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How I used to cut weight 4 my fights. Thank god I met @TheDolceDiet I cut my weight so much easier & healthier now.🙈
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As #Arnold once said, "You can't tone bone." There ae many ways to train but regardless of goals we must always build strength. There is no better way than moving ungodly amounts of iron, with perfect form. How do YOU train??? #DolceDiet #LivingLeanCookbook #LivngLean #3w2s 3WeeksToShredded #ufcfit
Hit weight the night b4 weigh ins, while fueling to the scale. Thanks @TheDolceDiet for helping me Drop down to 65kg
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#MealPrep made easy! 1c broccoli (greens), 3/4c lean meat, 1/2c carrots (colors), 1/2c quinoa (carbs) *Note the ratio
Best cutting and Rehydration of my life with #3WeekstoShredded by @TheDolceDiet Results:Win in 1st Round TKO at WWFC
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Get your asses to the gym, fellas! Cash, brains, and a big ', a great start but if your not developing your physical side too, you are not well rounded. Be all you can be and build your body to match all your other great qualities. That goes for you too, ladies!!!! #StrongIsS
SO COOL! "@djalmohada @TheDolceDiet My wife & I have shed over 100 LBS & counting... time to donate! Thank you bro!"
Weight on track for Fri. Eating & drinking frequently & feel great. Weight cutting made easy thanks to @TheDolceDiet
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Do you even lift, bro??? Haha! But, really! Strength training is not just for professional athletes or bodybuilders looking to compete. All humans should develop strength and muscular endurance in order to live full, healthy lives. Once per week of resistance training is good, twice per week is gre
Amazing morning at the @UFCGym Convention in Las Vegas! 7am workout w a smile! Where you at @DonnieGoldUFC?! @UFCFIT
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Are you a #winner or a #loser??? Your thoughts and actions will dictate your success. Don't waste it focused on things that won't drive you forward! *Repost from #IFBB legend, @chriscormier2* #DolceDiet #LivingLean #LivingLeanCookbook #3w2s #3WeeksToShredded #ufcfit #ufcgym #ufcfitclub #DoYouEvenDol
The story of my life right here! #makegainz #squats #DolceDiet #LivingLean #LivingLeanCookbook #3w2s #3WeeksToShredded #ufcfit #ufcfitclub #ufcgym #DoYouEvenDolce
@TheDolceDiet Half way through ab assassin I yelled FUUUUCK YOUUU DOLCEEEE! ...but afterwards, afterwards...
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Back to the grind! Nutrition is on point thanks to @TheDolceDiet Its time to nail some late night #yoga @Tony_Horton
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I show them my ABS!!! "@Noji125 @TheDolceDiet What do you say to the people who say you don't know how to diet?"
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#LivingLeanCookBook Volume II almost ready for release! Over 300 amazing, family friendly recipes!
#3WeeksToShredded dolce you are the man 10 lbs lost and gained some muscle in the process @TheDolceDiet
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DO NOT ENTER!!! Knowing what we know, how could anyone intentionally eat this stuff??? Worse yet, how could anyone feed this to their children?! There is nothing better than quality nutrition. It will change your whole outlook on life, level of energy and of course your body. Keep thus in mind on yo
I got 4 new pals. Never listened 2em before, but they know all. Meet Red, flathead, shorty & slim. thx @TheDolceDiet
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SUNDAY Q&A!!! It's time to take you to the next level. Build muscle, lose fat, enhance energy and get sexy! #AskDolce