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The Universe is an abstract
Double tap and let me know
Third-Eye Open & I'm focused
Fuck them bitches, I love digits πŸ’΅πŸ’°
If It don't hit my spirit , then I don't get near it
Do you see the vision ?
I don't trust not a soul. Only my OG fam.
β€œ@Doctor_Pookie: Mad at the world, but mostly myself” Now work forward from that
The songs called "SKUHHH" ... Just fyi
New video drops next week πŸ™, juh wait on it
The only diamond in the pile, I tend to shine alone
I'm not afraid of losing , because I won't. Nothing will ever leave me defeated.
Avoid them bitches who say "I love you" because it sounds nice. They ain't loyal
4:29, Still editing this video
I directed my first video & It's Golden. πŸ’Ž New video dropping next week
Why would you wanna roll weed for a nigga like me guh?
Don't do things to purposely get under my skin.
Tellat lil bitch just to drop that ass
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Pull up in a Maserati, same color as coffee
Discussing life topics and exchanging opinions with my close friends is always great. No one ever gets offended by a difference in thought.
College isn't for everyone. As long as you're actively moving forward , you don't need it
Often misinterpreted
@BlvkDivmonds ( NEW VIDEO πŸŽ₯‼️) - Fuck My πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ( prod @iAmDreBeatzatz ) , shot/dir @DjBey215215
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shooting part 2 of my next video πŸ™
Letting y'all know now this collab with @BlvkDivmonds ain't no joke.
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β€œ@LASabree: Letting y'all know now this collab with @BlvkDivmonds ain't no joke.” facts πŸ™
My points of views come from not only my experiences , but from the things I myself study and read through
I can only count my real friends on one hand
When stupid shit comes up, I ask myself "Will this matter tomorrow ?" Before I react. Its the only way to keep your sanity & to keep focus.
People claim they "third-eye" this & "open mind" that , but never read a goddamn thing about either topics or where they originated from.
I'm tired of niggas asking me to put them on to the music scene and get mad at me when I tell them no. Make your own come-up like I did. πŸ’―
I'm pushing myself to something I deserve
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β€œ@ayoFilly: I'm trapped in my conscious.”
It blows my shit how many people ask me for free chocolate
Rollin wit Codeine in that swisher
Dropping a mixtape in December
There needs to be a consistency of Good Luck & Not bullshit
Trying to stay motivated.