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Of course I missed the last bus home after the wrap party. Oh well, I've walked before.
Polishelikopter i räddningsaktion – en katt misstänktes vandra runt på den 80 m höga kranen…
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Final day of shooting
Fick precis bevittna en postbil göra däcktjut i varenda kurva. Inklusive en rondell.
I'm back in a hospital. This time it's a shut down mental hospital to shoot a film and not to be treated though.
I'm going to school!
Rymdreglage jobbar med uppföljaren till 8-bit trip @rymdreglage
Var ligger världens längsta linbana och EU:s största sjö? I Sverige såklart! Läs 18 fler oväntade fakta om vårt land:…
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I want to slackline! I cut my muscle tendon in my thumb so I have to restrain myself from...
Such a good article/post by @anneliepompe! In good company – in the company of risk takers
I want to slackline! I cut my muscle tendon in my thumb so I have to restrain myself from fun activities... Picture from Waimea, Hawaii. #slackline #slacklining #waimea #beach #sunset #sun #fun #cool #sand #hawaii #hawaiistagram #dotspin #photooftheday
Drones are out of control .... Need to be regulated ...period... Sorry.…
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I didn't think this was possible in Sweden.
Has to be said: Too many people with DJI Phantoms - Too many aerial vids around - Only a few good
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How to train your dragon 2! (@ Filmstaden Bergakungen - @SFBIO w/ 2 others)
If I can't do crazy stuff myself I can at least watch others do it!
There's a german invasion on our video. German everywhere!
I can't believe half of all the major newspapers in Sweden has written about our video. Here's GP
Swedish Guys Try Making A Cake While Hooked Up To An Electrotherapy Machine (Video)
Skulle laga tårta med el – hamnade på sjukhus – Metro
I look like inspector gadget or something...
Why did I have to ruin my thumb...
Back to the hospital. I've been there quite a lot recently...
Movie time! 22 jump street. (@ Filmstaden Bergakungen - @SFBIO)
Back in Gothenburg after a short trip to Lysekil to get some stuff. Tonight I'll see 22 jump street!
I feel like I'm tripping balls on the painkillers right now. I've never been high or drunk but I guess this is what it's like.
Today felt a bit like flying. Sitting and waiting for a long time and then suddenly it's time for take-off.
I think the surgery went well! Stoked to have a working thumb again!
Hej då festivalband. Hej sjukhusband.
I am ready for surgery. I am not stoked on the 12 weeks of recovery though...
Waiting for surgery or something (at @sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset)
It's official, my muscle tendon is broken and I will probably need some kind of surgery to fix it. Good thing I live in Sweden! #healthcare
Maybe this wasn't the best idea to do with a broken muscle tendon in my thumb... I just can't resist living!
Just trying to get my thumb fixed (@ Uddevalla Sjukhus)
I often talk about the miracle of vaccines. We need energy breakthroughs just as miraculous:
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I just saw the weirdest thing... I was walking around and when I turned my head someone was pooping on the ground... #wtf
And people say Sweden isn't beautiful
Så gör du för att bajsa ljudlöst!