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writingcomedy 392,605 followers
.@katherinecenter was one of the first women to encourage me to write my book. I cannot put down her latest.
"I AM PREPARED FOR YOU TO RECOGNIZE ME AS A GOOD BOY." ~ this dog who won't get off my foot til I make w/ the petting
My friend's rescue dog. He blocks you when you're walking, sits on your foot and looks backward like "Oh, hey."
Hailey almost ready to take the stage at Winterfest. But not quite Yeti.
I was having the shittiest day ever until I opened this surprise package from my friend @dylanbrody...
I dropped my phone while taking a panoramic and now my house looks like Dali made it with Legos.
Standing with everyone in town to see fake snow made of bubbles. Kids are freaking out. Only in Texas.
TAKE ME HOME? ~ Christy. Full of snuggles at the Animal Welfare Society of Bandera County.
They have a whole house of cat beds to choose from & they're fighting over a random spot on the kitchen floor.
Michael Brown's family has asked for 4.5 minutes of silence after announcement: #Ferguson
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@TheBloggess Got your book out from the library. There is a post-it inside the front cover.
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Whenever you start to question your own artistic choices, just remember: Picasso drew a butt.
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LOOKS LEGIT TO ME — RT @djkevlar: Another incredible photo from Buffalo
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I was trying to explain this in @TheBloggess' comments but it ate my line. So here: math explained
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@TheBloggess I know you're an animal advocate in Texas- maybe one of your followers could help this sweet kitty?
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@TheBloggess I have a proposal for a new app, I think it will be a must have for the devout Bloggessian
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.@TheBloggess After your own <3 @danaditomaso I kind of want to steal the taxidermied monster head @ a friend's place
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@TheBloggess on the set of our show, we have a Warhol inspired Beyoncé. Think of you whenever I go by it!
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Yes. Yes. God Yes. RT @dcas1978: A bit of scale, for all of us nerds and geeks following the #CometLanding
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In doctor's waiting room for suspected resp. infection. I may have chosen the wrong book to pass the time.