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alex if ya weeeeell
We're gonna take a trip to the rehab capital of America and order cocktails god bless
Once I said Brad Maddox, Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze are like the Kirk, Spock and Bones of wrestling... but who would be who?
when ur friends hotbox the basement all night
It aint a trip to the west without froyo
Was that... a countout after four? #raw
Ryback that large bald can't comprehend why this medium hair has accepted a duel. #RAW
y dey disprespect mizark so. #raw
Large bald ebony & ivory duel. #raw
I am going to be offering up so many 2015 Chrome base cards when I get home y'all better get your paypals/gifts of equal value ready.
Beeeeeeeeeeach. And bad posture.
We're sitting in a mall food court at 10 am PST drinking coffee like old people and it's AMAAAAZING.
Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Canada anymore. #basicbitchliving #california
cool shit to do in Los Angeles k go I forget everything
holy shit why am I not sleeping yet it is officially why the fuck are you still awake o' clock in the morning.
Me: "Yeah the LA dojo trained wrestlers, some of them are super famous and one is my favourite." Mom: "Triple D?" Me: "that's a bra size!"
Before we take off does anyone know where the LA dojo used to be? Would love to pass by and do my best @azucarRoc impression.
Sorry @XavierWoodsPhD and @WWEBigE, change of plan, we're LA bound, hope you like the beach!
Bummed I can't be at home to watch SlammaDunkaroo with you guys I'm trying to get on a plane and stuff.
Screw it I'm taking them both: E and Woods do Vegas (provided I actually make it to Vegas)
Celebrate Pride by watching Shockwave 2005 one of my all time fave cards AND it starts with Takada tap dancing…
Changed my profile picture on facebook to HG specifically because there's no other way to use that celebrate Pride filter except with HG.
We're not going to Vegas, but we're not not going to Vegas. It's complicated, flying standby is complicated.
Me and mom smh #prideto
The Biosteel All Canadian game is on TSN and I'm cackling that I interviewed like five of them last semester.
If I'm dykey on my best days, then today is my greatest day of all.
*checks the aftermath of the NHL draft* O_O .... holy shit guys. holy shit.
People are putting rainbows in people's hair for free which would have been great to know before I slathered manic panic on my hair. 👿
Jazz funk at Horseshoe the way Howard Moon intended a birthday be celebrated.
These goaltenders aren't very good at penalty shots so far... #WWC2015
I'm so colour coordinated today now I truly understand the term sickening.
guys what does food poisoning feel like asking for a friend.
CNN ignoring the fact that the gay marriage lobby is a lot of rich heteronormative white guys who happen to be gay COME ON MAN.
Great now all the LGBT groups I'm on the mailing list for are sending me "WE DID IT!" emails ITS PRIDE IN MY INBOX.
Now that ruling's sorted hopefully this means more action can be taken to protect more queer and trans folx who face discrimination.
Time to nod off please enjoy this vine of Mark Coleman speaking Japanese in HUSTLE
who allowed Joey Fatone to beat Pat Miletich, that's two bummer finishes in a row.
when you're a scrub and a man with his own fighting system is about to kill u
The longest reigning #UFC ... in UFC history.
Remember when Mike Goldberg did play by play in a normal person voice instead of that stupid intonation he's become addicted to.
when u a scrub and lose in the first round.
This is the second time Ricco's been called on to say something tonight and he's already stumbling over himself.

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