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sarah j. gim
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"are you sure you want to clear search history?" come on, is this a real question?
new @Clarisonic arrived today!!! cant wait until i look like a 24-yr-old korean soap opera actress!
most important question of the week, the one that will determine everything: "which do you like more, doughnuts or tacos?"
dreamt last night that there were tiny clowns living in tiny poisonous mushrooms growing in my hair. gee, that's not scary at all.
guys are so stupid. present company excluded, of course.
this is the kind of commentary i LOVE. THANK YOU for making my day, ed:…
just gonna drive thru for 12 mcdonald's apple pies. boom. thanksgiving dessert DONE.
reviewing last week to see how i can improve this week. starting with maybe NOT collecting eleven 7/8 dranken cups of coffee on my desk.
(also, unclear what to do here. pop it and let the juice loose? just bandage it? it's the size of an obese catapillar)
burn on pan out of 475 deg oven last night. now jiggly blister. i cannot believe webmd is not telling me i have cancer
gas station coffee kind of girl.
need: breathalyzer for phone that blocks you from contacting anyone except uber, your sisters, and your GFFs.
praising the thoughtful brilliance of my past self who put extra zankou garlic sauce in the freezer for my present self.
cutting tiny bangs. not because it's beyonce. giant blemish coverup desperation move.
oh, just unfollowing peeps whove fear-posted about e****. im a panic-seeking person, and i just cant have that temptation around me anymore
why has no guy, not a single one, ever been as hilarious as my GFFs and sisters?!
in what universe does a whole roast chicken serve 6, or worse 8?! the skinnybitch universe where the other 7 people beside me share 2 wings?
second nurse at texas hospital has e****. super late at night reading this shit is... obvs can't go to sleep now nightmares
fried chicken AND DOUGHNUTS. ok, you can go on with your night now.
googled "how to be a grown-up" in case you were wondering how my day is going so far.
password so good i can NEVER remember so i change it EVERY SINGLE TIME i log in.
way too much pleasure from shredding shit outta stacks of docs. bout to shred things that dont need it. no one gonna fraud my take out menus
"poop." god, so good. RT @renesugar: Slang for "baby"/"sweetie" but it means "poop" in Danish.…
what the fuck is a "bae?"
there is no reason hainan chicken rice cannot be a dinner party
actually, it's 68°! i grew up in detroit. i dont know what happened to me RT @TheBlahDalia so like, 63°?
it's cold outside!!!
shelf w 2 fileboxes fell on my FACE. if i have to get a nose job i will be sad that the shelf and boxes didnt fall on my chest.
remember way back when you were going to get lip liner tattooed on and your GF was like NO. you owe her so much omgthankyou now.
im sorry but i can't be friends with you if your email is hotmail.
if i had to choose between $1Million and coffee with double shot extra strength alka seltzer stirred in via IV drip, you know what i'd pick
when you wake up next morning and roll over to total strangers in your camera roll.
probably the only thing I can make out of this cookbook (and it is awesome)
remember how nice and easy it was back when it was just SARS?
late at night i regret how much willpower i have in the grocery store not to buy bbq flavored kettle chips and stuff.
i have been emoji-ing wrong!!! if you read the actual descriptions of some of them, they are totally not what you think
best typo ever in response from client i am shaking down for money: "i will get you laid this week." or maybe not a typo??? foodporn.
just slaving away in the kitchen. i fucking love it.
all the food is bro o o o wn (the food is brown) and the sky is gray.... i guess it's fall.
that moon right now. patio. wine with ice cubes in it.
wow in Vegas you can buy a 4BR 3.5BA HOUSE with a pool for $320,000! in LA, you can buy...a coconut water.
drinking a new kombucha. it supposed to taste/smell like petroleum?