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sarah j. gim
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"chicken drunksticks" best typo of the night.
oh no no no no. "porn food" is something totally different.
so what do you think will be the next "polka dot or striped colorful paper straw"
wait, but those ARE one serving. just like a bottle of wine. RT @djwhelan: I do the same thing with those big bottles of craft beers.
when that little bag of granola you thought was a snack pack is actually ELEVEN servings.
just in case you were feeling on top of everything... next month is halloween.
ever go back, read thru your archives, think "garsh i was such a good blogger NINE YEARS AGO?" then wonder if you should just move on?
what part of the chicken do you eat. so important. this really needs to be a question on the dating sites.
the question about dating someone who only eats chicken breast: no bc they only eat white meat or yes bc omg ew ok you never eat white meat
i just took a zyrtec. HOLY SHIT. sometimes i forget about modern medicine.
"lollypopsicles" sounds much better
awake. I blame that creepy beautiful moon.
full moon in an hour. get ready for the crazy.
where my dairy-free gluten-free sugar-free fun-free daiquiris at?!?!
yeah, thought it was like, still 10 AM bc of this weather stupid
tried to have my first LA taste of Dunkin Donuts yesterday thinking no one would be up early on a Sunday. wrong.…
hey. shut up. it is OFFICIALLY STILL SUMMER for TWO more weeks! then again, only 15 more weekends until Christmas!
wow. so jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmel are two different people. who knew.
millie felt it first.!
because omg it's already been 3 minutes since the last
mooncakes, yes, but every time i read "snow skin" my mind wanders to a stupid bad place. gawd i am immature.
wow. am i the only one this thrown off? thought today was friday.
(today, it is chihuahua paws smelling like fritos. wtf)
is it possible to be OBSESSED WITH something NEW every day?!
used sriracha to make "flamin hot carrot sticks." not recommended.
what is a safe midnight snack for me right now? flamin hot doritos, unfortunately, are not on "the plan."
so good. gosh id love to read 2500 words about your toast. RT @thejgold: First principles of restaurant criticism
fuck. this. where are the fruit roll ups.
soaking grains, pressing tofu, washprepjuicing vegetables. sorry but if you want to feed your family "right," you cant really have a day job
"what in the literal fuck." i dont know how to break this down enough to explain it.
now i find out that whole grains/brown rice are BAD bc the good fiber part has bad stuff that has to be soaked out. wtf. NO FOOD IS SAFE
so about that "white after Labor Day" thing
accidentally made a version of Engagement Chicken. still single, thank god.
I went to newport seafood last week. yay. @ New Port Seafood
bibim... drop. the mic. ok. I'm stopping now. @ Jeon Ju Restaurant 전주돌솥
okcupid just sent me a "top matches" email. i DELETED that account 3 months ago. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME, UNIVERSE
coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
it's Labor Day... Happy First Day of Summer in LA!
half a day into 30-day detox. already, i hate everybody.
doing a little r + d for you @ Rodded Thai
life's a beachwood @ Beachwood Café
roses are yellow, berries are blue... fuck. poetry is hard.
i just learned to put coconut milk and a few drops of pure vanilla in my coffee and now my life is changed forever and ever amen.