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Allen Klosowski
Hope this is a hoax. Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman His character is funny does it translate to a couch show?
Good read if for clarity sake. RT : "Stop adding up the wealth of the poor"
An amazing trip spent with wonderful people in Tel Aviv. Now time to head home. Can't wait to see my family.
Shoutout all the Digital First Media Thunderdome people I've made friends with and worked with these past years. May you land on your feet.
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BREAKING: Myspace acquires View Master to compete with Facebook
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RT : "Let’s End The Search For Mobile TV"
Seriously, what's it going to take to make Reading Rainbow available on Netflix?!
Does anyone know why a YouTube video buffers again when you skip ahead even though it's already buffered?
My crazy cyborg bed, the X12 is here! It tracks me when I sleep, it knows when I'm awake, it's like Santa.…
Bought 3 sets of tix to get our seats for NIN/Soundgarden at Red Rocks. We have extras in good spots if looking:…
I feel sorry for dogs. They learnt to fetch newspapers, but newspapers are dying. Killed by an internet driven by cats.
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Good news is I finally got to sit down and watch Jeopardy during the week. Bad news is that its at the Ford dealership with a flat tire.
The last time I wore this sportcoat appears to be to a Deftones concert. I can't reconcile how that could happen.
I feel like there's no way I'm making it out of this week without pink eye. #lifewithatoddler
Watch California’s Snowpack Disappear In These NASA Images
Worked all morning. Finally starting House of Cards Season 2 the right way - in the home theater.
FYI @RachelMan2 is a writer-reporter of the highest caliber. Do read, straight to the sublime kicker:…
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Nothing on my calendar until Monday morning. That's a good feeling.
RT : "Embrace the unbundling: The Boston Globe is betting it’ll be stronger split up than unified"
RT : "Why you should buy the bigger pizza"
So glad to be back in the USA. But I can truly say that Americans suck at escalators. There, I said it.
Netflix is Chasing HBO, But It's Already Passed Plenty of Big Cable Guys (@pkafka / Re/code)……
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Bye bye Barcelona and thanks for the great #MWC14 - see you next year!
RT : "Why isn’t live video working for news sites?"