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You will never regret doing everything in your power to be successful. How many people do you know that gave up or never even attempted to live their dreams? How many people do you know that would accuse you of that same lack of action? There is a reason stadiums are full of spectators sitting on th
Probably some of the best stuff I have read these last 2 years! @TheDolceDiet
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Don't worry about the scale. Focus on building healthy muscle, which will burn unhealthy body fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, the more food you can eat! #winning #DolceDiet #DolceKnows #confident #goals
Being sick is not gonna stop me working out. 💪�@TheDolceDiete@ufcf#TheAnviliHj
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Love yourself!!!! #DolceDiet #DolceKnows #love #confident #goals #idgaf
HOW TO SQUAT (quick 2 minute video)
HOW TO SQUAT: 300 X 20 just posted on our YouTube channel. LINK to video posted in our profile. #DolceDiet #DolceKnows #sqwaats #gainz #educate #WitnessGreatness
HOW TO SQUAT: 300 X 20 (with voiceover by Mike)
Ronda Rousey becomes first woman to land Men's Fitness cover #UFC @RondaRousey
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Hahaha! Gotta read the fine print. Instant gratification usually leads to long-term regret. Don't be this guy! (*pic from #fjerry) #DolceDiet #DolceKnows #life #lessons
Over 4,000 people on 4 continents are on right now! So cool to have such a global reach!
My man @jchronz23 LOST 85 LBS this past year following #3WeeksToShredded and hit his goal weight of 180 from 265. Now, we're going to start packing on functional muscle and get him up to 210 at single digit body fat percentage. I cannot say enough how proud I am of him and inspired by his dedication
Boom all weighed-in at 164 pounds (75kg) for my fight @BCMMAUK this weekend #GypsyJiuJitsu #dolcediet #likeaboss 😆z
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Sad to hear. I hope Johny is ok. "@danawhite: Hendricks vs Woodley off the card due to Hendricks weight cut issues. "
@TheDolceDiet whey arrived today. Great post Jiu jitsu protein. Thanks @Onnit you guys rock! @ob_bjj @MooreJiuJitsu
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One of my all time favorite books. This was purchased in brand new condition almost 20 years ago. Obviously, you can see how often it has been used. All my fellow #science geeks will love it! #Lactate #PulseRate #PeterJanssen #DolceDiet #DolceKnows #book
This week's #GetOnnit photo of the week is by @CameronHanes. So much Total Human Optimization in one pic!
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#H2O everywhere I go! I fill this one gallon bad boy up twice per day. How do you hydrate??? #DolceDiet #dolceknows #dolcewhey
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Some good reading material helping me make weight this Friday for my fight @BCMMAUK #dolcediet #likeaboss
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Cheating clean w/ Ezekiel English Muffins, Skippy Natural PB & fruit! #livinglean #thedolcediet @TheDolceDiet
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@TheDolceDiet Egg Scrambler, please!!! Loving this brunch. One more class to go then another 12 5hr night shift again
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