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❗️August 8th❗️
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Where's thee #SloppyToppy bandits tonight . . 😆😏
Them MFs be having nigga dead for a few hours smfh 👌💯@MajeOpMpM: so yall pop xannies just to feel tired"
Im all about Growth , the same shit Gets old , cant look back a couple years &nd your still in the same place you were then present day.
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Never know how good of a Dad he will be until yu actually give him a chance👌🏾💯✊🏾. It'#FatherDaughterhter thaagVxvw
You know you desperate when you gotta go to the person/people you oncecouldnt stand/ talked soo much shit about . . 😂😅.💯
Just had to let you know that, in case you forgot. Im done now tho 👌💯
Nooooooo ???? Ohh okay, yeah Julius to start then. "@itsjustkhari: @tHEExYGiiZzler ain't no jordan hill lol"
As long as you know that . . So just know I did that when someone look at you and say 😍😋@FOREVRunique2525. ✌
Everythng about her, its ME! The way she walk, thts ME! the way she Talk, thts ME! The way her ass/Titts sit up, thts ME! I did that Nik😂👌
My celtics aint made noo MFn moves smfh . . Im still mad we passed up Sam Dekker
Lakers made some BiG moves this #NBAFreeAgency 👌💯
Look I seen the pic of you on insta, thought I should give you a compliment so I did. Never wanted this but we see you did, @FOREVRunique25
Gets to thee point that MFs has to start lying to theirselves just to make em feel better. Lmao, Im soo done now. Shes doing thee Extras😂😂
See now you just writimg for Twitter. "@FOREVRunique25: @tHEExYGiiZzler aren't you the SAME BITCH that asked me for MONEY 2 Weeks ago ??!?!"
Asking your mom and waiting for thee 1ST isnt a Job and it doesnt make you a #SelfMaid😂😂, like stop lying to yourselves😂😂. Get Real
Bitches have babies just for Power and County benefits . . 😂😂 Bitches keep kids away from they dad just to be spiteful now days. 👎👎
A REAL women would NEVER use her KiDs for revenge and County money. Get REAL and stop fronting to these MFs. Twitter aint paying you 😂👌💯
But you all for your kids thoo ?? @FOREVRunique25 . . You all for Attention and and thee perks of having kids. You not a real women!
NEVER LAID A FINGER ON MY KIDS . . But I cant see them just because I got a new bitch when she was telli g me for months she didnt want me.
Shes keeping them from me JUST because she can . You all for your Kids tho ?? You care about them being happy ?? Yeah right! @FOREVRunique25
Didn't do SHiT to my kids, court put a order that "can be lifted at anytime" because I pushed Nikki on the floor, as I was tryna kiss my kid
Lol, might not be today, but imma be in my kids Life. With or without your help 👌✌
That's all I'm saying. An do that's it. 😏
Somebody send her screenshots 😂😂 yeah Sure. Stop stalking & mentioning if you dont care. I mean I woke up to @ from YOU@FOREVRunique2525
A nigga be tryna be nice just on the fact I Love my kids and want to be in they life . . But it's bool. God don't like UGLY
She's blocked on both Pages and still has that picture 😂😂 . #STALKERER. Can spend time stalking but not setting up a daddy & kidd date. 😂
Nikki is looking hella Fine now days . . Smfh. Be mines already @FOREVRunique25 😏😍🔥🙏
The mother of your child can make your life heaven or hell , choose wisely & act right!
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I'm not go Even lie . . My BM looking better than ALL my lil side hoes rite now 😏🙌😍🔥.
First time ever . . 😩😂👌🏾💯 go fo@tHEExYGiiZzlerZJPayt
Yesterday Joint 💨🌄 . #Happy4thOfJulyly Nup Nupps 👌🏾🎉💯💨�
We got Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard agreeing to max contracts within the first 10 minutes #NBAFreeAgency
Retweeted by ❗️August 8th❗️
Anthony Davis 5 years 144 million 👌👌.🏀
Wade to thee #Cavs . . LaMarcus to thee #Lakers and Paul Pierce to thee #Clippers 👌�#NBAFreeAgencycy🏀
I'm uncontrollable 👌💪!!!!! . . Until you pu@FOREVRunique2525 in front of me 😞
Lol, Ashley done got herself in some shit 😂😭

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