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Looks great, Kelly! "@eatPALETA: On #NationalLemonadeDay Detox & Hydrate with PALETA's cold-pressed Pink Lemon-aide!"
16 LBS LOST! "@JeremyBrand604 Kicking ass & taking names. Day 31 & down 16lbs on @UFCFIT program @TheDolceDiet @LivingLeanBook @BrandyDolce"
YAY Brittany! "@AZHockeyBrit: Hey @TheDolceDiet, down a pound in 2 days. 7 more to go. The #dolcediet helps make this so easy! #legday"
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Just finished a fantastic strength & conditioning @TheDolceDiet workout in my living room! Same great…
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Kicking ass and taking names. Day 31 and down 16lbs on @UFCFIT program. @TheDolceDiet @LivingLeanBook @BrandyDolce
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All these books about "health and dieting" and the only one anyone needs isn't shown of course. #thedolcediet @TheDolceDiet #dolceknows
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#WorkoutWednesday Get a preview of @UFCFIT training program and knockout a quick mid week workout w/ @TheDolceDiet.
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Hey guys! Watch fitness super star, @liftlikelindsey today at 4pm / 7pm at -> <-competing in the @gridleague!!! @thelareign #msg #dolcediet #roadtogold #crossfit
I accepted @thiagoalvesatt #ALS #IceBucketChallenge and nominate the #powerful @aubreymarcus @keithjardine205 & @liftlikelindsey! *I will also be donating to the foundation. @onnit @cavemancoffeeco #dolcediet #livinglean #charity
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@mvillz @TheDolceDiet thanks Matty! Rockin Dolce gear in the vid. Best in the biz for weight cutting
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Wanna give a special thanks to the greatest nutritionist in the world @TheDolceDiet for getting me ready for my album cover shoot!!#17Again
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"The barbell looks dumb but you have to be smart to use it." -Vince Gironda
@TheDolceDiet The Dolce Diet Nutritionist program is the best investment you can make in your goals and health #DolceDiet
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GOT GOALS?! Work with your own PERSONAL #DolceDietitian! Send an e-mail to -> MYDiet@ TheDolceDiet .com <- Very limited spots available!
It's MONDAY! Stop making excuses & start making progress!!! Today is the day to start kicking a$$!!!
#3WeeksToShredded starts shipping September 1st to all those who pre-ordered first. "@dbks_daddy @TheDolceDiet when do the new books ship?"
@TheDolceDiet it was for my second jiu jitsu tournament! Went in, made weight, and I felt amazing. Thank god for Mike Dolce! #dolcelife
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SQUAT, DEADLIFT, walking lunges and standing calf raise in the Smith Machine. "@Vise609: @TheDolceDiet how do I get bigger legs!?"
Awww, thanks!!! "@1771nando: Honestly he is the best coach in the world, thanks ♡ @TheDolceDiet"
Women are LOVING #3W2S!!! "@Otiscmusic: @TheDolceDiet is 3w2s good for women as well or should the program be modified for them? Thanks"
Better decisions the night before! ;) "@WGFreemore: @TheDolceDiet Best cure for an hangover??"