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brock murley
Forget about casual sex, I'm aiming for part-time sex. You get more hours that way.
I'm at Salotti Del Caffe in Ringwood, VIC…
Getting photo bombed by a poster. Happy Friday.
I'm at Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, VIC…
WTF has Glenn McGrath done to his hair?!
How about "Feb. 18, 1874"; "April 23, 1957", "November 6, 2001" or even "800 B.C."? #JustTryingToHelp RT @thebrockmurley: I need more dates.
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Anyone brave enough to call him an idiot? RT @newscomauHQ: UFC fighter accidentally shoots himself ahead of comeback
Satan needs to change his name to Tac. #dogVcat #godVtac
My divorce sucked. She got the car, the house and the kids. All I got was genital herpes.
I'm sitting on the loo. Give me subjects to make gags about and I'll tweet them. Hurry, almost done.
WORLD BEARD DAY 2014 IS COMING!! September 6th. Begin preparing your beards...
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I have this awesome knack of aligning my days off with days when I don't have any money.
Saw a lady in a full burqa, only eyes showing, holding an ice cream cone. Got me thinking, how would she eat it?
The Commonwealth Games is just like porn. Everyone watches it, but they won’t admit to it. #Glasgow2014
I just threw my hands up in the air... and by hands I mean guts and by air I mean toilet.
Dumping Syndrome is living death.
Thai, comedy, kissing and glitter. Awesome night out.
Date 2 done and dusted. :)
I'm at Eastland Shopping Centre (Ringwood, VIC) w/ 2 others…
"He's 24 months old." 2. Your child is 2.
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This is why you proofread. RT @jonathangmeyer: Look at the definition of "necklace" in this Hello Kitty kids' book:
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