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ms shiz
If I were in a Wal Mart like this one in suburban Las Vegas and Dean Ambrose were in it which department would I challenge him to a fight in
Coffee places that don't brew dark roast coffee after a certain hour will be the first in line at the gates of hell.
"don't worry, at least you're not in a country where the government kills their own journalists" ... thanks mom
always rly fun when you're like "maybe he shouldn't have had a gun" and your parents are like "but there are guns everywhere even at home"
aaaaaaaaaand I'm going back to bed.
Mom still schooling me on how to be influential on social media
Las Vegas Protip: Order the chicken Bellagio at the Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops at Caesars. Be that asshole.
I've found love #supergrover #popvinyl #sesamestreet
Beer and clamato in a can this is is this is the promised land.
K so Wrestlemania IX was at Caesar's Palace... but like where at Caesar's Palace cause this shit is huge.
back to civilization
The desert is great guys.
We meet again, old friend. #einsteinbros
there's a 99% chance I'm gonna get a pic of me at the chapels where Triple H got kayfabe married and Shawn Michaels got shoot married.
Charlotte comes out for a match at Night of Champions with Rapunzel-length extensions.
.@SashaBanksWWE needs to do these girls a favour and snatch some weaves they are OVERDOSINGGGGG…
holy shit WWE i was joking
wow the shockmaster is back after all these years truly this is the greatest night in the history of our sport
I can't believe the reanimated corpse of eddie guerrero is in the box
Bucky Goldstein, Jewish Cowboy #utah
come to andy warhol museum in next 30 mins if u want an ass kicking
Definitely not in Canada anymore.
achievement unlocked: visited 38th and 39th states
None of the other news channels are coming through on this TV so we're literally stuck with Fox News and my mom's commentary.
"Wow there's slot machines in the airport" has to be the "it's bigger on the inside!!" of Vegas.
Finally gonna read My Custom Van and I found this weird omen of sorts??
Gettin on a flight but before I do just gonna drop these HUGE #SummerSlam spoilers #newuschamp
losers who think they're too cool for what they're watching but also they shelled out a dumb amt of money to be in that arena soooooooo
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#SummerSlam aka best time of the year god bless
The way my body is acting up right now I welcome death.
parsley as an emmenagogue: you will actually feel your muscles contracting and also you will need to pass out. 8/10
todays jetset eleganza #pleasekillme
s/o to everyone having the most solidly average normal weekend ever
My reproductive organs, realizing they cannot singlehandedly kill me, have changed their tactics by persuading me to do the act myself.
It's probably better that I'm not in New York I'd be crying like a 14 year old at a One Direction concert trust me I've seen them.
Now THATS a curtain call sup Nash and Hall how ha doing
My faves out there killing it right now god bless.
Rooting for Bayley tonight at #NXTBrooklyn here's a few words why…
note to all my followers: showers and deodorant are awesome wash yourselves lots XOXOX sham
update: he's a zoophile. he's been fixated on a dog the entire subway ride. apologies to the non-con subway photographers for misidentifying
There are people on the subway that you KNOW take pictures of women in a non consenting way and then post it to reddit like stinky beside me

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