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ms shiz
holy shit Struve just hugged and carried big nog like a tiny baby mma you never fail to amaze me.
big nog vs the melting man that used to be in FCW god i love mma it's such a legitimate sport
Mike Goldberg never plugs Pride FC cause he still thinks it's a defunct LGBT soccer league.
Joe Rogan plugging Pride FC for free cause you should probably be watching Pride DVDs instead of this pay per view.
look at these sloppy takedown attempts
Bigfoot has a big foot tattoo on his back... I don't know what I expected.
this next fight is gonna be a mess... i can't wait.
Update: it's August 2015 and I still hate the Portuguese translator creep.
This is already better than both the women's fights from the last UFC show
Jessica Aguilar: tecnica
look me in the eye and tell me these two aren't so in love they have matching vials of their combined semen.
Spotted at WalMart
Dana's just mad no one will love UFC like they loved Pride FC
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#6: Dana White created a replica of Tito Ortiz's penis using crusty dried gel that has directly fallen from Ken Shamrock's head.
#5: Vince McMahon body pillow. need I say more.
#4: Dana White owns an antique chest filled to the brim with used ring girl outfits labelled "tissues to cry over cancelled fights"
#3: Dana White once paid Gina Carano $5000 to stand on a magazine with his face on it.
#2 Dana White has actually asked Sakuraba to peg him. Saku just pretended he didn't understand.
#1: Dana White would totally be down for a threesome with Putin and Fedor
Slideshow: 6 weird sex fantasies I just made up that Dana White is totally into.
This month you better grab me some mist and paint my face cause I'm gonna be The Great Mute-A
I think I'm going into the right industry. #newseum
Tissue box at the 9/11 gallery of the Newseum. They know.
This week in powerful photojournalism. Via @nytimes
Hillary Clinton had a mullet in 2007/8 and that's 100% why she wasn't selected as president how can you trust a politician with a mullet.
swear to god Bobby Jindal is Bianca Del Rio's evil twin.
Well that was fun slurping oysters, quoting They Live and occasionally slurring the words "I lovvved himmm, I just realllllly loved himm"
Everything that needs to be said.…
you will always be my man roddy piper :(((…
Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit.
idk politics and stuff yeah
come to back of $20 bill in 50 min if u want an ass kicking
very interesting...
I bet the Osteens have a literal silo full of cocaine and that's why they're so damn positive all the time.
Also there's a Barbie collector convention at the hotel beside us. Everyone I've seen going look like Hobby Lobby addicts... or employees:
At some point in the next few days I'm going to the Newseum and I am going to have a very spiritually uplifting moment I'm so excited.
Our favourite Mexican place is baaaaaaack with a different name and location but it's in the same areaaaaaaa.
Back in DC for the first time in 6 years, back in our hotel neighbourhood, and back in our favourite relocated Mexican taco house. It's the ultimate #tbt
I know me saying it out loud won't do anything but like... if any of you out there are parents... don't take minor shit out on teachers.
It got deep deep under her skin and she's been in the midst of a hardcore episode ever since...
One of the parents of a kid mom taught this past year sent her a scathing email because their kid's in a split grade next year...
"At least Michele Tafoya gets to wear pants" - my dad probably
We're stuck in this hotel lobby watching @espn and my mom is scandalized at how they make female sportscasters dress. My future, everybody.
Yo @WannaGetLost I'm invading your hood.

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