #sunrise #photooftheday #dotspin
Check out Andrew Kramer's After Effects World KEYNOTE SPEECH…
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Vi bestämde oss för att låna moppar och åka på utflykt. En heldag på 14h med allt man kan önska sig...
Mountain temples, sky replacement and robots! The first assignment on my way to become a VFX artist. www.thej…
Believe it or not, but I'm back in school... #blog
Yesterday I went to Norway on a moped. Took us 14 hours to get there, skinny dip and then go back again.
I've been looking at white sharks all week. They really are incredible creatures!
I think someone hired a colorblind designer...
For the first time ever I'm going to school on a weekend. And I'm not even being forced!
Recovery week 9. I'm now allowed to do most things except lifting weights and stuff like that. It still hurts just using my phone though...
I broke my tooth again! Now I'll probably look even more homeless...
I miss biking. I still can't believe I managed to go that distance.
I’m not traveling anymore. I'm in school. I lost all photos from december (Costa Rica) wh...
I’m not traveling anymore. I'm in school. I lost all photos from december (Costa Rica) when my hard drive crashed. But I still have a ton of photos from elsewhere that I’m working on editing to post here more frequently. It takes time though, like anything else… #slackline #costarica #puravida #trav
We need to stop involving smelly and gross things in our videos.
Just as I stopped smelling like fish I decided to make another shoot with fishes and started smelling again.
Spent last night sitting in a fatboy on a roof, watching a lightning storm in the distance and drinking hot chocolate.
So a lady just walked up to me and told me I could get this bottle to recycle... Do I really look that homeless?
Prepping the last things for tomorrow’s shoot.
Tadaa! I am now allowed to lift stuff such as papers and pens!
Picknick på ursands badstrand om en timme! Be there!
Videon som tjejerna fångade när jag blir iknuffad har tydligen blivit viral…
I think I've found out how I can sleep so little and still have an active life
Looking at my regular displays after using the retina display on my Macbook pro feels like turning down the resolution to 640x480...
It's not always easy getting the right settings when taking a picture.
Interesting read about the hair industry in the UK. The hair trade's dirty secret
Getting a new cast on my arm/thumb tomorrow. After that it's only two more weeks until I can play again!
Touching up tons of old photos in Lightroom because I can't take new ones with just one hand. Lightroom is fun though!
Enjoying the beautiful sky on my last morning at the camping
“It is not that we do not believe the Lord wants the best for us. It is that we wonder how painful the best will be.” ― #CSLewis
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Last night at work! Summer's almost over and I still haven't decided what to do this fall...
The wardrobe budget for this film was $13 million. One custom...…
Should I really go to school?
Changing TODAY! We, LAIKA's commercial division, are spinning off as HouseSpecial. Questions?
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Why wasn't this available when I started cycling... Google Maps App Will Show Cyclists the Flattest Route
Who wants to go hiking in mountains with me for two months?