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In doctor's waiting room for suspected resp. infection. I may have chosen the wrong book to pass the time.
Braved the crowds to see David Sedaris with @Maile_Wilson. David Sedaris is currently invisible. Or very small.
husband: What the hell is that? An alligator? Me: I don't know but it looks like something @TheBloggess would love!
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@LauraDay71: Couldn't resist 😉 Xmas present anyone ?” I think@TheBloggesss would love it!
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So, I need to go fold the laundry but it feels like my laundry room has a bunch of small bouncers.
Trick-or-treating with @Maile_Wilson. Our kids have gone all Village of the Damned.
Rolly is dressed as a cat who doesn't like hats. Ferris Mewler is going as a skeleton. He's super committed.
Luckily, the cats are homeschooled, so they still get to wear costumes. Hunter S. Tomcat is a monster...
...Hailey: I'm dressed up as someone not dressed up for Halloween. Me: Touché.
If I ever catch him he'll go to the vet. Or he'll eat me. He's got a real Village of the Damned thing going on.
This cat prowls my yard. I feed him. Trying to catch him but he's wily. But what's with his nose? Is that normal?
FYI...vulva puppet fascinator from Outfit inspired by Miss Kitty. It's super twirly.
Hailey's school celebrates Drug -Free Week by wearing weird hats & hair that you'd really only find on club kids.
Me: I'm back home! Hunter S Thomcat: Were you gone?
"You're JUST seeing that?" There's a lot of weird shit happening by my door. The dead birds are like Where's Waldo.
Leaving my hotel room. Noticed the painting outside my door has dead birds glued to it. So...yeah.
Same KFC. "Display only. Do not touch." Do ppl really think this is colonel sanders? Why is this sign necessary?