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Man Vs. Milkshake!
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Its the first day of summer. Fuck off rain.
Heey summer! Where have you been all year? Missed yah buddy ;)
Nickelback is what makes me happy.
I officially hate people.
I can barley cope with my own emotions.
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#thingsihatemost unfollowers, illiteracy, rave music, snap backs, chavs, drugs, people who are narrow minded and self centred.
Need 1 person to follow me! RT! I need 3.5k to win this bet! I'll follow and love you forever.
@THEdavitt_H fuck you David!!!! I swear I'll kill you!!!
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@THEdavitt_H: 07546103508 <-- TEXT! this might be my worst mistake ever." Everyone do me a big favour and spam David for me pretty please!
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07546103508 <-- TEXT! this might be my worst mistake ever.
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@THEdavitt_H: #SongsThatNeverGetOld Eminem - Lose yourself / Like Toy soldiers / when I'm gone” yessss.
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#SongsThatNeverGetOld Eminem - Lose yourself / Like Toy soldiers / when I'm gone
who do you miss ? me i've never had a girlfriend to miss haha... — You don't have to miss an ex to miss somebody…... — Send this link^^^^^ To EVERYONE who is special to you...
Tbh your ex was so ugly it made me sick, you can do l... — I bear no hatred for her and am not obliged to make c...
Do you miss your ex girl? is it some-one different? — No and there's a few people, I don't miss anyone in the se...
So let it oooooouuuuuuut (8)
@THEdavitt_H Dancing for Boobs. Boobs of the refugee. The boobs left undone. Rumours of my boobs have been greatly exaggerated.
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Hmmmm.... I love the sun. <3
Sun! Why you only come on school days? :(
Do you miss anyone ? — Yes, you.
Drama exam soon and I haven't prepared anything.. Isn't this just fantabulous.
YAY! I love school. WOO!
"Retweet if you want 50000 followers" everybody wants followers, problem is that you bullshit and you're just looking for RTs, good day.
"@BethJensen_: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could ever give a fuck" 47, depending on the type of woodchuck.
Rise against >>>> any other band
forever waiting on a fansign and have been for severa... — I tell you what, I will take your fansign right now a...
'emo', I get that everyday, its actual horse shit — I know haha, what they really mean is have a long and or dar...
Just casually taking a little video... then BOOM… via @YouTube
This is amazing hahaha watch (and like/share)…
Lol super sexy haha — They are indeed ;)
I'm not ignorant, its just that id rather listen to music than listen to you.
I know im arrogant. No need to remind me, because seriously, I couldn't care any less.
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