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♕~ [тнєє αzιι] ~♕™
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I scream for ice cream :D
Making music .... Body to body :)
╓─╖╓─╥─╖░░╓─╖╓─╖░░░░░░ ║─╙╜─╟─╫──╢─╙╜─╟──╥──╖ ║─╓╖─║─║╓╖║─╓╖─║╓╖║╓╖║ ╙─╜╙─╨─╢─╓╨─╜╙─╨──╢─╓╜ ░░░░░░░╙─╜░░░░░░░░╙─╜
A relievant tweet is essential pssh as if -_-
Diz heat in ja is gona make my dick rise ._.
Thee Mobster ihz here so have no fear
No matter how many girls u go thru nevr let a good girl go #word
I'm dah dude next door wid dat dope image ^_^
belly round up ... 9 months time ... Next me :D
Kush... Makes ma cushiom ^_^
Socks an sandals moment
Got weed .... Gonna have a bake sale
Uhm... Yes at these times jamaicas national bird roams \:
Road runner .... Beep beep ^_^
Racecar ... I spelt something backwards
Yuck... Spit on these bishes >.<
Jus wanna wait for a minute *chune*
Breeze rn dweet *chilly*
Sunday dinner is jus a myth :(