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Look at this geeza here look!
I'm better looking as a cartoon
@stephendbunting turned me into a cartoon, absolutely epic! Is work is mental, check it out @stephendbunting @stephendbunting @stephendbunting @stephendbunting
Japanese cars though... #Toyota #GT86 #Honda #Integra #TypeR #Japan
The best thing about aging is that insurance gets cheaper.. got a quote on that bad boy for the sake of it and it was surprisingly cheap.. #Toyota #GT86 #Japan
Run forrest run
Petition | Punish youth that set Manchester Dogs’ Home on fire! 43 dogs confirmed dead!…
Most stupid way to scratch my face up! Stings like a slag
RIP David! #thinkbike.. We have families too
S4 beat every other phone I had, new S5 blows the 4 out the water, but I can't bring myself to selling the 4, it's a spare now! #samsung #samsung #s4 #s5
Look out for bikers, and ride safe ! #thinkbike #ridesafe #roadsafety #accident #DavidsStory
1/24, so far so good.
He's growing up
You know you're getting old when you mingle with the 50+ lot rather than the teens at a family event
Looking proper cool there #japfest
How she looks through my eyes
There's owning a bike, then there's owning a race tuned sports bike
Gonna snatch every bit of overtime I can near Christmas, then spoil everyone
Trying to get in the spirit for booking America tickets.. what is this unenglish stuff ???
You can tell how trashed I was just from looking at the eyes
Didn't even make it to town last night, man down by 12 😂
I hope the club's we go to tonight serve tea
On that note, we're just going to spend loads tonight. I struggle to make it to 1am now, let alone 5am
You're getting old when you look forward to weekends because you get a lay-in rather than going clubbing. Help, my youth is ending !!!
We watched the Inbetweeners. I like it
Motorbikes don't kill people, tears of happiness blurring your vision does
Me in 1956 jamming out y0. #classic #1950s
He doesn't like the current popular hairstyles
The automated service voice for Scottish Power was awful. Worst accent to listen to on a phone
In me mums car, broom broom! #claasic #1953
Work pals! #ktm #gear4racing #gear4
Shattered. Busy day at the office...
I'm so gonna buy a fan tomorrow
Why are women made from sand ?
Authority quivers in front of rebellions
There's so much I want to do, and I only have 9 years left to do it before I'm too old and have too many suffocating commitments! Being 21👎