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sarah j. gim
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i dont care how you try to market it to me, "pate" just looks like expensive spam to me.
I'll take another mimosa! But could you go light on the orange juice? Or actually just hold the OJ? "So you want a glass of Champagne?" ok!
Rx: alkaseltzercoconutwatercoffeealkaseltzergreenjuice
dont know why i feel like this today. had a bottle of champagne, a bottle of chianti, and some marcona almonds for dinner last night.
oh god. the night you realize that the only clean cute undies you have left have ohio state on them.
found my first gray hair in over two years. there goes my fucking weekend.
got a bonus today. came to Beverly Hills to buy myself something special!!! blew it all in the cheesestore. because I'm worth it.
guess what. aint too proud to beg. at least not this time.
it's 10 am. offered a glass of wine to the cleaning lady. FRIDAY, THANK GOD.
money for nothin... and the chickens for free ?
def going back in for this RT @CooksCounty: Wild Oregon King salmon, avocado, beets, snap peas & Meyer lemon aïoli...
soba fresh and so clean clean. plus hard boiled egg bunny fish and bear!!!
just cooked something so trashy not sure i should shame myself by sharing it.
didn't even bother with the whole "just the tip" charade. trashy ho, table of one...?
doing now. thank you, f'reals. RT @skinnyjeans: Hydration nudge. Go drink a glass of water.
kost 103.5 "love songs in the dark" this shit was made for me and the 7 other losers who still listen to regular radio
drinking half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach! just kidding. im eating buffalo flavor blasted goldfish crackers, too.
my playlist has frozen's let it go, then hopelessly devoted to you. so im starting to see the problem here.