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Sharlene Malcolm
Who da heck is #Drewson? I open Twitter Trends and this is what I find.
Super awesome parody of Selena Gomez' Birthday! @shanedawson
Had a strange lesbian dream last night. Weirdest part was I watched zendaya's new music video just before I slept.
My theory = Boxers are for giant bulges and briefs are for tiny pee-pees.
Jamie's description of how we really look like. #sophisticated no?
I don't get when men become drag queens, they r over-the-top, bt when women become drag kings, they stay subtle n down-to-earth. #Nature
The judges of America's Got Talent are mean, racist and very judgemental. They did not give that Udi guy a chance to sing at all!
Me and the awesome peepz aka my bff's! #bestfriends #bowling
What insects are you afraid of? — Anything brown...
Are cats or dogs smarter? — To be honest, they both are equally smart. They're just smart in different aspects....
Up until now, I still can't seem to pronounce "The Conjuring" well. A friend said I pronounced the word like a Tamil bad word.
#confessyourunpopularopinion I like girls more than guys. Easier to live with and more fun to hang out with. Gamer girls included. <3
What is your favorite mobile app? — Subway Surfers count, right?
Do you already have app for iPhone? — No not really, I dont have an iPhone, I have an Android phone....
Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? — None, not a jewelry type person.
I really dont know why Kellin Quinn is acting all diva over some polaroid photos and autographs. I mean, seriously? 80 dollars? C' mon.
This drink tastes just like soan papdi! My fav nom-nom on-the-go <3
Envoi's new music video "Changes" is epic! I love them <3…
I am a very awesome banana. Or i'm just a minion in disguise. Lol
Naked 2 by urban decay... Thoughts?
Chris Hemsworth is in Malaysia... well whadaya know? Celebs are shooting films at our country now. So proud :)