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What This Father Asked For After The Death Of His Baby Girl Tore At My Heart Strings. 😢😂
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Peaches were once known as Persian apples.
In Colorado, it is illegal for a man to marry his wife’s grandmother.
Each year you will shake hands with six people who have recently masturbated and haven't cleaned up.
The French often use the expression “the English have landed” to say a woman is on her period.
Cats and killer whales both kill for fun.
These makeup tricks will save every girls life 💅💄➡🙏 (especially
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People who are obsessed with graveyards are called “taphophiles.”
Athazagoraphobia is the Fear of being forgotten and or ignored by someone whom you really care about.
Sandra Bullock is the highest-paid actress of 2014, making $51 million in earnings.
Princesses? 👸 Pirates of the Caribbean? 😱 Finding Dory 🐠 Toy Story 4? 🚀 New Disney
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If you win something on the Price is Right you wont be able to leave the studio with your winnings unless you pay the taxes.
In an average lifetime, a person will eat 2,222 chickens, one sheep, six ducks, nine cows, and 63 turkeys.
No offense skinny girls but curvy girls with slim waists LIKE THIS are more attractive. ;)
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Every 3 out of 4 people have glossophobia, the fear of public speaking.
It runs in the family! Check out the most famous celeb siblings: ��
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The number of Nutella jars sold in a year could cover the great wall of China 8 times.
Humans are starting to live for documenting life events with photos and online posts, instead actually living for the event.
Sex cures headaches.
Only about 2% of the world’s population is naturally blond.
Check out the 8 Hottest Celebs In Yoga Pants See Gallery Here👉 Here's Jennifer Lawrence😍
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Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel.
‘Tacos’ means ‘swear words’ or ‘profanity’ in Spain.
Goldfish participate in orgies.
She deserves endless retweets. I can not even do that with my hands!
At the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the credits say, “No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.”
Starbucks uses round tables to make solo coffee drinkers feel less alone.