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sarah j. gim
foodfood blog 15,221 followers
OMGYAY! bc you got 28 new likes on instagram since the last time you checked 3 min ago! but it's just ONE person mass-liking all your pics
when you find tiny tupperware of frozen yogurt you hid so well only your pms-self could find it. BEST DAY EVER! o yeah except you have pms
tho you cant turn off text messaging, i just found out how to completely mute all text notifications!!!
when you have to sit in car in front of house at night to charge phone bc you cant find a single wall charger. no, youre not creepy at all
Got brand new running shoes! "YOU RUN?!?!" Oh, errands, I got them for running errands.
super Mario's: saltado de camarones + chicharrones de pollo + saltado de pollo + enough ají sauce to…
oh right. that came out wrong. "if I share a couple Fritos with my dog I feel less guilty about eating the entire bag for dinner"
when i share a couple with my chihuahua, i feel less guilty about eating fritos for dinner.
chicken in ¿qué?-town @ Pollo A La Brasa Western
sunday night food porn: In-N-Out with avocado and egg.
In n Out Breakfast Burger with Avocado and Egg…
yesterday was cheeseburger day. today... happy fry day!
links to some fun things to read/browse/etc:…
DREAM JOB + i'd KILL it but cant leave LA. ANYONE ELSE? RT @worldmattworld...who wants my job @bonappetit?… @FforFood
gluten free, vegan microwave chocolate mug cake for one. pretty sure that's a cry for help.
oktoberfest grilled cheese. help me.
temps finally cooling off. dammit now I have nothing to complain about on twitter
Sometimes, late at night I eat...but I never instagram it. #behindtheinstagram
why do phones even need the ability to make you know, actual phone calls anymore?
some weeks i get excited about. "Buckwheat Week" isn't really one of them.
having to eat dinner earlier and earlier because of light. for instagram duh
im the asshole who tweets that thermostat set to 80, AC off sauna, AC on frrrrreezing so annoying ugh
where all my ebola news at?! i'm feelin a little left out here.
i dont know when or why i ever told iphone that it's "noofle"
gluten-free intolerant.
because it's swelter weather in LA!
seasonal identity crisis: frozen ice blended pumpkin spice latte.
I am sharing this photo of my brunch with you. yay
friday happy hour: 'cocktails and coconuts'
hot: when they're smarter than you.
"authentic chinese chicken salad"
worst thing to do on one of the hottest days of LA summer while on a detox? research sake and soju.
there is an ALBINO BUMBLEBEE straight chillin in my arugula. my god that is a weird sentence.
garden update: bunnicula.
it has come to: camping out on kitchen floor by sliding glass door to catch who/what ate all the tops of my carrots in my garden last night
no's kind of a long story, actually
you know it's september when... strawberries and pumpkins together.
"chicken drunksticks" best typo of the night.
oh no no no no. "porn food" is something totally different.
so what do you think will be the next "polka dot or striped colorful paper straw"
wait, but those ARE one serving. just like a bottle of wine. RT @djwhelan: I do the same thing with those big bottles of craft beers.
when that little bag of granola you thought was a snack pack is actually ELEVEN servings.
just in case you were feeling on top of everything... next month is halloween.