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Kwasi Akyeampong
Dare To Be King Project: A Survival and Developmental Guide For Young Black Males Addresses Violence and Apathy
Check out "Chicago Defender and Seaway Bank Changes!" on #TheBlackList
Don't Miss the Mysteries of Egypt Tour! Few Seats for Paid Travelers Left! #travel
July is African American Bone Marrow Awareness Month: Support the urgent need for more marrow donors
Highlights of Travel and Tour of Kerala
#HiddenNews The Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod of Antioch Condemns the World Silence About Terrorism Against Syria
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New Book: 'Thus Saith the LORD, Book Two' by Tziona Yisrael
#MurphysLaw: 'There's no time like the present for postponing what you don't want to do' ~HECHT'S FOURTH LAW #Murphology
When someone talks about what we should do or what we need and want, I often wonder who are the we being talked about. ~KA #sophic
African EduWeek Showcases Latest Classroom Technology and Offers Free Workshops on the Expo Floor, July 10-11
All citizens have earned being disappeared for 36 hours...with a crack one could be gone forever. ~KA #sophic #rights #justice
I am not committed to peace on earth...I am for tolerance of intolerance. ~KA #sophic
I am not committed to peace on earth...I am for tolerance of intolerance. ~KA #sophic
I’m desperately trying to figure out why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets. -George Carlin #comedy
@MsWilliamsWorld He lives in language. Being never dies.
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;) @MsWilliamsWorld George Carlin writes/performs #comedy - he is no comedian. He belongs in the Pantheon with the ancient Greeks... ~KA
#MurphysLaw You can never do just one thing: HARDIN'S LAW #Murphology
Viva Costa Rica! #CRC You're my 1 in 4,00 #CONCACAF Proud #WorldCup2014 ~KA
What did say or do that was "Funny... :)"? RT @MsWilliamsWorld: @TheBlackList Funny... :)
The Mauritian Dream: 7 Good Reasons to Invest in Mauritius
More is more of the same. Better is nothing new, just another version (or update) of the same. ~KA #sophic
Whose cruel idea was it for the word “Lisp” to have an “s” in it? -George Carlin #comedy
Popular Points of Interest for Vacationing in Kerala
The air is punctured by alarms, the glee & screams of kids, and pungent with smell & sounds of Chinese "bombs" bursting in air. ~KA #sophic
Sometimes being bad, like drinking milk or orange juice from the container..., is so lecherously good. ~KA #sophic
No matter the period or setting, it seems, movies are about display of cleavage & teeth, tribute to plastic surgery & dentistry. ~KA #sophic
Celebrating the holidays of our captors
FraserNet/Power Networking Cultivating “Conscious” Entrepreneurs to Rescue and Restore the Race
Happy 4th, but how can I be happy when
My week on twitter: 12 New Followers, 4 Mentions, 2.68K Mention Reach, 3 Replies, 7 Retweets. via
If 3 is 3/5 of 5, how's Black America related to America, #BlackRepublican to #Republican? To a dog there're no subsets of dogs! ~AK #SOPHIC
#ObamaAccomplishments Thanks for saving the world for economic and financial meltdown. ~KA
#ObamaDisappointments Tnx: for the guns in Chicago (No. I mean Syria) for the breakup of Iraq, the blood dripping from your Peace Prize. ~KA
Yes @sunnyherring1 there's racism in USA - as real as ghosts are. Few are given to see ghosts, but, they can't show me one - seer creator.
@blackrepublican "the candidates face spray-painted white" Is a Fact | "to indicate that she “wasn't really Black.” Is your Interpretation
Fighting racism is like ghostbusting - there are people who are given to see ghosts; however, they can't show me one. ~KA #sophic
Next to viewing #worldcup2014 on TV is reading @nytimes sport writers. Worth subscribing to #NYTIMES just 4 beautiful gripping prose. ~KA