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ms shiz
Well this is an embarrassing wake up time...
Well now we know at least one Sedin is human.
I need a commercial break so I can set my alarms tv timeout pls
In today's less-clickworthy-than-a-Rousey-storify-but-still-a-hot-nugget-of-news: it's Louis Riel Day in Ontario…
violently going in on some taco salad right now god bless.
Nah it's cool subway let's just sit on the tracks for another 20 minutes without moving. I love staying at Humber filing stories til 6pm.
Off to Queen's Park for Louis Riel Day. Great opportunity to flex some photo muscles.
Got the jazz flute from the Inoki theme in my head today's gonna be vaguely alright.
Russel Wilson's read The Secret hasn't he
there he go, there go gronk
guess the soufflé collapsed in the oven, eh A.A. Ron
Rodgers with 30 seconds left in a game can get his receivers in the end zone and have time to cook a three course meal.
Detroit should think about getting an actual kicker bro.
Imagine Clay Matthews with a braid or pigtail braids.
this is a good view
I'm gonna watch Kazuyuki Fujita in a match that isn't on an Inoki Bom Ba Ye show.
This is literally the first time I'm ever hearing what Ishii's theme actually sounds like.
dere he go. he did the thing.
grandpa lookin at misu like "lol this is why I put funaki over in uwf instead of you"
I started feeling concern for Fujiwara but then he reminded me he has all those locks and holds in his offence
*Reborn UWF flashbacks*
💖 violence bffs �Ej
the most shocking thing I've learned tonight is that Fujiwara's younger than Kabuki and Great Kojika
grandpaaaaaa 💕
inoki bom ba ye on real quiet is he gonna do a mid-show speech
suddenly UWF music
Liger should get a few tips on wig maintenance from Kabuki.
how many people are in this tag match and who are they and how many of them will actually get a move in.
the first and last time we hear this so enjoy it kids.
I'm gonna watch Ricky Fuji wrestle in 2015
njpw world like "we probably don't have the rights to this but fuck it, it's Tenryu"
I love this man's 80s soda cup suit.
*Everybody Hurts playing in the background*…
Can you imagine the reaction if holly holm finishes rousey with a left high kick.
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things I was not expecting dot jpeg #UFC193
Jedrzejczyk starting to run away with it now. #UFC193
Joanna's Polish banger really gets the heart pumping also I am very hyped for this fight. #UFC193 #realmainevent
*starts clock to see how long it takes for Ruby Rose to trend on twitter* #UFC193
did he thank "the tinder champ"? #UFC193
look at this fre$h legendary human. #UFC193
look at how much forehead that guy has #UFC193
I can hear the last remnants of Mike Goldberg's soul leaving his body as this show progresses. #UFC193
omg they're recycling the Aldo McGregor promo from the last time they tried to make this fight happen LOL. #UFC194

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