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sarah j. gim
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roses are yellow, berries are blue... fuck. poetry is hard.
i just learned to put coconut milk and a few drops of pure vanilla in my coffee and now my life is changed forever and ever amen.
can't even taste the quinoa I swear
you know how you lick batter from the spatula? dont do that with the food processor blade. in other news: cant talk right now.
instagram is down. which basically means i cant eat lunch.
YES @bonappetit RT @lequaf: Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Ice Cream Glazed Doughnut Sandwiches... Is this the new Cronut?
gettin' natural beach waves @ Malibu
I can only guess from the picture of the abnormally smilie guy in a chef's hat...."happy thai bbq…
you cannot achieve the "no makeup look" without makeup.
same thing happens with kashmir so... i don't know.
i dont know what it is about this song RUDE, but i go fucking BONKERS when it comes on.
cook two birds with one stove (round 1: keller vs hazan)
"classic {blank} with a twist" isnt the classic anymore, right? STOP SAYING IT. omg mondays make me hate everybody.
happy thought for monday: from today, exactly FOUR MORE WEEKS of summer!!! thank you!!! RT @HuffPostTaste: Breakfast waffle nachos are the perfect antidote for Mondays
thought i was getting a massive headache, too. then i loosened my ponytail.
ebola doesnt start with a scratchy tickle in the back of your throat after spending 3 days with 4 little kids, right?
The connection between food and beauty is incredibly powerful. Just by changing what you eat, you can change the way you look and feel.
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sunday supper with family forever and ever and ever after
tried to do my hair real big beauty queen style. look like marge simpson in a red muu muu.
putting ice in my wine. because it's august. and i'm asian.
shameful realization of the day: I love this nicki minaj audible travesty
uh oh. guess who's drunkbrowsing bossam recipes to bring this bit of awessum home:…
wrapper's delight. @ Kobawoo Restaurant
nobu should open in newport.
where is the magic frozen fairy godburrito when you need her??
you win. @WordsnWine: @thedelicious: "when your boobs stick out as far as your belly. and no, you're not pregnant" ... or a woman
when your boobs stick out as far as your belly. and no, you're not pregnant.
going out with passcode lock off. because. I dare you to EVEN TOUCH MY PHONE.
XLB DTF SCP OMG @ Din Tai Fung South Coast Plaza 鼎泰豐
pretty incredible how brand new undies can change your life.
one string cheese should be bigger so i dont have to feel bad about eating three of them in one sitting
i will have you people know that as of today, we still have 30 days of summer. SO BACK THE F DOWN.
what does it mean that i am addicted to buying cleaning products and supplies, but i never clean my house.
purposely wearing ultratightwaisted jeans so i wont snack all day ineffective! i work from home so ok changed to yoga pants now.
yes. god i f-ing hate skinny wooden benches in restaurants.…
watching Food Inc again. gack. pretty much gonna have to survive off the herbs and little arugula plant in my garden from now on
more heat in the past weekend than I've eaten in the last four and half years @ SAPP Coffee Shop
first impression! @ Szechuan Impression
last night: lots of prosecco, cocktails, and balls to the wall @ Dominick's
fish friday! (pastrami on the side) @ Wexler's Deli
the line between youthful, dewy pink glow complexion and red-faced greasy, sweat shine is pretty wide yet somehow i have managed to cross it