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Can't wait for gezza studz tmoz
I just wanna compliment your soul
fkin hayte inglish langwige revishun
USA beats Azkaban 2-0 to send out warning to the rest of the world. #UltimateSocccerAwesomeness
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gazza bazza what a lad
whu needz frends wen u hav sweg
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I'm going to be here in two months @thejackbooker 👫☀😍�
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Can't believe my ten fold Acca came in and I only put 10p on it #couldhavewonbig
On my way to vote, best be worth the hype
Can't believe I've passed my driving test, so chuffed!!!
todai's skedule: waek up in a new bugati turn sweg on go runnin' fuk ur bich eet choklites fuk jeny yolo al nite
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well...that's my bet gone
HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAAAYYYY @thejackbooker finally! So many memories the past year and a half, love you…
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What's another word for thesaurus?
COMPLETION WHISTLE! The blue uniformed Manchester franchise are EPL World Champions. #fullmoon
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How I haven't thrown up today is beyond me
Sufferin' succotash
Joe Hart text me to say Happy Star Wars day but I've never seen Star Wars so I didn't know what it was.
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may teh 4th not b wit u cuz ur an fukin fagit
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If anyone has texted me I have no phone till tomorrow so I'm not ignoring you :))))
we're talking 500 bucks for this - dudeeeeee we scored big #storagehuntersismylife
The bin men used to come to empty my bins really early in the morning but now they come to empty them at about midday.
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My fucked up sleep pattern means that my body thinks it's 7pm #nosleepforme
I regret takeaways so much after eating them
I think pretty much every song on my iphone is from fifa
Russell Kane must know he's not funny whatsoever
gotta love good luck Charlie
they're talking about cumulonimbus clouds on QI #geographyrevisiondone
served someone from emmerdale today at work #lifegoalachieved
barca have just let me down £50...
tis peng-eth outside-eth
mum tried to feed me sausages that weren't Richmond #youmakemelaugh
Storage hunters is basically my life #addicted