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Visionary ૐ
Flow switch on 1,000
Flow switch on 1,000
How am I still awake ?
Listen to Blvkdivmonds x Drop (Feat. Ken Masters) by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Listen to Blvkdivmonds - Dead Presidents Freestyle by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Listen to Blvkdivmonds - "Birth, Life, Death" by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Listen to BLVKDIVMONDS - T.A.M.P.A.A by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
My producer is a problem @nabidd
Just hit the blunt and woke smooth up 😳
Its just me and who I trust
Blvkdivmonds- Blacked Out (Intro) by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Blvkdivmonds- Straight To The Cash by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Blvkdivmonds - Who Knows (Prod. By Nabidd) by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Click the link in my bio to listen to my mini-mixtape 🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥 "TAMPAA" available now on soundcloud
Delaware artist i listen to are @GanjaGong_ @GottaStay_TRU @BlvkDivmonds where the rest of yall at
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Rapping. Graphics. Video Editing. Producing. Organizing events. I can do it all
Listen to Blvkdivmonds x Drop (Feat. Ken Masters) by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
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@BlvkDivmonds can't doubt it after that boy, ran the whole tape.
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I take what I do seriously. Don't belittle my art.
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Art is so amazing. It's the only way I can truly express my inner emotions.
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Everywhere I go, no matter what state , someone says this to me…
Why do girls make videos of them staring into the camera ? That shit creepy
Nobody can say I switched up on them or that they can't trust me. That's just not how I function
All my homies tell me I'm the realest they know. Thats how it always been
Make peace and move on
If it doesn't add up, subtract yourself.
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You gonna walk up to someone in the industry and hand them a mixtape about how ignorant you are ? Lol hope it sells
Rule #1 about having a gun on you is to NOT ANNOUNCE IT
Is rapping slowly getting more about how many guns and clips you own ? Is that what lifes about now ?
Dont go ghost on me , Imma go Thriller on ya!
Sometimes I catch myself trippin
Listen to BLVKDIVMONDS - T.A.M.P.A.A by Blvkdivmonds #np on #SoundCloud…
Music isnt about competition and captivity
No hate gained , no love lost

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