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sarah j. gim
food food blog 15,106 followers
battled 40 min of beach traffic, not for the beach, but for figs. some day I might need to get a life. but not today
"how to plan an impromptu picnic." someone doesn't get it.
when i slip my phone into my back pocket i always have a tiny moment of panic. buttcheek tumor?
if you have to ask yourself, "am i too old for this?" you are.
the *entire* google traffic map is red.
so much ginger in my juice feels like heartburn IN MY WHOLE BODY
please. never use the word "veggie" around me.
i get all excited when i'm "invited" to an event... and then find out i'm actually "invited" to buy a $225 ticket to it.
you'll never guess the eyeroll-y reason why I took this pic
a box of wine delivered to my house before 10 am? today is going to be a very good day.
blue blood. sanitizes stuff. ancient crab. god i love that people figure this crazy shit out.…
installed a printer/fax/scanner. feeling like a champ. from 1989.
which is the bigger crime: cilantro, just for being itself (so herbist!)...or putting tomatoes in guacamole?!
tomato... or not to mato. @ santa monica farmers' market, wednesday
dear future dessert-less self: sorry I ate all the plums for your tart in the car on the way home. love, present greedy little bastard self
weekly therapy (@ Santa Monica Farmers Market - @smfms w/ 8 others)
I'm at Marvin - @chezmarvin (Los Angeles, CA)
god. life, if we could just put that "buzz from 2 and a half glasses of wine" in pill form...oh right. never mind.
"I'm paleo. oh except I eat bread. and drink."
thank you so much all for the fish recs! looks like i am going on an adventure around LA next couple days!
where in LA do i buy a very good whole fish for deep frying? this week?
dont carry garden shears? not much in that "beyond," huh, Bed Bath and BEYOND?!
life is a bowl of all the delicious little things you want