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In me mums car, broom broom! #claasic #1953
Work pals! #ktm #gear4racing #gear4
Shattered. Busy day at the office...
I'm so gonna buy a fan tomorrow
Why are women made from sand ?
Authority quivers in front of rebellions
There's so much I want to do, and I only have 9 years left to do it before I'm too old and have too many suffocating commitments! Being 21👎
Typical! Rebooking the track day. Absolutely gutting canceling a holiday the day before you go!
Team #Honda #cbr #s2000 #vtec #motorbike #JDM
A long time ago in a bar not so far away
I met a midget once, he was always drunk and stuff. Found out today he was an Ewok in the original star wars!!
We had awesome weather yesterday for the Hawaiian shirt pub crawl
Half a photo!
See ya later photo bomb
Bet you've never seen a wallet made out of cork
She got 2 hours of TLC at the workshop today, all ready for France now
Work on your 21st on a Monday morning 😧
Happy birthday to me, can't wait to spend it at work on the busiest day of the week! 🍆
The lions roar
Last 2 weeks of prep until she gets thrashed
2 weeks and I'll be riding round the track with my knees scraping on the floor in France on different bikes at 170mph
One of the biggest challenges for future generations is finding usernames that don't already exist
Calling your girlfriend "Brazil" because she kicks off every 5 minutes @TheLadBible
The funniest pictures are always the random ones you don't remember the next day
Just got an insurance quote on a Porsche for around 2 grand, how does being 21 get me a quote like that on a 2.7 ?! I want one now..
Look at this terrible shirt I got for the Hawaiian themed pub crawl hahahha
Bought the most obnoxious and funniest Hawaiian shirt I could find for the pub crawl in a couple of weeks
Retro retro retro
I remember being parked up and this geeza coming up to me and calling my previous motorcycle a heap of shit then leaving lol
Something about Britain losing again.
Love the pub purely for the 1950/1960's American and British cars they pull in every week
To be honest, if it wasn't for the Americans we'd all be German
Rebellion on wheels
ELO - Evil Woman. Still love this song
#throwback to the 50's.. I was pretty handsome at family do's 60 years ago wasn't I #banter
That's the 3rd person tonight that's called me James Dean
Some guy came into work today and after we got chatting about bikes and be asked what I had, he offered me 2 grand straight up for my bike. I declined but he gave me his card in case I change my mind. The temptation is there and it did make me wonder why he offered so much without seeing it. He owns
So many unrelated captions on photos, blatantly to hide slight embarrassment of taking a #selfie !! New plug sockets y0!
Won't be needing an alarm then....