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First SL, then YoVille, now my CoasterVille is leaving. WTF? Tears. — feeling sad
Knismolagnia- Arousal to being tickled.
Katoptronophilia- Arousal to sex in front of mirrors.
Even if you have doubts about going on a trip alone, your frus... More for Cancer
You have a special magnetism about you today that has enhanced your...More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
Coprophilia- Arousal to feces.
Demands being made on you now can bring up unresolved anger is... More for Cancer
Mr. Vassilyev, father of 87 children... Fact or fiction?
Note 2 Parents- Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) children & teenagers receive comes through music lyrics &...
You may begin to think twice about a certain relationship you have...More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
I got 7. I blame PEMDAS if it's wrong. That's how old I am, lol.
So sad. #JusticeForLeon I just don't understand why they want to put this man behind bars, after he was shot 5...
So sad. Hope the cop that did this loses his job. Reshare #JusticeForLeon
People at work probably won't be aware of your stress today be... More for Cancer
The energy of the day may not help you much if you are going out on an...More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
I haven't had a drink in years, but I need a motha fuckin big ass bottle of something 2nite...
You are receiving weird signals on your psychic radar, but you... More for Cancer
Many of you may be temperamental and inclined to act on your emotions or...More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
So Sad. RIP Little Angel. Woman Arrested After 6-Year-Old Cousin Found Frozen to Death… via @TheRoot
Celestial Twins—1 Black, 1 White—Are a Symbol of Harmony… via @TheRoot
Beyond Biracial: When Blackness Is a Small, Nearly Invisible Fraction
This is tacky, right? Right? Why not just invest into the community or something charitable?…
"I might not be someone's first choice, but I am a great choice..." Via Willow Rayne
Achilles Piercings. Another + for self-expression...
5 Habits For Successful Freelancers | The Freelance Strategist… via @contently
The Way Freelancers Get Paid is Absurd—But One Company Wants to Change That | The Freelance Strategist… via @contently
You have managed for a while to pull off a balancing act betwe... More for Cancer
The energy surrounding most of you is creating a little magic in your...More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Devious Maids, Mr. Selfridge, & Salem. Choices... Choices...
Watermelon steak & feta.
If you are in a position where you can spend time developing y... More for Cancer
The energy of the day is all about of illusions and fantasies for you....More #Cancer LOVE Scope here
What Ray gets wrong about Ray Charles.
Eye Ball Tattoos. Whyyyyyyyyy? OMG, why?
Saudi Arabian man installed refrigerator. People leave leftovers in it daily, giving free food 2 the less...
On my R&B ish today... — listening to Tank
Love the body. Hate the heels. Different color please.