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Allen Klosowski
Sunday night in Amsterdam at the singer/songwriter quarterfinals for the Netherlands. Amazing bands. Only thing better would be to be home.
Seems like Tim Cook's hand was forced into revealing the Apple Watch early. Some screens look half baked, and a long delay for release.
No wireless charging on iPhone 6 seems odd, and a ship date of 2015 for the Apple Watch isn't a great sign. The street's enthusiasm faded.
.@BestBuy On Sept 14th, are you getting more stock in store? Only 2 #Moto360 shipped to biggest store in Colorado today. Sold out instantly!
Anybody know if there is a live stream of the @Motorola event - need them to go ahead and take my money already for the Moto 360 Smartwatch.
Not a bad view off the porch for this weekend.
RT : "Here’s more pessimism for print advertising"
Political TV ads will soon know who you are
This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today
Stop giving people the 'click-flu': When to start giving a damn about your content
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RT : "Here's Why Your iMessage Spam Runneth Over"
Apps today drive the majority of media consumption activity, accounting for 7 our of every 8 minutes of media consum…
TechCrunch: Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem.…
Quartz: How news apps on smartphones could be amazing in the future.…
RT : "Google to drop Microsoft-designed touch Web spec, stick with Apple tech"
Beck got all of the antics out if the way early and is killing it with substance at Red Rocks.
Online video is driving the trend towards larger-screened smartphones, survey says
RT : "Mobile, Mobile Everywhere — But Where Are The Brands?"
RT : "Is Reddit Dropping The Ban Hammer On BuzzFeed?"
Just realized that "Bad News Bears" is a play on words from "Bearer of Bad News". Mind blown. Or not. It's a Redbull afternoon.
Apple loses 5% of mobile enterprise share to Android, but it’s Microsoft that should worry
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Has Twitter started filtering the tweets you see? I'm seeing lots less junk today.
Hey @GregoryAIsakov, when are you playing in Colorado again? Haven't seen you since Red Rocks years ago, and am jamming your albums today.
45 minute layover turned into an unexpected two day stay in Nashville. Hooray.
You know your in Nashville when everyone at the gate in the airport is carrying a guitar.
Must say that the new @wunderground site is excellent. Seems @weatherchannel has gotten slow and cluttered.
The print castoff continues. Gannett to spin off publishing business via @USATODAY
Getting ready to see @Alikane complete her first Iron Man.
Big news on the SpotXchange front!
I live in the future where every call is a video call at work. Cool most times...
The Verge: How one iPhone app just made it really easy to open almost any lock.…
RT : "Verizon Wireless to slow down users with unlimited 4G LTE plans"
RT : "If Gannett is a bellwether, 2014 will be another tough year for newspaper advertising"
My fingers are going to fall off from talking to you all, what an amazing response from so many people. #SleepNumber See you around!!!
Thanks again everyone who joined, I look forward to seeing you all on Twitter! #SleepNumber
A big thanks to everyone who joined myself and @sleepnumber for this great chat about #SleepNumber and #SleepIQ. Everyone was so friendly!
Congrats to @LoveSportsMom! You're the big winner of the #DualTemp Layer! #SleepNumber
We’re about to announce the winner of the #SleepNumber #DualTemp layer for one participant in todays chat!
A4. If we had something for summer, we’d use it immediately, and would be a major improvement for my family. #SleepNumber
A4. We never considered changing sleeping arrangements during the summer. Didn’t know of anything that could make a difference #SleepNumber
A4. One thing that I do is actually increase my #SleepNumber in the summer to provide a firmer bed, which seems to help cool things.