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Liz Queiroz
Walk Into Benedict Cumberbatch like "What up? It took me a month to learn your name."
It's Birthdict Cumberday.
♥ Happy Birthday, Mr Benedict Cumberbatch! ♥: via @YouTube
38 years ago he was born.
It's been one year. One year and he's been inspiring me. One year and his smile still makes me smile back.
One year ago I started to like him. One year ago I fell in love with him. One year ago I started to call him "my favourite actor."
One year ago I decided to learn his name. One year ago I thought "He's not that ugly.". One year ago I finally learned his name. (...)
One year ago, I started to watch #Sherlock. One year ago I thought that that actor that made Sherlock Holmes was ugly. (...)
It's been one year since I've found out about the existence of mister Benedict Cumberbatch and grown to love him.
I'm annoyed. I have to wait until my Ipad charges so that I can finish reading that fanfiction.
But yeah... Sometimes the fans do surprise me with how fantastic they are ;) .
I've Always been incredibly jealous over the Magic World. Never going away from the canon.
There's a first time for everything I guess.
Oh god I'm reading a Harry Potter / Sherlock crossover. It's the very first fanfiction that I've ever read that has something to do with HP.
I just watched Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Music Video featuring The Hobbit scenes): via @YouTube
I can't even believe that it was Ten years ago... #DoctorWho
Tons of people were waiting at the airport today! I made sure to take a pic w every person. I'll always do my best
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Can you believe it's been ten years since filming started for the first series of Doctor Who? -BPHQ
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"Castiel is very much in the picture in s10."--#Supernatural boss Jeremy Carver #TCA14
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Jared Padalecki: It's a testament to #Supernatural's fans that the show has been able to break the fourth wall without jumping the shark.
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I am going to start another journey through the fanfiction land.
How can Nash Grier comment on anyone's appearance when he looks like Otis the cow
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Can Nash stop being a homophobic jerk who wants someone without body hair because he doesn't have the ability to grow any facial hair
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How Can Nash Grier not see the difference between his butt and his mouth? He could do with a bit less shit-talking.
I don't think I say that I LOVE the Ninth Doctor too often. #HeGotTheMoves
When I feel bad I watch Doctor Who. I think I would love the sight of a welcoming blue box right now.
I just finished Orange is The New Black's first season. What was that ending O.O
.@ayesha_bhat Welcome to the Doctor Who fandom, Rick. /Been part of that since...oh, 1975?
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Anti-gambling ad in Singapore for the World Cup totally backfires:
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That was a facetious answer, Potterheads. Put down your wands. I've said many, many times how much I love HP.
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.@theperksfangirl just curious have you read Harry Potter?/You mean the most successful series of all time? Gee, no. Never heard of it. 😊
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@Bregirl33: I've always been confused on how big the cabins really are?” They're bigger on the inside.
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.@Disney_freak42 ever consider how dangerous killing one of the seven is? You'll be hunted down by rabid fangirls! /😇
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Today is National Be a Dork Day? So it's Benedict Cumberbatch's day.
I'm still not over Allison tho.