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sarah j. gim
food food blog 15,120 followers
when i text and this is what happens for the reply: "..." pause. "..." really long pause. "..." pause. "..." TEN MINUTES GO BY, then "ok."
too kind, senorita! but thank you so much for the shout!
does this world need a online/text-customized-bibimbap-bowl-order delivery service?!
ohellyes rt @SamSifton Got a new gig, and it's a great one @nytimes hasn't had since the days of Craig Claiborne: food editor. #NYTCooking
couldn't find red braised pork belly near me so... I made it. along with ginger scallion steamed…
I LOVE THIS. RT @pakalupapito: this hedgehog is cheering 4 u bc u can do anything
this twitter account. RT @pakalupapito: what if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in spanish
was gonna have an afternoon up of coffee. poured myself a glass of Champagne instead. whatever, today is Wine Tuesday isn't it?
good news: found sour gummy cola bottles i hid from myself last week. bad news: found sour gummy cola bottles i hid from myself last week
highway to the danger zone! ok, 405 north at sunset. omgiwanttopunchmyselfintheeyeball
red-cooked pork belly... near west hollywood?
p.s. august starts this week. you know, just to scare the shit out of you.
recipe for 95 calorie brownies!! --> cut regular brownie into fifths.
propagated Thai basil from a cutting! geezus, now i think im a goddamned farmer.
starting week off with a clean slate. air sprayed out my keyboard.
my niece and I both squealed when a song came on the radio. so basically I have the same music taste as a 6-year-old girl.
battled 40 min of beach traffic, not for the beach, but for figs. some day I might need to get a life. but not today
"how to plan an impromptu picnic." someone doesn't get it.
when i slip my phone into my back pocket i always have a tiny moment of panic. buttcheek tumor?
if you have to ask yourself, "am i too old for this?" you are.
the *entire* google traffic map is red.