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alex heelowens
This just in: England still bad at sport.
brb dropping out of school
I haven't even started applying for my internship next semester and I'm already looking at job openings with UK broadcasters.
lol what is chelsea.
Gotta love the built-in sweater you get as a bonus with @iLikeSamiZayn's new figure :P
this is going to be a fighty mc fightybrawl kind of match.
If the Springboks lose today they'll be third in their pool. Tied with Japan if the difference is less than a try. #RWC2015
I wish the New Japan guys in the UK right now could somehow meet up with the Brave Blossoms just for the cute photo-op #RWC2015
LRT: how to subtly tell someone to check their privilege by Xavier Woods
Not me! Pre 70's there's nothing for me but people being really mean to me so going back in time is a no no.…
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anyone have that wee cousin fergal pic available i could use an ego stroke.
Will the joy I get from CNN using the same video as I did off Reuters ever get old?
I feel like this is a Prom Night AU Hetalia fanficton come to life.
sorry one more thing: s/o to facebook for letting me know I need a life
I haven't had good sleep in 3 days so goodnight the world is terrible but at least Bayley and Sasha are gonna throw down for 30 minutes.
ban the concept of women as sexual currency
special #tbt for #worldballetday, first day of #ballet classes at age 3 and still in diapers.
It's always time for ballet class in the newsroom. #worldballetday #nationalballetofcanada
highlight of the piece
Disabled wrestlers enter the ring in Japan…
Single digit weather to start October should be illegal.
When they're still bitter you unfollowed,
the more I hear of Josh Donaldson the more I'm convinced he is a highkey graps nerd lord.
So now that @WWEAsuka's in NXT is @GotchStyleWWE following her around everywhere asking abt every detail of MiSu and Fujiwara...
An old English essay from high school. In one week I will have a 30 minute Iron Man match. Dreams come true. #WWENXT
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Jose Bautista with a Go Pro on his cap dot gif.
"Edwiiiiiiiiiiiin" is just a really fun thing to say in my deep bro voice.
Things not to do: publicly jam out to Steal My Girl when you're in your One Direction sneakers. #walkingtalkingstereotype
Terrible banners for serious stories: Anything RUS can do US can do better.
Just discovered the existence of T20 cricket. It goes about three hours. So it's like really weird baseball. My life is forever improved.
*Mashup of Kalinka and the Godfather theme plays in the background*
Life changing folder. #evaair #hellokitty #すごい
ICYMI today I did this news thing it's about our election and I'm well chuffed about it tell me why I shouldn't be.…
If you ever see me get punched in the face in public out of the blue it's probably cause I was a hateful human being in high school.
My parents are mad right wingers and yet they worked in industries with constant labour disputes therefore they bred a labour rights toad.
Listening in on the #etfo phone conference right now. Reporter hat came off hours ago unfortunately.
What's the best way to tell your entire program that there is no need for past tense in the word transgender.
Ralph Lauren steps down, label renamed "Forever 45"
really need to unsubscribe from all these mailing lists
best friend and i having a mutual freak out sesh about how well we navigated our day. things are very nice and good.

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