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So you don't want to fight? #nykextra
Free Real McCoy's Snacks Sent Right to your Door! Look what we have here, delicous Kashi Hummus Crisps. YUM! #GotItFree #GotADiscount #KashiHummusCrisps #BzzAgent I just got the Kashi Hummus Crisp. They are so good and nutritious. I <3. #GotADiscount #KashiHummusCrisps #GotItFree
There is a jersey giveaway on @KnicksMemes FB Page.
I'm an @Influenster and you can be too! Be a tastemaker for access to perks, products, and offers. #trendsetting
Get 3 FREE month's of quality snack foods delivered right to your door.
My BzzAgent BzzScore is 3.5 out of 10 - how good is your Bzz? #ImABzzAgent
The only thing worse than a painful tattoo, is a painfully mis-spelled tattoo! lmao
I love sleeping, but I never want to go to bed early.
I wish Pokémon battle music played whenever I run into someone I hate
Friends are forever, until they get in a relationship.
My heart goes out to all the the people affected by the tornado #PrayForOklahoma
Can't wait for summer where Sunday nights aren't depressing
Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't fucking know. Chickens don't even know what roads are he probably thought it was a field.
when you studied for a test and walk into class like
If someone messes up, let them know, but if they keep messing up, let them go.
I miss my childhood, no homework, no wake up early, no exam, no stress, no problems in life.
I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not fake.
HEAT SURVIVE & ADVANCE! Despite blowing an early 18-point lead, Heat hold off Bulls, 94-91. Lebron James drops 23 Pts, 8 Ast & 7 Reb.
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It's funny how people say they miss you, but don't even make an effort to see you.
Do u have an inhaler? Cuz I heard u got that ass ma
As life goes on, you'll begin to realize who matters, who never mattered & who never will matter.
Try saying 'I like cops' without your lips touching each other
Live everyday like its your last day! #livelifefull
Always trust your gut.. never second guess yourself
Even though i'm tweeting about the bulls... I am not a bulls fan. I will always and forever be a KNICK fan. #knickstape #3tothedome
last day of school other people: OMG im gonna miss you all so much :') me: adios bitchachos
things i haven't learned in high school how to pay bills buy a house apply for college but thank jesus i can graph a polynomial function
It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more vodka.
Bitches Be Feeinggg For A Boyfriend Like C'mon Ma Nigga , Graduate High School First !
Me after 15 seconds of studying: I just can’t do this anymore
The story of my life... *closes Facebook* *opens up Instagram* *scrolls* *scrolls* *closes Instagram* *opens up Facebook*
Come on nate you have to make those shoots!
I hope the heat lose this series #beattheheat
BREAKING: @KingJames to win 4th MVP award in past 5 years, sources tell ESPN »
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Bout to eat papa johns #pizza
David Lee is playing tonight? Rose and STAT and Lin, take notes
That move by Nate Robinson was the worst thing to happen to Kris Humphries since his his divorce with Kim Kardashian... #RIPKRISHUMPHRIES
With every bucket he scores, Nate Robinson is earning a bigger paycheck for next season. lol
RIP to Kris Kardashian's ankles. Just got crossed by a 5'9 guy who's throwing up when on the bench with a flu.
I hope the bulls close out these nets, so the heat can have some trouble in the 2nd round #bulls