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Debby Ryan
music disneychannel actor 3,230,599 followers
Women account for 6% of directors, 10% of writers, 15% of executive producers, 17% of editors, and 3% of cinematographers.
Okay… I've told enough secrets for now. Excited to share this part of my girl's life with you; #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @ACapital_Family: @DebbyRyan but we haven't even met him yet!!" You're going to. Wanted to give you heads-up... #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @OhSo_Nea: I Didn't Know That Jessie Was Old Enough To Marry 😳😳😳 #JESSIESgettingmarriedied@DebbyRyanyan" I don't know; she's 22.
"RT @laughkidrauhl_: @DebbyRyan you will be the most beautiful bride in the world #JESSIESgettingmarried 💎✌️" 😍😘 Jessie's so happy.
"RT @mosaicdebx: IS THIS HIM I GOOGLED HIM IS THAT WEIRD SORRY " That's our Brooks! #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @Lwarrior11: @DebbyRyan Jessie invites her french fans ? 😜�#JESSIESgettingmarrieded " France, Turkey, Brasil... You're all invited!
"RT @TheSuiteEmilie: CAN TONY JUST SHOW UP AND SING TAY SWIFTS "SPEAK NOW"?" lol That would be THE plot twist. #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @TheDebbyDream: @DebbyRyan BUT TONY WOULD LOOK SO GOOD IN A SUIT NGL" He really does... cc: @chrisgalya #JESSIESgettingmarried
RT @SLODTVDFan4ev @mosaicdebx I know. I love Tony as much as the next girl. But you should give Brooks a chance... #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @Fede21896: @DebbyRyan I want to see the dress 😝#JESSIESgettingmarriedd " Guys, her dress is so beautiful.
"RT @thankyousprouse: @DebbyRyan I died because I was drinking water while I was reading that..." Drink responsibly. #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @thrash_jordan: @DebbyRyan what about her job?! #JESSIESgettingmarried #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers " THAT is a really good question...
"RT @harryftevan: @DebbyRyan can i be a bridesmaid" Yeah, you should all be bridesmaids. That's a lot of flowers. #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @Iconic_Lovatic: @DebbyRyan SHUT THE FRIDGE 😱 are you serious omfg" *shuts fridge* Dead serious, homie.#JESSIESgettingmarriedd
"RT @jcgayo: @DebbyRyan wow #JESSIESgettingmarried I bet Luke is going to get jealous." I bet he will too. #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @forevergrateful: Wow. getting married. I feel so, young. And old. It's a confusing day for me." Literally, same #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @shleystack: @DebbyRyan THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE" You and Jessie both! #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @calumshoran: @DebbyRyan can i be the flower girl #JESSIESgettingmarried" You'll have to fight Kipling for it. #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @SLODTVDFan4ev: @DebbyRyan I just literally shouted OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, IT BETTER BE WITH TONY" Um. Actually... #JESSIESgettingmarried
"RT @DeborahSulkin: @DebbyRyan hold the phone 😱" Literally holding the phone right now.#JESSIESgettingmarriedd
"RT @irwinmyaussie: @DebbyRyan OMFG DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE CAN I PLAN THE WEDDING" Sure. What's our wedding song? #JESSIESgettingmarried