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sarah j. gim
food food blog 14,979 followers
money for nothin... and the chickens for free ?
def going back in for this RT @CooksCounty: Wild Oregon King salmon, avocado, beets, snap peas & Meyer lemon aïoli...
soba fresh and so clean clean. plus hard boiled egg bunny fish and bear!!!
just cooked something so trashy not sure i should shame myself by sharing it.
didn't even bother with the whole "just the tip" charade. trashy ho, table of one...?
doing now. thank you, f'reals. RT @skinnyjeans: Hydration nudge. Go drink a glass of water.
kost 103.5 "love songs in the dark" this shit was made for me and the 7 other losers who still listen to regular radio
drinking half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach! just kidding. im eating buffalo flavor blasted goldfish crackers, too.
my playlist has frozen's let it go, then hopelessly devoted to you. so im starting to see the problem here.
ok, this is funny. VERY FUNNY. i want to join the Food Club @azizansari!!! swab gim.…
love L.A. RT @azizansari: If you like delicious food, @ericwareheim, and @jwoliner, you'll enjoy Food Club:… …
eating OREOS. i dont know. i have NO IDEA. i blame that fucking moon.
after filing return and paying taxes, I will now be on a detax diet comprised of instant ramen and free samples from costco.
that the moon is red because it's reflecting every sunrise and sunset on earth right now is the most beautiful concept ever.
#heartbleed. #bloodmoon. OMG YOU GUYS this cannot be a coincidence.
just waiting for this total eclipse of the heart to happen. you know, because forever's gonna start tonight #bloodmoon #lunareclipse
your kids may not get a bath for four days but damn if they don't eat well #badnanny
they wanted blueberry pancakes. so i had to shove blueberries into already cooked pancakes. #badnannysjg
had to make 8936 pancakes just to get 3 edible ones. i am a disgrace.
set up wiring for tv on wall, THROUGH THE WALL. i no longer need a man. bc that's all they're really good for anyway.